Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007

Well, lucky me coz this year I still able to celebrate the Chinese New Year in my hometown. For the next few years, I will be most probably be celebrating Chinese New Year just among my friends in Japan. So, I must enjoy as much as I can this time. For the reunion dinner, my family and I had steamboat. So it's kinda different from the usual reunion dinner that we have been having for the past few years. By the way, it was my idea to have steamboat actually =)

And the next day, after getting ang pows from my parents (don't know still how many years I'm 'qualified' to receive it!), we went to my grandma's house. My aunty from Singapore came back to join us this year as well. Many might be wondering who that 'ang moh' (those of you out there who don't know what it means, it means westerners in hokkien) little boy is. Well, that's Kilian, my cousin. As my uncle is a German, I guess that should tell why that cute little boy looks like 'ang moh'. And as usual during this festive season, fireworks (more commonly known as bunga api) will cross our mind. But I didn't really play the 'big-big' wan la. In fact, I just accompanied my cousins playing bunga api. And talking about ang pows, this year my so-called 'collections' is a little bit more than last year ^.^ Maybe coz my aunties and uncles know I'll be leaving very soon. But that's just my 'hypothesis'!

That's all for this year's celebration. Looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year in oversea next year though. Wonder how will it be. But I'm sure I'll still be missing my family, relatives and friends here in Malaysia. And by the way, to all of you out there, have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead! GONG XI FA CAI!

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