Wednesday, February 16, 2011

White Valentine's Day

Oh, don't worry, this is not a lovey-dovey post.

I told one of my friend recently, how I wish that it snows for at least once before I fly home for my spring break tomorrow. I know my wish is kinda impossible, because it usually doesn't snow in the Kanto region, where Chiba is located. Even if it snows, the snow usually won't accumulate and melts right away. Besides, it's already mid February and it will be spring pretty soon.

So, I was studying for my last paper on Valentine's night. Yup, if you wanna know how accompanied me on that night, well, I had my notes and books to accompany me. Damn romantic, right? Haha!

But you know, when the laptop is turned, the itchy hands will tend to click on any updates on Facebook, which was exactly what I did almost every thirty seconds lol! Okay, perhaps that is a bit too extreme; but pokoknya I checked, or should I say, I went to busybody people's updates all night. It came to one point when I saw several people wrote about how heavy it was snowing outside. So, the curious me put down my mechanical pencil and opened the window.

Holy cow! Guess what I saw?


Boys and girls, these are not stars from the Milky Way, but snow flakes!

You see, being someone who has lived in Nagaoka, billed as one of the area where it snows the most in Japan for almost three years, it should not be something unusual to see the snow. But it is unusual to see it snows this heavy in Chiba. Of so many days, the snow decided to cheer those love birds by creating a white Valentine for them. Never knew that snow is quite smart also haha!

My dream came true after all, on Valentine's night.


I was expecting to see everything's in white the next morning, and this is what I saw the moment I looked out through my window.


The snow covered most uncovered stuff, which gave quite a beautiful view to enjoy early in the morning.


The accumulated snow wasn't really thick, it was less than ten centimeters, I think.


Rooftop covered with thin layer of snow.


Luckily the pond didn't freeze, otherwise the Japanese carp inside would have turned frozen fish haha!


The melted snow made the staircase quite slippery and I was extra careful to avoid a slip this year. Just for the record, I slip at least once every year for the past three years already haha! This winter, my record is clean : )


This bike is already white in colour, but the snow wanted to make the seat looks white too.


Sometimes, snow can be quite irritating, especially the aftermath when the snow starts to melt.


Nice patterns formed on the ground.


Guess what's this? It should not be a hard guess.


Cars getting some icing on their body haha!


The small lane that I walk pass almost every single day.


Some random lady clearing the snow from the road.


This might look nothing to people from places like Nagaoka or Kanazaka Kanazawa, but considering the amount of snow on the roadside, 
it is something quite amazing to see in Chiba.

I knew that the snow will probably won't come anymore this year after it snowed that night and we might have to wait for the next winter to see snow again. Besides, even if it does happen again, I will not be in Japan anymore as I will be in Malaysia already at that time. So, on my way to school, I took a few more shots at the train station.

Later that day, I saw some white pebble-lookalike stuff along the platform. Only after some time that I found out that they were salt sprinkled by the station staff to fasten the melting of the snow. I'm not sure about other places, but this is something new to me.

By the way, due to the snow, most trains were delayed a few minutes that morning, most likely because they ran the train at a lower speed for safety reasons.


The usually dull-looking railway track turned white that morning.


The train staff was still busy cleaning the snow away from the platform.


Inage station along the Keisei Line.

On my way home, I decided to make a snowman. Long time didn't make one already. The snow was too little for me to reproduced that super-huge-taller-than-me snowman we did two years ago in Nagaoka, nevertheless, I am satisfied that I made one this winter.

For a change, I made the snowman to have something different.


Oh hai! Donch'ya think I'm cool?

This snowman must be lying all the time, judging from its Pinocchio-nose length haha!


DT said... of snow.. :) if only it snows here :)

DT said...

btw is tat garbage recycling bin?
looks very sophisticated

calvin said...

@ dt:
i am not surprised if it snows in malaysia one day. it's already happening in australia during the summer!

yup, that is the garbage bin. the notice put up is to let us know what rubbish to throw on what day. yes, you have to separate your rubbish into several kinds of rubbish and there are certain days for you to throw each of them away.

but being pure malaysians, i have to admit here that i never follow the rules and throw all my rubbish whenever i like haha!

DT said...

dun they fine u for not sorting ur garbage? if anyone in malaysia put up a garbage bin like that the first thing u know is they recycle the bin first... hahahaha... the bin would be long gone before u can even start using considering the good price for scrap metal.

Baby^Girl said...

excuse me? in my map .. i dunno where is kanazaka..cannot tell me ?

calvin said...

@ dt:
the japanese are just too obedient that they rarely go against the rule, so they don't have to think about fining people for simply throwing their rubbish not according to the days.

calvin said...

@ baby^^girl:
perhaps your map is too old already haha!
no-lar, it was just a typing error. corrected it already ;)

DT said...

it actually puzzles me that the Japanese are so obedient. Everthing follow rule. How could they achieve that? Hmmm.. sometimes i wonder if they are all robots. Wat happens if one day u poke around and discover that all ur japanese friends are robots? The whole japanese society comprise of sophisticated robot. Suddenly u live in a matrix-like world.... :P

calvin said...

@ dt:
very simple. that's because they are japanese haha!
but i like your statement about the possibility that they might be robots. although i know it is quite unlikely to be true, but sometimes i do feel that they act very similar to robots. not all though, because nowadays most of the japanese youngsters are those happy-go-lucky type.