Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crazy Tales At Work Place

"Gokuro-sama deshita"
warm words 
from the clients

The phrase above basically means, "thank you for your hard work", which I sometimes get after completing a task for a client.

It has been one month since the project I'm currently assigned started. I gotta say during this very short period, there has been a lot happenings at work. Some funny ones, some crazy ones, some sakit hati one, same menyampah one; pokoknya, all kinds also got. Considering the fact that I'm such a long-winded auntie, the stories will never end if I were to mention them one by one haha! So, I'll just pick up a few interesting ones. 


 Guess what's this? A love letter from my company haha wtf!

My First Bonus
Early in July, guess what? I got my first bonus ever in my working life! I'll be lying if I say I wasn't excited when I saw the pay-slip on my mailbox. Not a bad return at all as I have only started my job like three months earlier. Deduct the two months of job training during the first couple of months, I have actually worked for only a month and I already got my first bonus. 

Anyway, it came at a very good timing because lately I have been shopping like crazy haha!

Back to our work in the new project, I'm grateful that I'm working with a great team and wonderful team members. I'll explain briefly about this project. So, this customer of ours, is a pharmaceutical company that is doing a revamp on its employees' computers, i.e. upgrading the PCs' OS. Our job requires us to collect the clients PCs, upgrade and finally returned the PCs to the clients. There are usually five of us, working on 20 to 30 PCs per day.

photo (1)-001

This is how our working place looks like. 

Mr M... ohhh Mr M...
There is our project coordinator, Mr M who can be really cute at one second, but a pain in the ass the next moment. There was one time, when he asked us to arrange the new PCs and old PCs together, side by side, to make more spaces for the PCs coming in. The next day however, he questioned all of us why we moved the new and old PCs together.  

Then there was another time, where he was informed that the PC of a client was not properly set up. Without confirming the situation first, he immediately called out my name and said to me, "Calvin, it was you who work on this client's PC yesterday, right?" Walao, that time I bukan main naik api because kena blame for no concrete reason =.=

Even though sometimes Mr M can be the last person you would wanna work together with, sometimes he can be really cute and funny. The building we are working with is equipped with security measures, in which you can only get to the floors with an ID card. For the staircase, you can open the door from inside the building but once you are outside, you won't be able to get into the building without the card.

So, on one fine day, Mr M who was going up one floor above decided to take the stairs. Unfortunately, once the door closed, he realised his ID card was not with him; it was with me at that time. And to make matter worse, he left his mobile phone in the room. So, without any choice, he had to walk down all sixteen floors down to the first floor because that's the only floor without security lock on the door lol!


Yoshida-san, the best joker among us lol!

Yoshida-san, the Mr Bean
Yoshida-san is among one of the deployment team members and with his presence, the working atmosphere will never be boring. There was one time he told us that he work seven days a week that he doesn't have a fixed holidays. He told another team member that his holidays is "futeikyu" (不定休), which means unfixed holidays. But my friend asked him not to use too high-level Japanese because he doesn't understand the term. So, Yoshida-san tried to translate it to English, but he failed to find a proper word to explain the term "futeikyu". At last, he gave up and just told our friend, it's something like "yukuefumei horidee" (行方不明ホリデー) or "missing holiday" hahaha wtf!

Legendary Kimura-san
There was another time where Yoshida-san had to go and change the PC monitor for one of the user, who goes by the name Kimura-san. No, not that Kimura Takuya. This is a different Kimura-san. However, Samita told him to be cautious when he goes there. Curious to know why, we were told that that client is a legend. The kepoh-ness in me decided to tag along Yoshida-san. We immediately know why he was called the legendary Kimura-san once we were at his place.

His laptop was placed against his cubicle desk, with the ports all facing upwards, and there is a retro-style blue lamp hanging over his table. There is also a hand-made flag on his monitor. It's to show that he treats his customer well (お客様を大切にする), according to Kimura-san. But you wanna know what is the best of all?


This is how Kimura-san's keyboard looks like. The only difference is, there are more keys missing on his keyboard lol! 

Almost half of his keyboard keys were missing. And when we asked him if he would like a brand new keyboard in exchanged, he politely declined our offer. Apparently, he removed those keys because according to him, they are a disturbance when he uses the keyboard. The function keys, one side of the "shift", "alt" and digits keys were all missing from his keyboard; they were removed and kept inside a plastic bag, in which he proudly showed it to us haha wtf!

The moment I saw that keyboard, I could stand but wanting to burst into laughter. However, he is still our client and Kimura-san might feel offended if we laugh at his keyboard. So, in order not to laugh, I tried my best by looking at other direction and avoid making any eye-contact with Kimura-san's keyboard. At the same time, I tried hard to think about sad stuff so that I won't laugh hahaha! However, the moment we walked out the office, both of us couldn't stand it anymore and we immediately laugh like crazy until our tears actually dripped out lol!

Now that the story about Kimura-san and his keyboard has spread among all of us, everyone tries to avoid going to the third floor because entering that room will certainly trigger your laughing button right away. Yoshida-san even said that he is willing to go to any floors of the building as long as he is not assigned to the third floor lol!

Briefing Session for Users
Okay, enough about the legendary Kimura-san. There is a funny thing that Yoshida-san did when he delivers the PCs to the users. We will usually briefly explain on the initial settings for the PC when we deliver them to the users. However, there are times when the desks of the users are located just next to each other, or on the same row. So, in order to save time, Yoshida-san had a smart idea by assembling the users to one spot, and explain it in one shot, instead of one user by one user lol! When I asked him so far, what is the most number of users he did that, he answered, "Not many-lar, just four at once *hehe*" lol!

