Saturday, July 2, 2011

ASEAN Festival 2011


The flags of ten ASEAN nations plus Japan, in heart-shape connected to each other to portray a sense of solidarity.

Themed "The World is One", the 6th ASEAN Festival was held at the Multipurpose Hall of Komaba International House in Tokyo recently. This is my second time joining this event and I gotta say it just gets better as the year goes by.There were several sets of new exciting events lined up in the programme this time, including a fashion show segment by the vocal talents of each of the ASEAN countries.

I was there slightly earlier to lend some hands in the preparation and decoration of the Malaysian boot.


Our super huge poster that is written with the word "MALAYSIA". Even Singapore lost to our kiasu-ness haha!


Malaysian booth is all ready to open business.


We sold two kinds of bread (roti canai and roti jala), two kinds of rice (nasi minyak and nasi ayam) and one kind of cake (kek pisang).


Beerlao from Laos, which apparently won a gold medal in an international beer competition.


Food stalls from the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.


Indonesia had a scaled-down booth this year, selling only nasi Rawon.

The festival started with cultural performances by the representative ASEAN student groups, including live song performances by a few local talents. There was also a live audience interaction in the form of cultural sharing, not only among the ASEAN community but also with our Japanese counterpart and international students from other parts of the world who shared the fun-filled event.

When it was Malaysia's turn to give a short presentation, Siri and I went up the stage to talk very briefly about Malaysia and the fantastic food we have in our booth. Very briefly because I was told to be Malaysia's representative on the stage, at the very last minute. So, without any preparation, it was an impromptu speech from us, that went, well, quite okay to my surprise haha!


I told Siri to bring along the Jalur Gemilang up the stage, to give him more confidence when he talks lol!


I somehow felt that there were more people who attended the ASEAN Festival this year.


Song performance that was accompanied by a live piano performance by the Singaporean camp.


Traditional dance from Myanmar.


Sakuting, a Philippine folk dance with sticks that interprets a fight between Ilocano (Ilocanos are the people living in the Ilocos region in Northern Philippines) 
Christians and non-Christians during the Spanish colonial rule in the country.


Our Japanese counterpart from Student's Network for International Exchange (SNIE) performing an energetic dance to the tune of one of the most popular 
traditional Japanese song - Sōran Bushi (ソーラン節).


A beautiful and graceful Cambodian traditional dance.


Ming Han represented Malaysia by presenting an elegant and flawless harmonica performance.


Representatives from Indonesia, performing a traditional Indonesian dance in pair.


A flowing and amazing traditional dance from Thailand.

The ASEAN Festival just got better as the day progressed. The next segment was something everyone had eagerly waited for - the fashion show segment. All nine countries participated in this fashion show segment and it was wonderful to see representatives from each countries, donned in their colourful and breathtaking traditional costumes, graced the stage to the huge applaud from the floor.

Malaysia started the ball rolling, and one by one, our enchanting and glamorous models came out onto the stage. The background music was a remix of three songs - Asmaradana by Tiara Jacquelina, Huo Yuan Jia (Fearless) by Jay Chou, and Here In My Home by Malaysian Artists For Unity.


Suzana in her classy red baju kurung.


Chi Wern in his stylish golden yellow changshan.


Appealing costumes by the Cambodian models.


Khin, whom I got to know through the ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill recently, was there among the models from Myanmar.


Snazzy warrior costumes by the Indonesian representatives.


 The whole group of models from Indonesia.


Colourful and entrancing costumes by the Cambodians.


Singaporeans traditional costumes. Not sure if a white t-shirt and a blue sarong (which is actually a bed sheet) is considered one lol!


The representatives from the Philippines with their glamorous costumes.


The Thai representatives put up a short interesting sketch of Muay Thai before showcasing their costumes.


 A very simple bow from the Thai contingent.


The largest group of models came from the Vietnamese.


Gorgeous Vietnamese ladies with their male partners.


Ao dai, considered the national dress in Vietnam is a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pantaloons.


Last but not least, several traditional costumes from Japan.

In between the segments, there were Bingo and some traditional games for everyone to try on. Last but not least, and perhaps the most important of all, there were delicious food from each participating country. It was certainly a great opportunity to savour those unique treats at the convenience of having them all under a roof. The food were all prepared by the students from each countries, therefore they taste great, just like what you get from the original place.

