Saturday, December 6, 2008

Camwhoring Around Lumut

Short note: This entry is overdue for more than two months already but I only manage to post it up now. Expect lots of pictures ahead.
Being a Perakian, I have never visited Pangkor Island, not even once. They say the nearer you live to one particular place, the chances of you going to that place will be much lower; in which I cannot disagree more. Anyway, after stopping at Teluk Batik for some time, we headed to Lumut where the jetty to Pangkor Island is located. It took us roughly thirty minute to reach this town, which is under the management of the Manjung Town Council.
Forty cents per hour. Damn cheap lor.
There are no parking meters here, which means you have to get the parking tickets from the shops and scratch the details like the date and time on the card. We started our walk around the place almost straight away. The area surrounding the jetty has been given a face-lift recently, and there is an unique rooftop to act as a shade from the sunlight for the pedestrians, which leads to the jetty at the end of it.
Look at the short little yellow signboard. Damn cute, right?
Finally, we came to the jetty. There are three ferry companies operating there; one of them was closed on that day. The moment we stood in front on the counter, they started asking us whether we wanted to go the the island. "Mari! Mari! Mau pergi mana? Pangkor, Pangkor..."
We told them that we would swim there.
The jetty in Lumut.
Too bad time constraint made me unable to go to the island for a day or two, so in the end I just settled with taking a picture in front of the information board.
I was still in Lumut, not Pangkor.
From there, we walked around the jetty and watched one after another ferry taking off to the island. For the locals, they even use the ferry to transport the bikes to the island. As for those who are running restaurants on the island, we saw them transporting fresh vegetables and meat in huge bulks using the ferry as well.
There were some group of teenagers waiting under the shade of the rooftop at the jetty. Looi told me that they live on the island, and they are taking the ferry over to the mainland to attend tuition classes. Apparently, the people who live on the island hold some special season pass that allows them to take the ferry on a very low rate. One ringgit per ride, something like that. Normal one would cost about ten to twelve ringgit one way.
We proceeded to the souvenir shops along the jetty, and I made a stop at one of the shops to try on the cowboy hat.
Super stupid shot.
The whole jetty area is called Lumut Waterfront. It is a promenade by the sea which has other facilities like souvenir shops, restaurants, rest house, and recreational area, besides the jetty.
Even you are a Merz, you are still not above the law.
An uncommon zig-zag yellow line, or it is just to decorate the road?
There is one five-storey building, which was build specially for the people who are living on the island to park their car there. They cannot take their car over to the island, hence they have to park them on the mainland.
Medan Letak Kereta.
Another shot, from a different angle at the waterfront.
When I was browsing through the pictures we took here, most of it are camwhore shots at the place. So, from this point onwards, there will be quite a lot of them, something which I do not do usually. Just bear with me for once, okay?
It took us some time trying to look for someone to take this picture for
By the water promenade.
Another jetty which I reckon is for people who own personal boats.
My catch for the day.
I purposely ran up this tower just to have this shot taken.
Since I was already there, I went to one of the shop selling the local dried seafood and grabbed two big plastic bags full of those products. Too bad that I only managed to bring back one bottle of Kampong Kok's garlic chilly sauce, one packet of dried fish fillet and one packet of ikan bilis to Japan. The others? I left it behind for my family.
Okay, actually I asked Looi to take this for me, and he asked me to act as normal as I could.
Thinking how many packets I should get. This was taken without my knowledge, I swear.

After finished shopping, Looi were supposed to send me back to Taiping already. But we passed by the Marina Wing and we decided to drop by a while.
Lumut Waterfront Marina Wing.

That gave us more camwhoring sessions.
How I wish those lobsters, crabs and fishes are real ones; that would supply me seafood for the whole year.
One huge anchor.
One tall windmill.
One half-bodied dolphin which I would ride back anytime.
Told you this post is polluted with too many of my camwhore pictures already. I think I better stop before the cow gives birth to a duck. After that, we continued our journey and we talked non-stop for more than an hour. Here are the remaining of the shots along the journey from Lumut back to Taiping.
The road that leads to Lumut Port.
Tunku Permaisuri Bainun bridge.
Pantai Remis town.
Colourful umbrellas which would turn into Ramadhan bazar in the evening.
That banner says, "Yahoo! Mai Kita Kawin!"
Thanks Looi, for the short trip around your hometown.


Anonymous said...

that photo looked so posing-like-i-am-buying-groceries like!

Cieri said...

*lupa nk komen apa*

owh....zig zag?xpernah nmpak pun b4....hurm~

Looi said...

lol, you're welcome...

mg said...

i love the 'stupid shot' pic. never fails to make me laugh hehe.. XD

Kae Vin said...

Just came back from places nearby. (Teluk Batik, Setiawan, Segari...) I was having a vacation at Damai Laut

I went to Teluk Batik (Suprisingly there were more than 1000 people on the beach!) and some other places. Initially decided to go Lumut and Pulau Pangkor but cancelled it due to the predictable amount of people visiting there due to this Hari Raya Haji public holiday.

Anyway I camwhored at exactly the same sport of water front the day before I went for Trailblazer. It's just that I was malu to post it out. :P

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
you should see how my pose is when i do my groceries xD

calvin said...

@ cieri:
i don't know it whether that zig-zag yellow line is for decoration purpose, or no parking is allowed along that stretch.

calvin said...

@ looi:
it was a short trip, but i enjoyed it =)

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
now i know what should i do to make you laugh xD

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
it seems that you go for vacation every other weekend, don't you?

anyway, i think it's better to go to this kind of places during the school days on weekdays if you are thinking about avoiding the crowd and having the whole place to yourself ;)

my guess for your reason not to post up that picture is because it is improper and not suitable for public viewing =P