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Romantic Walk At Lover's Bridge Of Tanjung Sepat


Lingzhi, Reishi (霊芝), cendawan ganoderma, cendawan merah, 灵芝, ganoderma lucidum; however you call it, it still refers to the same thing.

After the visit to the coffee factory, we headed to see some mushrooms - lingzhi mushroom, to be precise. Ganofarm Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian based mushroom research company that cultivates, develops, manufactures and markets ganoderma mushrooms, edible and herbal mushrooms together with a full range of ganoderma products to promote a healthy lifestyle. Compared to other kinds of mushrooms for consumption, lingzhi mushroom is much more expensive for its several medical properties that include preventing and treatment of cancer, hypertension, migraine and headache.

Initially, I thought we gonna have the chance to see how the mushrooms are cultivated in the farms, but was slightly disappointed when we were told that the farms are located elsewhere. There was just a shop selling mushroom products, which ranges from mushroom essences, gano supplements, gano drinks and beverage, mushroom crisps and pickled mushrooms.


The rich medical properties of the lingzhi mushroom.


Yellow oyster mushroom, which looks kinda poisonous, but it is perfectly fine for consumption.


White oyster mushroom, which is among the most popular variety of mushroom in Malaysia.


Black jelly mushroom that can be used to make leng chee kang.


Some students from UKM (an inside joke) tried to steal a bag of the lingzhi mushroom.


Not only the mushroom, Qing Huang attempted to kidnap the giraffe inside the shop too haha!

There are just too many products made of mushrooms in the shop, things that you didn't ever imagine possible to make from mushroom. Have you ever heard of mushroom coffee? Or even mushroom bak kut teh? Kinda weird, I would say.  

Homestay is available at this mushroom farm as well, for those who are interested.


We were given the chance to sample the gano drinks, but the cup used for Zhong Han was so small, like those little cups used by Chinese people when they pray lol!


Some pickles made from mushroom, the left one can be eaten as side dishes, while the tom yam flavoured mushroom pickle was not bad too.


A comparison of the lingzhi mushroom size with a standard size palm. That isn't my palm, by the way.


After drinking the sample gano drinks, it's time to broommm broommm. But cannot-lah. Where can simply drink and drive.


A group photo taken outside the mushroom shop.

Before heading to our next destination, we took a short walk to a jetty, overlooking the Straits of Malacca. It was still low tide in the late afternoon, nevertheless the scenery there was still quite something worth seeing. It looks like any other fishing villages, minus the fishing boats. Good thing there was a small hut at the end of the jetty, as the scorching sun almost turned us into roasted pork haha!


Some leafless trees at the beach.


That's the famous lover's bridge of Tanjung Sepat, where we visited later that evening. More on that later.


I suppose the jetty was supposed to go further down the beach, but it was broken and taken off.


The couple with a bodyguard (or should I say lamppost) tagging behind them haha!


The small hut at the end of the jetty and we had a short rest there.


The combination of our shirt colours is similar to the Italian flag, just that it is terbalik haha!


Part of the crazy gang on the jetty.

We returned home to take a short break (I know, we seemed to be taking breaks every half-an-hour lol!) as everyone had almost turned roasted pork. Some went to take short naps, some ate cookies and snacks, some had a shower, while some just sat there doing nothing haha!

After everyone had (more than) enough rest, we headed to one of the landmarks in Tanjung Sepat. As the name of the bridge implies, Lover's Bridge is a main spot for the local couples to go on date. This bridge is made of cement in the first half, and it continues with old-skool wooden platform further down. It actually reaches out the sea and serves as a jetty for this fishery village. The water bank is not too deep, with few coconut tree trunks and beautiful sunset to look forward to.


Some Chinese New Year decorations were spotted near a restaurant at the Lover's Bridge.


An attempt to be a sticky candy seller haha!


By evening, there are no more beaches to walk during the high-tide.


The Lover's Bridge (情人桥) in Tanjung Sepat.


One of my favourite shot. Coconut tree trunks along the bridge.


Someone's flipper on the jetty.


Some of the local at the bridge for fishing.

This bridge is not only popular among couples, as families and senior citizens love to hang out at this place too. It is also one of the spots where the locals who love fishing will come to try their luck in the evening. Apparently, the types of fish at either side of the bridge are different.

We were curious why some puffer fish were left dead on the jetty and we decided to ask the people who were fishing there. As puffer fishes are known to be poisonous, we wondered why did they keep the fishes and not let loose into the sea. They told us that if they release the puffer fishes back into the sea, they will feed on the fish bait again.


Poor puffer fish that was caught and left to die on the jetty.


Some of the catch of the day. I am not good in recognising types of fish, so I have no idea what fish are these.

As the dawn dusk comes, the sky slowly turned yellowish and later bright orange. It was the perfect moment for couples to spend time on the bridge enjoying the romantic sunset. The sky turns its colour very quickly in matter of minutes and soon enough, it was already dark.

It is during this time that we can spot people walking slowly under the moon light, watching their favourite show with the public television under the big tree beside the bridge, and enjoy family dinner at some of the famous seafood restaurant nearby.


Sunset on the Lover's Bridge.


It was a bit cloudy on that evening, but the scenery was still breathtaking.


We had our dinner at one of the restaurant around the bridge.


Jie Hui, who speaks good Japanese, and she only learned them from watching anime, which I find it quite amazing.


We had twenty-one of us on the trip, so we usually eat on two separate tables.

On my honest and personal verdict of the food in Tanjung Sepat, I would say the price doesn't live up to the quality and taste. The food was just average, nothing extraordinary and I find that overall, they are quite pricey, considering that we were dining in just a small fishing village. One of our gang members whose hometown is in Tanjung Sepat insisted that the food used to taste nicer, but the quality dropped when we went there. Quite a good way to defend your hometown, eh? Haha!

Anyway, to make up for the food, here are a couple of shots of the Lover's Bridge taken at dawn dusk.


Sunset at Lover's Bridge at 7.29 p.m.


Six minutes later, you see a different view.

Certainly a recommended place if you are planning for a romantic date with your loved one.


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hI, passby your blog, your sunset photo is really amazing, which camera you use? any editing software that you use?


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i am currently using panasonic lumix dmc-lx5. i usually use a simple photo editing software called picasa to do some soft editing on my photos ; )