The eventful festival ended with everyone holding hands to hands and sang the song "We Are The World". Despite not knowing every one in the hall, it didn't stop us from solidifying ourselves as one, and savour the moment.


A great way to end the wonderful festival.


A group photo of team Malaysia at the end of the successful festival.

Just like the theme of this year's ASEAN Festival, the world is one, if we are willing to be one.


Robinn T said...

The guys of Vietnam looked so Salary Man! but they looked great~

calvin said...

@ tempus:
i guess the main emphasis was on the vietnamese girls, in their beautiful ao dai, and not the salaryman-looking guys in suit, which i don't think is their traditional costume ; )

james said...

the guys look so hot!

james said...

just my type!

calvin said...

@ james:
hi james! a random comment there, but just wondering were you at the asean festival too? xD

zhenyu27 said...

no , i was not . as i said i just stumbled on your blog . Those guys hot bods was really ...well , just my type .seriously, are u uncomfortable of me saying that ?is it the first time u met a gay ?


calvin said...

@ james:
nope, not at all. i was just wondering if you were at the festival too. anyway, i have friends who are gay, so it is nothing new to me and not something i am not comfortable with ; )

anyway, if you like those shots, then that's great! xD

zhenyu27 said...

ic , its great to hear that , just before u think that i am sissy and all , i would like to rephrase that i am as manly as any guy and act like any common guy ....., and yeah , ur shots are great!

calvin said...

@ james:
no worries james. i do not usually come to a conclusion so fast by stereotyping an individual to act in a certain way, unless i have at least met them =)

so, are you still a student or a working person now?

zhenyu27 said...

i am an engineer at toshiba electronics malaysia :)

to think of it, i have no idea what is going thru ur mind now after i said all this abt the gay thing to you .Just in case you are a newbie to all this , i just want to tell you that i am born this way . being gay is not a preference ,its not a trend i choose. I am just like you , the only thing difference is that i like guys ,whilst u like girls .I cant control the urges , the same way u will have urges for girls , i will have for men .I did not ask to want all this .Just to make u understand , just in case

calvin said...

@ james:
before i go any further, i guess i better make a few clarifications as i'm afraid my words get misunderstood and make the situation worse.

like i have mentioned previously, the term is nothing new to me. and i never said it is a wrong thing. perhaps other individuals might have their own take on this issue, but to me, homosexuality is just another sexual orientation, besides heterosexuality and bisexuality.

my take is, each and every human being has their own right to choose. who cares if other people wanna label them of doing something wrong morally.

so, no worries. if i ever make any statements that you feel i am discriminating or stereotyping homosexuals, without me realising it, please let me know. sometimes, it is an unintended action >.<

by the way, toshiba is participating in a career fair in tokyo this august. i wonder if you know anything about it? =)

zhenyu27 said...

thanx for the statement , but unfortunately , believe me , many guys will avoid you when u say ur gay .And people (im not saying you , but others who claim they dont have any issues with gay pple )tend to be ok when they tell it , but reality is , they will avoid mixing with gay people .One of the common trait a guy has when he knows a person is gay is think that the gay guy wants to rape him .That is common . To REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SAYING U MUST IMAGINE IF A GAY GUY IS YOUR HOUSEMATE OR ROOMMATE .taht is when u might think twice if u want to open ur shirt in public or do normal guys stuff. In real life , gay guys dont wanna rape guys , its like how you dont wanna rape any girl on the street . I know u didnt ask for all this gay stuff , but just in case ur frens didnt know this

abt the career fair , toshiba always has career fairs all over the world , either to recruit people to their japan hub , or deploy them in other parts of the world . A japanese company may not be everyones cup of tea . If i were u , i would join an american company , less stress , more flexi , and more up to date .

calvin said...

@ james:
yes, i have to admit that most people tend to avoid and label you as being the odd one when they knew you're a homosexual. that is the reality of the society, though we would have wished it does not happen that way.

however, on that point about straight guys fear that they might get raped by gay guys, i think that only happen in rare and isolated cases. i have some gay friends, but that thought never crossed over my mind.

i appreciate you making statements on all the points here, and if they manage to change the perception the society has towards homosexuals and the topic homosexuality, it is something that you can be proud of =)

by the way, you are speaking from a capacity as an engineer in toshiba, a japanese company. it sounds that you personally prefer to work in an american company. so i wonder what makes you still staying in your current company.

p/s: you can send an e-mail to my personal e-mail if you would like to discuss more ; )