Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A TV Star

"Congrats on your one-year contract with Chiba TV!"

the first line I was told 
when I picked up a call from my senior

First of all, I am still wondering who was the culprit who spread this news around haha! I don't remember telling anyone about this one-year contract thingy, so to that person who spread the news around, you better come out and mengaku before I tangkap you basah-basah haha! 

Apparently, there is this 'rumour' going around that the producer of Nekketsu BO-SO TV has signed me up for a year to appear in the show. Now that when I meet up with my friends, they would tease me with questions such as, "So free today-arh? No show-meh today?" And whenever I look into my phone or reply messages, they will come out with statements like, "Seems busy huh? Having some appointment after this?" lol!

Usually, I'll reply by saying, "Yeah, gotta return to the studio immediately after this."


 ① 13:57 - Takes the train from Shinkoiwa Station, which is bound for Chiba.


② 14:04 - On weekends like Saturday, the train usually won't get as packed as weekdays' morning.


③ 14:29 - Arrives in Chiba Station and take the east exit to the bus platform.


④ 14:30 - This is Chiba Station, in which the Chiba Urban Monorail runs through the station as well.


⑤ 14:31 - The bus that is bound for Chiba TV station is on the #9 platform.

Anyway, I was Skyping with Mom last night and I asked her how was the show. Unfortunate, she didn't look as excited as I had thought, because she was kinda complaining that there's no subtitle for her to understand what the host and guests were talking about haha!

But after that, she made a request to me. She told me to try and ask the producer if they are hiring any more foreigners to appear in the show because Mom is interested in joining the show as well. But she has set a condition, whereby while she will be the food taster in the show, her comments all will be done in Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) haha wtf!

I told her no no, you gotta tell what you think in Japanese. And so, she said no problem because all she's gonna say is, "moshi moshi" =.=||


⑥ 14:50 - After a 10-minute bus ride, we gets down from the bus and the Chiba TV station is just five minutes away on foot.


⑦ 15:00 - The schedule for the day, which is pasted on the wall to make sure we keep a close watch on the time.


⑧ 15:05 - We both will be given a copy of the script of the show. The time, the person-in-charge, the script; 
every single details that are related to the show are written in this script.


⑨ 15:07 - Mr Kimura Akihide, the show's producer will then have a short briefing session with us, by describing the flow of the day's show in general.


⑩ 15:12 - We will then be guided to our waiting-cum-changing room.


⑪ 15:15 - The basic seating for the host and the rest of the guest for the show. This was done during an earlier meeting between the show's producer, director, etc.


⑫ 15:24 - Our waiting room, and there are bento lunch boxes for each of us, several bottles of drinks and some snacks for us on the table.


⑬ 15:26 - My new partner in the show - Bado-chan from Mongolia.

I got a new Chiba Kun Ambassador to be my partner for July. It is the lovely Bado-chan who comes from Ulan Bator, Mongolia, who replaced Mi-chan from Shanghai who has appeared in the show for the past two months. Basically, each hand-picked Chiba Kun Ambassador is given the chance to appear every fortnight in the show for two months, which means four times in total. When I told my aunt that Bado-chan is from Mongolia, guess what was her first response? 

"Oooo, ini mesti kawan Altantuya!" hahaha wtf!


⑭ 15:30 - Both of us planned to wear traditional outfits to the show, but we never thought that the colour would match each other. This week, my costume was sponsored by Abang Fadhil.


⑮ 16:12 - Ready to take on the set for the rehearsal session.

⑯ 16:24 - The director will carefully adjust our seats to make sure that it will be in the best position for the cameramen.


⑰ 16:31 - Watching the VTR during the rehearsal session. However, the full version will not be played during this session.


⑱ 17:06 - Gotta maintain our position and facial expression all the time because there are three cameras in total and we will never know 
when our faces will appear in the show.


⑲ 17:08 - Heading towards the end of the show, and we would gather in the center for the closing segment.


⑳ 15:19 - Depending on how busy the make-up room is, we would usually apply our make-up after the rehearsal session. 
Although this is done just minutes before the live show kicks off, nobody, especially the make-up artists seems to be panic at all.

The show starts at 5:30 p.m. sharp. However, most of us will only get into the set like ninety seconds before the camera starts rolling. And since this show is a live recording, no mistake is allowable. Despite the fact that everyone seems to be under-prepared during the rehearsal session, everything usually goes smoothly during the real thing. 

And most importantly, we all had great fun especially during the live recording by sharing jokes and funny moments between the host, guests and the rest of the crew members during the show and also during the commercial break.


㉑ 18:24 - Minutes after the end of the show. Bado-chan and me have a photo together. Mr Happa Ikki asked us if we are an item lol!


㉒ 18:26 - The noisy but always full of laughter trio of Takeuchi siblings (竹内兄弟). They hail from Ichikawa City, the neighbourhood just next to mine.


㉓ 18:30 - The lovely Miss Kimura Kanako, the announcer for the show.

Let me reveal something here. After three episodes of this show, I have actually yet to watch myself on the TV. Well, one reason is because it is a live show and I can't be watching it while being in the show, right? Secondly, I just feel awkward and a bit weird to see myself on a show haha! So to those who has seen me on the show, how well do you think I fared? Got talent to be a permanent tv star or not hahaha!

Lastly before I forget, I will be making most probably my last appearance on the show this coming Saturday (July 28th), same time at 5:30 p.m. on Chiba TV. So, if you have access to the show, you might wanna catch me for my finale show lol!


Robinn T said...

Must be fun being a 4 timer TV star! You looked cute with the Mongolian lady too! Haha, item possible??!!!

Just curious how on earth you'd juggle between this and work anyway?!

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yeah! i was indeed a great experience to appear in a tv show, not only once but as many as four times lol!

not possible. she is attached hahaha!!!

the show is on weekends, and i work only on weekdays. usually i received the script on friday evening and browsed through them before the real thing on saturday (^_^;b