Monday, April 4, 2011

Orang Belanda Art Cafe


Orang Belanda Art Cafe, which translates Dutch Art Cafe.

We finally set our foot to Orang Belanda Art Cafe, which sits along Heeren Street, just one street behind Jonker Street.

It was an accident as we came across this trendy place during our walk to Jonker Walk one night. We wanted to try out the place the night I arrived in Malacca but unfortunately, it was closed; so we ended up eating at Nancy's Kitchen instead. The next day, we went to this cafe in the afternoon for a light brunch and to our delight, it was open : )


It's not hard to locate this cafe; just look for the cow statue outside their cafe.

Orang Belanda Art Cafe is a small, modern-looking restaurant that occupies just a lot of shop house. The creative and interesting decorations gives the place a rather cosy atmosphere to hang out and chit chat, while having a cup of coffee. Several beautiful black-and-white photos decorates the purple wall. The comfortable sofas are indeed very difficult to get out of once you lay back and relax.

This cafe is run by a couple; the husband is a Dutch, while the wife comes from France. They serve great authentic Dutch and French cuisine here. Suffice to say that the service is also very good and the lady who served us was very friendly.


The interior of the cafe. You can choose either to sit on the chairs or just relax on the soft sofas.


We sat at the sofa at first, but my giraffe legs were just too long and it was kinda uncomfortable for me. So, we switched to the chairs and table.


 Mich busy with her Angry Bird and ignored the poor boyfriend again =.=


Hence, the abandoned boyfriend played with his toy instead haha! The big mirror on the opposite wall provides a great chance to take this kind of shot.


Cute little wooden container for salt and black pepper.

One thing to be mindful about when you plan to dine at this cafe is its opening hours. It is mostly open for breakfast and lunch, and it closes at six in the evening. It shows that they still have a life and not workaholics. By the way, the couple lives just upstairs the cafe.

So, here are what we ordered for our brunch.


Orang Belanda spicy chocolate with whipped cream. The butter cookie matched the drink perfectly.


Coffee Orang Belanda. Slightly spiced coffee with cinnamon and whipped cream.


Orange pancake with some dash of wine. The texture of the pancake was thin and crispy.


Savoury seafood pancake with slices of cheese, big prawns, crab sticks, squid and chicken.

The seafood pancake is highly recommended. The pancake was chewy yet crispy and thin at the same time. Some of the cheese were melted, some half-melted and some were still chewy. So, the chewy texture and the crispy pancake combine nicely together. By the way, pancakes are between RM 12 to RM 16. It may sound slightly expensive, but if you are thinking to try something different, I guess this place is worth a visit.

As usual, being a coffee addict, Michelle felt in love with the Orang Belanda coffee. Give me any kinds of coffee and I still think that all of them are the same. I think she could just quit her current job and be a full-time coffee ambassador or critique haha!


See how much love she has for her coffee.

Orang Belanda Art Cafe
Cuisines: Dutch, French  
32, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren Street), Melaka 75200, Malaysia 
Tel: 014-9283830

We later had a late lunch at a Hakka Restaurant near Taman Kota Laksamana. It was Michelle's treat as she just got her very first pay. We were joined by her mom, aunt, and two brothers as well. It was kinda like a family reunion lunch : )

The two signature dish of this restaurant are the mutton soup and dry yong tau fu.


Mutton soup with black fungus and dried tofu.


Mui chai, which is Mich's favourite.


Chinese lettuce.


Prawn in butter milk. This is really good.


Hakka style dry yong tau fu.

There was a funny incident. One of us (exact person is not revealed to protect the person's identity lol!) who isn't very fluent with Mandarin, wanted to order some prawn dish. But he/she kept pointing to the fish dishes in the menu that made the waiter really blur haha! Later when he/she wanted to order the medium size rice, instead of saying "zhong" (中), he/she told that guy for a "cong" (葱) rice, which translates "spring onion rice" lol!

The waiter then said to him/her, "Sorry but we only have white rice, no spring onion rice here" haha!


sakura said...

very very nice :)
well, i can actually feel it in my mouth.. haha..
MUST go eat the nx time i'm back in Melaka. Good place to bring my family n friends too. thanks for the recommendations..

btw, when're u leaving to Japan?

calvin said...

@ sakura:
i would recommend this place to anyone who wishes to try something new and different : )

when we walked back to the cashier that happens to be just beside the kitchen, the utensils and the layout of the kitchen make you feel like you're at home. clearly this couple is running this cafe for a simple living, but not for commercial purposes.

just a friendly tip here; it is not that easy to get parking along heeren street. so, you might wanna park at somewhere further away and take a short stroll to the cafe. we parked our car beside the kota laksamana market the other day : )

i will return to japan this sunday, the 10th. hopefully, everything will be fine by then =)

DT said...

hahahah.. just admit it lar.. tat person must have been U. I doubt any true malaccan would haf made that blunder... hahahhaha!!! :)

calvin said...

@ dt:
haha! i know my mandarin isn't that good also, but i wouldn't make such blunder-lor bleh :P

sounded like me,
looked like me,
but it wasn't me haha!

sakura said...

hereen street eh... tak tau mana eh ><

jonker street there very hard to find parking, i will park very far n walk everywhere 1.. haha...

oh, i c.. hopefully everything's ok :)

calvin said...

@ sakura:
heeren street is just one street away from jonker street. try google maps if you're unsure. i think you should be able to locate this place easily once you know its location : )

mich and i usually park our car at the car park in between pak putra and the famous asam pedas restaurant near kota laksamana ; )

thanks and i hope things will be fine too =D