Friday, January 24, 2014

Fresh Sumptuous Seafood From Choshi

"The treasure house of fresh seafood 
from the Pacific Ocean."
Choshi city of Chiba

The restaurant where the Chiba Kun Ambassadors had our lunch.

Choshi is a fishing port located in the eastern most tip of Chiba prefecture. The city, which has its three sides surrounded by the ocean, is located in a region with mild climate and many tourist spots and has developed as a port town since ancient time. Choshi fishing port is proud to have the highest catches in Japan for three consecutive years since 2011.

The highest catch in Choshi fishing ports is iwashi or sardine. During the raining season in June, the sardine caught are known as nyubai-iwashi (入梅いわし) for its richness in delicious fats during this time of the year. There are also sardine festival during this season when various stalls offers a wide variety of cuisine made of sardine.

You can tell this is a popular restaurant based on the reviews it got from famous celebrities who had dined here before (photo credit: Masataka Ishizaki).

The first floor of the restaurant, which has a huge aquarium in the middle.

A board that welcomes the arrival of the Chiba Kun Ambassadors.

A magnificent dining hall, where we get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea while having our meal.

Besides that, Choshi is also famous for its high quality red snapper or kinmedai (金目鯛). Just like sardine, the locals also hold a festival for this fish annually during summer. It is estimated that this festival attracts approximately 20,000 visitors every year to try on the freshly caught seafood. It makes me wonder, it must be lucky to be a fish in this city lol!

We dropped by one of the many restaurants which line along the coastal beach of Choshi to have our lunch. Ichiyama Ikesu is a restaurant which specialises in seafood. The Chiba Kun Ambassadors had the privilege to dine at the private room on the second floor, which offers a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. On the first floor, there is a huge pool called ikesu (生け簀) or aquarium, where diners get to enjoy the living sea-creatures while enjoying their meal.

 Our sumptuous lunch set.

With Tridat, who others think we look like brothers lol!

The first dish was fresh sashimi, which has tuna (まぐろ), Olive flounder (ヒラメ), octopus (イカ), and shrimp (エビ). The second dish was tenpura, which consists of tiger prawn and bell pepper stuffed with meat. The next dish was some kind of fish cooked with soy sauce, which tasted really good. And to complete the meal was a hot bowl of lobster miso soup.

My honest verdict - the food here was not bad but what was special about this restaurant is the fact that diners get to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside while having their meal.

Having a group photo outside the restaurant after our satisfying lunch (photo credit: Ayako Uchiyama).

Ichiyama Ikesu (一山いけす)
Opening hours: 11:00 - 15:30 (lunch time); 16:30 - 20:00 (dinner time)
Tel: 0479-22-7622     Fax: 0479-22-7624
Parking: Available
: 7387-5, Kurohai-cho, Choshi-shi, Chiba Prefecture, 288-0003, Japan.

Website: (Japanese only)
① Train: From JR Choshi station (JR 銚子駅):
# Take Chiba bus (千葉交通バス) (20 minute-ride) (for Kurohai・Ashikajima 黒生・海鹿島方面), get down at Tonbiiwa bus stop (とんび岩停留所), 1 minute by foot.
# Choshi Dentetsu (銚子電鉄) (20 minute-ride) (for Togawa station 外川行き), get down at Kasagamikurohae station (笠上黒生駅), 15 minute by foot.
# Taxi (15 minute-ride) for approximately 1,300 - 1,500 yen.
② Car: From Tokyo
# Kanto-Higashi Expressway (関東東自動車道), exit Sahara・Katori IC (佐原・香取 IC), take Route 356 to Choshi station (approximately 1 hour), and then to Ichiyama Ikesu (10 minutes).
Kanto-Higashi Expressway (関東東自動車道), exit Itako IC (潮来 IC), take Route 124 to Route 356 via Choshi Ohashi Bridge (銚子大橋) (approximately 1 hour), and then to Choshi station, and then to Ichiyama Ikesu (10 minutes).# Keiyo Road・Togane Road (京葉道路・東金道路), exit Matsuoyokoshiba IC (松尾横芝 IC), take Route 126 to Choshi Inubosaki (approximately 1 hour), and then to Ichiyama Ikesu (5 minutes).
③ Express bus: From Hamamatsucho bus terminal (浜松町バスターミナル) or Tokyo station Yaesu Exit (東京駅八重洲口)
# Board bus for Inubosaki Hotel
(犬吠埼ホテル行き) or for Choshi・Inubosaki (銚子・犬吠埼行き), get down at Kosoku Kurohai (高速黒生); bus ride takes approximately 2.5 hours and one-way ticket costs 2,500 yen.


TZ said...

Wow~ the view from the restaurant is spectacular... Food... Looks yummy too~

calvin said...

@ TZ:
Hello TZ! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you!

We were lucky that the weather was good the day we were there. Watching the beautiful sea view while enjoying our meal was certainly a fantastic experience ^.^

DT said...

Eh... Octopus is タコ not イカ rite

calvin said...

@ DT:
Octopus is tako (タコ), while squid is ika (イカ) ;)