Saturday, November 8, 2008

Midnight Chat After A Badminton Tournament

Nine out of ten times when you play a badminton game with a Japanese, you are almost certain to win the game.
What a contrast in terms of height between my partner and myself.
This is not my attempt to be arrogant here because to the majority of my classmates, shuttlecocks and rackets look alien to them. Anyway, that wasn't the reason why the badminton tournament was held. In fact, we somehow felt like playing badminton two nights ago and incidentally, a few Japanese students asked us if we wanted to play together. It is not often that students from so many countries play the game together as the same time. This time, we were joined by Sodo and his girlfriend from Mongolia. Well, Sodo is studying in our college while his girlfriend just came to Japan last summer and has been staying here all this while.
I am not saying that I am good in badminton. Neither am I good in ball game. Whatever it is, I consider myself an average player. But one thing that I wish to improve has to be my backhand strokes. It lacks power and accuracy. If Calvin senpai is reading this, I am sure he will be laughing away because he is very proud of his backhands. Never mind, I will make sure that one day, I will be as good as him. "Merajuk king" (it's an inside joke), you just wait for that day. Anyway, I began to notice that my backhand stroke is getting better than before last night.
We tried to make as much teams that have a mixture between the international students and the Japanese students. By doing that, it would balance up the strength for both pairs indirectly and make the game more interesting to watch.
Saisu and Joann.
Me and Nigorigawa.
Shimotori and Yan Kuang.
Sodo and Bororu.
The only thing is that we don't play with the Japanese so often, and the understanding is not that good as when we have our own friends as our pair. It is undoubtedly much easier in terms of communication and we are able to shout out whatever we want to signal to our pair. On the other hand, if we have a Japanese as our pair, by the time we think of that word, the shuttlecock could have landed on our forehead.
There were so many occasions where I flew myself on the parquet floor, when I was trying to save the point for my team. The truth is, I just wanted to make it look more dramatic. When I fall onto the floor, I would slide for some distance subsequently because of the smooth surface. Do this on the cement floor back home and I shall find myself being wrapped with bandages around my whole body.
Time to tidy up the place.
Taking off the net.
After using the court, we would have to clean the floor with extra-sized mops as usual. Even during this time, we wanted to fool around and we sort of had a bet on who will finish the mopping the fastest. Super childish, nevertheless we had great fun that night.
Mop race.
Hehe, I was leading the whole pack.
My usual sleeping time is around midnight to one but yesterday, due to my assignment due the next morning, I went to look for my Japanese classmates to confirm my answers with them. It took me less than ten minutes to check with them but amazingly, I stayed there after that and chatted for more than two hours. I am surprised myself because I do not do that usually. To spend such a long period of time talking crappy stuff with them is something new and actually, it changed my perception I have for Japanese all this while.
If you might notice, I always note that it is very difficult for us the gaijin to blend with them, mainly because of the way they think and also the level of acceptance they have towards us. It doesn't apply to all Japanese, but I would say the the majority of the Japanese usually prefer not to mix with alien species like us. If you don't start the conversation first, you can almost forget about having a conversation with them. However, the four Japanese classmates I chatted with last night were somehow quite okay with us and we talked from one thing to another, like it was not going to end.
We talked about our future plan after graduating from the college, whether to pursue our degree or step into the working world, what we did during the last summer holiday, love and relationships, the first time I met one of them in Malaysia early last year, and not forgetting the time where we broke the dormitory rules by smuggling in several cans of beer and drink them in our rooms with the door locked. My tutor Tanaka confessed that he puked later that night on his own bed, but the worst thing was that he slept straight away without cleaning up the place first. I pity the guy who is using that bed now. But the most interesting part was some slots that were sparred for guy's talk. You know what I mean.
You girls can have your own girl's talk, we can have ours too, right?


Endoru said...

Ah, I miss those days playing badminton in a 体育館. Anyway, your 体育館 looks brand new and beautiful.

About your conversation with your Japanese peers, good to see that you are blending in. Yeah, you feel the differences definitely but yeah, to those who are open to differences, show them who you are. ;)

syaza said...

owh..kitorg pun main badminton every saturday n sunday..tapi sume ryuugakusei je la..

Kae Vin said...

so nice. Can be champion in Japan dy.

hehehe. Did you guys ended up doing something else after your so-called guys' talk? LOL

calvin said...

@ endoru:
yes, i would say it is quite new and lucky for us here to get such a nice facility. by the way, we have two similar gymnasiums here in our college, and this is the second one.

i never thought i would ever blend in so well with them, but it was a conversation which didn't make me feel awkward and it was great. perhaps it's a sign that a change is beckoning xD

calvin said...

@ syaza:
i am thinking of making it a weekly activity as well. try inviting the japanese in your college and show them how to play badminton the right way next time =P

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
yup, and along the way, i will get a datukship when i am back, since i am promoting a game which is so synonym with malaysia =)

ohhh, yes, of course we did. but we didn't go until the extend as what i had with you the other night lol =P

Kae Vin said...


calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
okay, i got what you mean. hope nobody else will be able to break our secret code lol xD

mg said...

hehe.. SMALL KIDS!! glad u had fun

i wan couple chat too =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
nope, i'm only small kid to you xD
we can have countless of couple chat very soon ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG !!!!!! i really think u and special human are/were doing things !!!!!

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
yes, we were and will continue doing things =)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha , ok la then enjoy the fun

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
thanks. by the way, are you interested to join us as well? xD