Monday, March 7, 2011

Seafood Bak Kut Teh At Tanjung Sepat

Our two-day-one-night trip in Tanjung Sepat entered its second day as we continued to explore this little fishing village. But first, it was time to grab something to fill our stomach in the morning. I am not sure about you guys, but ask me to have bak kut teh for breakfast and I would feel that it is quite an unusual meal to have early in the morning.

However, the bak kut teh we went to eat that morning was something quite rare - seafood bak kut teh.


One of the main streets in this small town.


A very typical sight where traders set up their stalls along the street in the morning.


A packet of chee cheong fun we ta pao-ed from one of the stalls on our way to the restaurant.

Bak kut teh literally translates as "meat bone tea". However, as the main ingredients used for the seafood bak kut teh is seafood, I guess it would be more accurate to call the dish as "hai xian teh", or "seafood tea". But I guess it will be kinda weird to call the dish with such name haha! Still, the main base for the soup consists meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices.

The only difference is that seafood, such as large shrimps and fish meat are added into the soup as extra ingredients for this version of bak kut teh.


The restaurant where we had our breakfast.


The variety of seafood that customers get to choose to put into their bak kut teh.


You char kway (deep fried strips of dough), often served together with bak kut teh for dipping into the soup.


Chopped chilli padi that is taken together with chopped garlic and soy sauce as condiments.


The first pot of bak kut teh hasn't even been served yet but the you char kway was half finished already haha!


Chinese tea to quench our thirst before the main dish is served.


Three pots of seafood bak kut teh - shrimp, fish meat and the third one is the normal bak kut teh.


The shrimp pot. Well, they tasted and smelt like shrimp soup haha!


Time to catch our own shrimps lol!


The fish meat bak kut teh.

My verdict? I guess I will still stick to the original bak kut teh, as I find it quite weird to add seafood into the soup which changed its taste. However, I think it is still okay to people out there who feel like giving it a try.

Our next destination was to visit a factory that makes fishball. On our way there, we were talking and laughing so loudly that our level of noise can be heard from few streets away. That attracted the attention of people to the crazy gang of ours haha! Unfortunately, due to some wrong GPS-ing skills by our unqualified tour guide-cum-trip member, we failed to locate the place haha! So, we camwhored at the rocks by the sea to make up for that.


On our way to the fishball factory, while having non-stop sampat-ness session haha!


The tour guide (also known as Miss Mei You Li Mao (没有礼貌小姐) haha!) merajuk after being teased by the whole gang lol!


These two grown-up kids just couldn't resist hopping onto the swings.


Instead of getting to see the process of fishball-making, we saw these containers used to store fish haha!


Men In White lol!

The local Chinese in this wonderful town of Tanjung Sepat are predominantly Taoist and Buddhist.  There are so many temples in this small town, that you can easily spot a few temples along a road. Our trip to Tanjung Sepat was completed with a visit to one of the many temples there, located just beside the Ganofarm.

Our next destination was Bagan Lalang beach and Sepang Gold Coast, another ten-minute drive south of Tanjung Sepat. Sepang Gold Coast is actually the name of a resort which shape takes the idea from the Palm Islands in Dubai. This resort has water villas, arranged in a gigantic palm tree shape, which opened since the middle of last year.


The Taoist temple that our crazy gang paid a visit before leaving Tanjung Sepat.


It has been some time since I prayed and burn the incense and paper offerings at temples.


It was such a coincidence that each of the four car owners wore the t-shirt that matched the colour of their cars.


This town is full of mango trees. Almost every house has at least a mango tree in front of their home compound.


On our way to Bagan Lalang, we spotted some cows who were on their way to school.

It was a great way to wrap up our wonderful trip to Tanjung Sepat by playing at the beach in Bagan Lalang. Well, the beach is not like those beaches in Redang, with fine, powdery white sands and crystal clear water. It was quite muddy and the water looks almost like the water in Klang river. Nevertheless, it was still better than nothing.

We spend a good hour at the beach doing more crazy stuff, like catching small crabs, flying kite, doing jumping shots on the water, having a hurdle race and splashing muddy water on other people haha!


Everyone say "Peace!"


The water was quite shallow and we managed to walk further into the sea for about two hundred meters from the beach.


Qing Huang getting excited some moving creature in the muddy beach.


Proudly showing his new pet.


Yvonne lend me her kite she bought and only after a few minutes, that kite made an emergency landing, thanks to my amateur kite-flying skill haha!


Where is the string?


Some yellow half-naked paedophilee attracted the attention of the girls there lol!


Chee Tieng, the part-time photographer as Wesley (camera owner) and his partner has gone dating at another end of the beach.


A gigantic jump at the sea with the Sepang Gold Coast villas in the background.


Part of the siao gang doing a jumping shot. Even the kite didn't wanna miss out haha!


I think this is the first time I see people running a race at a beach lol!


Ice-cream fair under the tree.

After having great fun at the beach, it was time to head back the car park. But the blazing hot weather made us couldn't resist us from having something cold and refreshing. The ice-cream seller under a pine tree was our main target. However, there were only ten ice-creams left and Kar Boon was so kind to treat all of us to the ice-cream. As we had twenty-one people in our gang, we just shared ice-creams among ourselves.

Right after the ice-cream party, it was time to head back to Kuala Lumpur. In all, the trip was simply awesome and I guess I gotta thank Qing Huang for inviting and the rest of the gang for letting me to crash into their trip.  I didn't know any one of them before the beginning to the trip except for Qing Huang but now, I have made good friends with them.


Time to head home after two days of fun.

Hopefully, there will be another chance for me to join this crazy gang for another exciting trip.


Robinn T said...

Epic carXcar owner picture!!!! Loved it at first glance XD

Gosh now I need some sea breeze man.. has been trapped in the house for like forever... T.T feel like an in house prisoner right now

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yup! we only realised it when we walked back to our cars and someone quickly suggested them to pose with their cars haha!

i seriously think you need to take a break from your daily routine too xD