Friday, February 19, 2010

Malaysian Farewell Party 2010

Three years.
It could be a short or long period of time, depending on how you spend it. It feels like a breeze it you are having fun along with your friends around you. The three years I have spent in Nagaoka Kosen has been a memorable and wonderful. Okay, I admit sometimes there were some distasteful times during the journey, but why wanna think about those unpleasant memories when there are much more great memories to be cherished and reminisced.
Each year, there are no less than three farewell parties organised for the graduating seniors, and this one, held three days ago was another one of them. It is almost like a tradition for the Malaysian juniors in the third and forth year to hold a party for the fifth year seniors, just before the end of the schooling year. The biggest difference and the best thing between this one and the rest of the farewell parties is that we get to eat the best food in the world (read: what else but Malaysian food), and talk and joke in rojak languages.
Three juniors decorating the white board.
Tired but satisfied faces of Anizah and Carine.
Here is the long list of menu of the day. Fragrant rice with corns, ayam masak merah, pineapple acar, kerepek ubi, french fries, kek batik, and two chocolate cakes. All were cooked and baked by the juniors themselves, and we are just so lucky to have juniors who possess such pandai cooking skills.
Here comes the pictures of food.
One long line of delicious Malaysian food!
Four rice cookers of five kilograms of rice. Damn a lot, like wanna feed the whole pond of hippo haha!

Corn rice, something different from the usual nasi beriyani.

Spicy ayam masak merah.

Pineapple acar with cucumber, onions, and red chillies.

Kerepek ubi.

French fries.

Oranges, since we are still in the Chinese New Year mood.

Air bandung.

No, no, don’t get misunderstood. Hong Yao wasn't in the menu haha!

Kek batik.

卒業おめでとう (sotsugyo omedetou) - "Congratulations on your graduation".

色々ありがとう (iroiro arigatou) - "Thank you for everything".

Told you it was a grand party, full of nice food. So, to the juniors who plan to come to Nagaoka in the future and you happened to read this, you better make sure you brush up your cooking skills; otherwise the seniors wouldn't accept you here haha!
The seniors were told to go to the hall at seven in the evening.
I was the last to arrived the hall. Sorry guys >.<
Bai, representing the juniors, gave a short opening.
Aki was complaining why everybody got to sit, but he had to stand up haha!
Okay, here are the celebrated seniors. For once, we felt like celebrities lol!
Cake-cutting session began.
Ulya took her turn to cut the chocolate cake.
And finally, Yan Kuang in the process of menoda-ing (according to Atiqah) the cake haha!
Everyone were hungry already by then and no prize for guessing what’s next. It was free flow of food right after the cake-cutting session, and we started to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat. We continued our makan session until suddenly, we got a visitor. Two visitors, in fact. They were lecturers who are in charge of the dormitory students' affairs.
We had two mice as visitors (inside joke). One thin mouse and another tikus besar haha!
Errr, what's going on, guys?
Hong Yao is afraid of mouse by nature, so he hid behind his gears haha!
We all celebrating our success for chasing the two mice out; we are so bad haha wtf!
Imagine this situation; you are enjoying your meal and then suddenly you see two mice. Surely, it would influence your appetite, isn't it? So, we all decided to chase the two mice, who interrupted our happy time, and we successfully managed to get them out haha!
Once the mice were got rid off, we continue our makan session, while having each and every junior to say a few words. This is the most anticipated moment of the night because this is the time all the stupid jokes and nonsense will come out haha! For example, the juniors keep on thanking Muazam for letting them to use his weighing machine in his room, and Joann for selling them cheap train tickets all the time haha!
Joann tries to sell her cheap tickets to Muazam, again!
As these three people watching the business transaction going on.
Ridzuan tried to show everyone that he can hold a cup with his eyes closed.
Atiqah seemed to be distracted by Ridzuan's trick; Faiz was posing but Haris just couldn't be bothered haha!
It is also a rare chance for everyone to say out whatever feelings they have in mind, be it good or bad ones. This is when everybody started to apologise for using other people's cooking ingredients, onions, rice and other stuff, or curi makan other people's cooking, either by mistake or not lol!
By the way, Ridzuan is by far the most "baik hati" senior, out of all eight of us, because every time a junior stood up, their first statement would usually be something like, "Ridzuan baik hati orangnya" lol!
The Sleeping Beauty Boy stood up to give his speech haha!
Bai's turn to give his two cents.
A Chelski fan and a not-so-Chelski fan.
Two United Nation's world peace ambassador haha!
Haris finally smiled, at Faiz's inability to use his own camera lol!
"Kek batik, would you marry me?"
The party would have gotten longer if not for the fact that we had to return to our rooms for the roll-call at half-past ten. Nevertheless, it was a well-spent three hours, in which it could be our last time having a meal together, all eighteen of us. Next year, the number would be significantly trimmed down as only four Malaysians are entering this college.
Next week would be the final week we get to be together, before the spring holiday starts. Meeting and parting are parts and parcel of our lives, but the memories we shared shall always remain.
farewell blog1
A big Malaysian family of Nagaoka National College of Technology 2009/2010.
A big arigatou to the juniors who held this dinner for us.


叶子 said...

Foreign students in same kosen r reli like our family here, cuz v hav same background, same target n same feelings in most aspects.
Love them so much =) I believe u do. hehe..

calvin said...

@ 叶子:
we can come from different backgrounds, different places from all over the country, but when we are living together away from home, we always share the same feeling for our homeland.

thank you for your wish :)