Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Pink Envelope

I just got this pink envelope all the way from Down Under. It was from someone. It is all PINK-ed up. And you guess it right. It was from a girl.
the stamp also must be duck again meh?
That someone (you know who you are), you got a good memory, huh? I'd have forgotten what you owe me till today if you didn't mention it in the letter.
typical girl's writing - bulat-bulat
One stick of chicken satay and free peanut sos sauce.
P/S: I want extra peanut in that sauce! And yes, your handwriting is damn small, neat, and cute ^.-


Anonymous said...

finally u got it lol.
THE DUCK IS NOT I CHOOSE ONE. my mommy sent it for me. were u overwhelmed by the amount of pink? hahha.PINK IS AWESOME.

calvin said...

@ somebody called *cough*reena*cough*:
i guess the amount of pink in it was the reason behind my recovery. now, i'm in the PINK of health. thanks =D

Anonymous said...