Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's My Birthday

"The secret of staying young is 
to live honestly, eat slowly, 
and lie about your age!" 
Lucille Ball

And the person who made this possible is no other than my beloved Mom.
There wouldn't be me here if not for her and you wouldn't be reading what this blogger has to crap so often haha! 


Enjoying my huge piece of drumstick from grandma haha! I think I still look very much like how I look like when I was one lol!

Thank you for bringing me to see this world twenty-four years ago.
Thank you for nurturing me into who I am today.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally over the years.
I know I have been a pain in the arse to you at times, especially when I was younger. 
But you still bear with all my nonsense, no matter what. 
Thank you for everything.
Love you lots! ♡

And Daddy, thank you for your "long bread" (rotan) over the years
Otherwise I wouldn't be so kuai today hehe :P

Some of us gets overly excited whenever our birthday comes around. Some demands their friends for gifts and presents. However, one close friend of mine told me on his birthday night, that the first thing he thought of doing every time the clock struck midnight on his birthday is to call his Mom and thank her. I thought that is very thoughtful of him and really, it is something most of us, including myself, have missed out on doing it.

I had a short, random chat with a lady while waiting for my friend at the railway station yesterday evening. She was sitting on a concrete bench next to me, waiting for a train bound for Bukit Mertajam in Penang. Though it was just a short chat, she offered me some valuable words, which she asked me to remember it all the time, and I think I will. This middle-age lady in her fifties comes from Taiping, but after gotten married to a Penangnite, she has since settled down over there. However, she will try to make a trip back to visit her eighty-year-old Dad at least once a month. She lost her mom six years ago but she still misses her Mom a lot until today.

"No matter how busy you are, treasure your parents while they are still alive. They are the only thing you cannot buy with money no matter how rich you are. You can get a wife, a husband, and kids with money, but try calling some stranger in the street as you Mom and nobody will response to you".

That is the reality, isn't it?

This year is the first time I am celebrating my birthday in Malaysia, since 2007. That is four years ago. For the past four years, I have been either attending orientation or guidance sessions and first-day lectures at the technical college and university. That's because in Japan, the new semester starts on the first or second week of April every year. If I had not delayed my flight, I would be in the class now, attending the guidance session for the upcoming new semester.

My small wish is to get a simple piece of cake for my birthday. Forget already when's the last time I got a birthday cake haha!


mg said...

happy birthday bi!!! here's a cake *durian cake with 24 candles lol* make a wish!! hugs!! :)

Zzzyun said...

happy birthday, Calvin! :)

pinksterz said...

that baby indeed looks like the current you after deducting the cuteness and adorable factors. :P

silamat hari tua. semoga tidak sen00b dahulu wtf.

Baguette Queen said...

thanks for reminding, I would do just that in about 8 minutes to thank my mami dearest.
Happy birthday too, Calvin ;)

Christopher C said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday calv :D

Anonymous said...

agree with what the aunty mentioned to you. the only 2 persons that love us unconditionally are our parents:) happy birthday!

Baby^Girl said...

A good post.. ya .. i just wan to mention. this is ur birthday can celebrate in Malaysia.. appreciate it ... All the best !!
See you In japan !!

Chung Min said...

Happy Birthday Calv...

DT said...

Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu! (Belated one..) :)

DT said...

Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu! (Belated one..) :)

DT said...

Tanjobi omedeto gozaimasu! (Belated one..) :)

calvin said...

@ mg:
and you're the first here as well hehe : )
my wish is...

cannot tell, later it will not come true =P

calvin said...

@ zzzyun:
thanks for your wish : )

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
haha, you will never let this poor nobita feel good, even for once, won't you? xD

i am so much less noob already lately, for you info =P

calvin said...

@ baguette queen:
happy birthday to you too! =)

to be honest, i feel hard to say that. perhaps it's not something i usually say to her. but well, you can still show your gratitude to your parents through your actions : )

calvin said...

@ christopher c:
doumo, nemo-khun : )

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
thanks, but may i know who is this? : )

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
yup, i never expected the short conversation with the lady will lead to something really means so much. love her words a lot!

would appreciate if i know who is this : )

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
thanks. yup, it is not often i get to celebrate it back home and i am glad that it was a great one.

take care and see you in hotel 206 soon! =)

calvin said...

@ chung min:
thanks black cat =P

calvin said...

@ dt:
haha, no worries. it is better to be late than never : )
thanks for the many wishes lol!