He also had master the skill of explaining them very fast, so fast that there's no full stop in his explanation. So, the users will be super clueless that they ended up not knowing what to ask at the end of the explanation. Doing this would make him not having to answer any questions from the users haha! Damn smart right? And time effective as well lol!


Went to see the Katsushika Noryo Fireworks Festival near Kanamachi Station on July 24th.


The finale of the fireworks display was superb.

AC Adapter Bargain Sale
As the days passed by, the AC adapters keep increasing because some users only returned their old ones few days after we worked on their PC. There's an average about one to two adapters coming in everyday and we talked among ourselves, what should we do with them. Some say we might wanna open a stall by the roadside in Akihabara and sell them for 100 yen each lol!

Another came with a different but quite brilliant idea, which is to sell them inside the bullet train during our journey to the company's factory in Hyogo next week. If nobody wanna buy our adapters, we might just rent them out. You'll never know, some travelers, especially salary-man traveling on bullet train might left behind their PC power adapter and will need them badly for their PCs lol!


 Had a dinner with the IT team at Yebisu Beer Station in Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo.


Yebisu Garden Place is built on the former site of a beer brewery, where the still existing Yebisu Beer brand had been brewed since 1890.


 Breathtaking Yebisu Garden Promenade.

User ohh User, why you so Lansi one?
However, it's not always happy hour for us. At times, there are also users who have bad attitude and being unreasonable. I'm not trying to be sexist but 99.99% of the cases come from the ladies users, especially within the 30's age range. There was one time one user complained that her data had gone missing after we worked on her PC. After we went to check, the data was indeed inside her computer =.=

I'm lucky because I hardly come across these kind of users. The worst I guess I have met so far was this A-san, whom I went to get her signature on the check-sheet. I politely asked her if it's okay if I interrupt her work because I wanna get her to sign the check-sheet. She immediately replied me, "Hmmm, okay, but just one minute." Punya-lah kedekut, give me one minute only!

I digress.

The users are requested to filled in a survey form to evaluate our performance from the PC collection, how we work on their PC and after-service and as expected, the result we got was poor. Very poor compared to other the company's other branches in other parts of the world. In India and the US, the users easily give the deployment team 8 to 9 points, but guess how much we in Japan got? It's only between 4 to 5 points.

That's the hard reality working in the Japanese environment. In front of you, they will hardly say bad stuff about yourself, but it's nightmare when it comes to the aftermath. And also, I feel the users could have been a little less harsh because the IT team are also humans and sometimes, we made errors. Unfortunately, once they realised we made an error, we will straight away get blacklisted and the assessment on how well we do our job will suffer a sharp decline.


Mr Murakami, who has been leading the Solution Business Department, giving his farewell speech.

Bye Bye Mr Murakami
And two days ago, we had a farewell party for one of our supervisors, Mr Murakami who would be quitting the company. The news took everyone by surprise when it reached us. He has been working in the company for seven years and as his age is catching up, he decided that it is time to stop this job to do something else which he has always wanted to do.

He will be leaving for US next month and his destination would be Silicon Valley. Although I didn't have a chance to work under him, but from the few conversations we had before this, he is a really friendly person who would share with you almost anything. It is indeed very inspring to see someone who has a big dream, and work hard towards realising that dream despite his ripe age.


 He certainly doesn't look like his actual age. Anyone wanna guess how old is he?


Takahashi-san, who just came in last year, giving his thoughts about Murakami-san.


The table where all the top bosses were seated. The big boss is the furthest away.


This company is certainly full of siao people haha!


 From right: Shimohata-san, the first person who interview me almost a year ago, and the crazy Hata-san beside him.

And during the chat I had with him, he told me how he used to work in a project with Samy Vellu's son, S. Vell Paari, a businessman in the late nineties in Kuala Lumpur. One thing he still remember until today is the delicious orange juice in Pan Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Anyone who has tried it might wanna share their thoughts about the orange juice there.

As he is staying in the vibrant commercial nightlife district of Roppongi, he also shared with us some tips and know-how around that area, and also interesting stories there. As a bike lover, his home is located in such a strategic location that he can get to Shibuya, Akasaka, Omodesando, all within ten minutes. And oh yea, a great tip whenever you visit Omotesando next time - try take a detour from the main street and instead, walk along the smaller alleys and you will definitely get to experience more interesting things.

He also mentioned that he would be traveling to Hokkaido and Vietnam very soon, and guess what airlines will he use? Exactly; Air Asia. I guess the promotional and marketing team of Air Asia has done a great job in penetrating the Japanese market, that now they are fast becoming a household name as one of the most preferred low-cost airline in Japan.


Preparations for a secret mission to the southern part of Honshu. External HDD, USB, cash, and some essential documents. 
If I forget to bring them along, the project will definitely get cancelled lol!

First Business Trip
From Monday for five days, I will be travelling out from Tokyo for my first business trip. The destination might not be as glamourous as Roppongi or Ginza, because we would be heading to a small town called Sasayama City (篠山市) in the central eastern part of Hyogo prefecture in the Kansai region of Honshu island. From the stories I have heard from my seniors, there's only one hotel in the city and they only have local convenience stores there. And around the city are mostly mountains and paddy fields.

For a person who has lived in Nagaoka during my first three years in Japan, I guess the outskirt environment shouldn't be much a problem. Besides, I guess it is a great getaway from the city for a week, and hopefully, the summer in Sasayama will not be as hot and humid as Tokyo.

Hoping for a nice time in Sasayama while enjoying my work-cum-summer break for a week. Till then!


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