Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snowy Adventure

I guess it would be better for me to take a break from posting up continuous entries regarding the farewell parties. For the meantime, I shall blog on something different, something from almost five weeks ago. There are just too many stuff for me to update and that is why most of my entries are over-due. But fret not, because I will try to update them in the best possible chronological way. Back to this event, well I don't think I should call it an event, because it was just a random decision by the three of us to take a stroll in the park behind our dormitory.
There was a snow storm a couple of days earlier, but on that fine afternoon, weather was good. After getting myself dressed in appropriate attire, including a pair of rubber boots, we set off for our adventure haha! Our plan was to take the normal route along the tennis court, through the back gate. But first, we had to walk down the stairs. That sounds like a simple task.
But here comes the first challenge. It was totally covered in snow but we still die die wanna try and walk down that stairs. Stupid decision it was haha!
What's behind used to be the tennis courts, which are no longer visible now.
Attempting to walk down the stairs, which was covered with thick snow that reached my waist!
Okay, this looks like mission impossible. We better gostan now haha!

After failing in our first challenge, we took another route, which was the slope behind the college.
Again, this slope was covered in snow as well and in fact, it was even higher than the staircase. Luckily, there was a space of about sixty-centimeters for us to walk along it, down the slope. The wall on both sides were covered in fluffy and soft snow, and we took the opportunity to play for a while haha!
Lets make some snow balls...
And throw at the cameraman!
This is the cameraman, who tried to hide from us haha!
Look at the narrow gap we had to walk through.
Decided to throw myself on the bed of soft snow; damn nice, better than any mattress I have slept on before!
Then, suddenly, somebody tried to be funny with us. It was such a nice weather earlier, but then suddenly, snow started to fall again and it got heavier so rapidly. Dah-lah all three of us weren't prepared with even a single of umbrella, then the snow some more wanna fall on us so much haha wtf!
But no way that is gonna stop us from accomplishing our mission for the day, as we carried on walking under the heavy snow fall.
The snow was much more worse than what's seen in this picture.
I was walking against the wind direction, while taking this picture.
Still got time to camwhore at the mirror haha wtf!
These two elderly husband and wife climbed up the rooftop to clear the accumulated snow.
After walking under the snow for around ten minutes, we reached Yukyuzan Park. At the same time, the snow stopped. See, I told you already that someone was just trying to play with us, by making it snow so heavy, but just for such a short period.
I am not gonna bore you with my grandmother stories any longer, so here are the rest of the pictures from our adventure.
Frozen lake. There is a possibility to find a penguin underneath the ice haha!
Owh well, the lake wasn't totally frozen.
Iced stalactite Icicles, which we later pluck them and play samurai war haha wtf! By the way, is there any special term for these stalactites?
We all love Malaysia!

Posing in the middle of the road wtf!
Ridzuan and Muazam carved their own chairs and sit on it haha!

It was getting dark and chillier, and we decided to call it a day. However, due to my mischievousness of throwing myself on the snow, walking through thick layers of snow, letting snow to enter my boots for a long period of time, I later felt that both of my legs felt indifferent when I reached my room. To my horror, I found out that I might had had frostbite. A quick browse at Wikipedia revealed these information.
Warning: The following contain graphic images of frostbite on the legs. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Stage 1

First degree frostbite causes skin to appear yellow or white. There may also be slight burning sensations. This stage of frostbite is relatively mild and can be reversed by the gradual warming of the affected area.

  • Stage 2

Second degree frostbite develops after continued exposure. This stage is characterized by the disappearance of pain and the reddening and swelling of the skin. Treatment in this stage may result in blisters and it may also peel the skin.

  • Stage 3

Third degree frostbite results in waxy and hard skin. It is at this stage that the skin dies and edema may occur as a result of the lack of blood.

No, I didn't use MS Paint to watercolor my legs haha!
Now, you tell me which stage was the frostbite I got.


syaza said...


calvin said...

@ syaza:
haha, can you give a less gila comment? xD

CLF said...

it's called icicle?

anyway dun play play with ur kaki, nanti tak boleh main football lagi!

Innocent^^Guy said...

yea lar...dun la cos wan mg to help u rawat then play like that...

later kena potong that time then u know..although i know you want...cos later potong d then same tall with mg d..

damn sweet lorrrrr

calvin said...

@ clf:
spot-on! yup, i just checked and icicle is its proper name. thanks!

i've learned my lesson and will think twice before jumping onto snow blankets next time hehe xD

calvin said...

@ innocent^^guy:
walao, like that also can let you think out?!

haha, you just prayed to the thnee kong a few hours ago, and now you come and curse people. you are really good in collecting karma points, especially bad ones haha!

Kae Vin said...

Geli lo.

Luckily you didn't get the third stage or your toes all got potong. =.=

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
don't say i didn't warn you first xD

like my friend said, perhaps i should consider this as one of the way to make me shorter, but cutting off some parts of my legs haha wtf!

~Live Life~ said...

Walao! Hiong la u...

Are your feet alright now?

Nice snow...I also want to feel lying down on thick snow...=) Now still like that a? So weird punya weather...

calvin said...

@ ~live life~:
haha, hiong and sampat-ness to the maximum lol!

this was five weeks ago, and my feet are perfectly back to its normal condition already. lucky me because i had the heater turned on when i got back to my room; so i heated my feet continuously for some time and it recovered :)

the temperature has started to increase already now. in fact, the sunlight was so strong today that if it continues like this, i would say all the snow will melt by next week.