Thursday, November 26, 2009

NCCT College Festival 2009

"Hypernova" was the theme for Nagaoka National College of Technology (NNCT) College Festival this year. At least the name they picked this time sounds better than the previous year, when they chose the theme "Butterfly". The college festival this year known as 高志祭 (Koshisai) is extra special because it is held once every three years. In terms of the number of events held, they are bigger and more than normal and besides that, they held the festival for three consecutive days, instead of just two days.
This is also one of the rational of picking "Hypernova" as the theme of the college festival this year, as they wanna make the festival this year the biggest and most exciting one.
The traditional event for the festival - mochi (rice cake) pounding.
They have a maid to supervise the boy with the wooden mortar.

I have blogged twice about the college festival for the past two years and basically, they are similar to each other. However, since this is gonna be my final year in the college, I will do it for one last time because I have a strong sentimental attached to this place haha.
One of the new events introduced this year was Mr Kosen contest. It is a competition in search of the most cool guy in the college, and also the opposite of Mr Lady Contest. In other words, it is the guy's version of beauty pageant.
One of the contestant being interviewed during the competition.
All seven contestants including the one (most right) who went up there wearing a mask haha.

Initially, I thought they look for appearance when picking the winner for this contest, but I later found out that it is more to a talent search contest, in which you display your talent (dancing, singing, basketball skills, etc) to the crowd, and you have a few friends who would go up the stage to campaign for you and the crowd would vote for the winner.
One of the contestants performed an energetic dance with his friends and he was quite a joker as well; so as expected, he was the winner of this contest.
Flea Market was held in one of the classrooms.
Basically, all stuff here, which are second-hands are sold at super low prices.
Computer monitors from the ice age.
CD for anime freaks.
Used clothes.
Soft toys, in which Stitch dominated most of the stuff in this corner.
Freedom Street is also one of the regular corner at the college festival. Just like the name itself suggests, it is a space where students are free to display their art masterpieces here. However, the standard of the art this year had dropped significantly from what I saw two years ago.
There was one booth, where they only placed an empty table there. I have no idea whether they couldn't finish their work in time, or that is what their creation is all about haha.
The entrance to Freedom Street.
Llama, imported from the Andes haha.
I am quite sure this came from a Gundam fan.
Rome was not built in one day, but I destroyed this model in a few seconds haha.
Whatever, haha!
Sheep made of cotton wool.
More sheep, suitable for people who suffers from insomnia. Can count these sheep before they sleep haha.
Beside the Freedom Street was the display of the art work from the Art Club. I am quite impressed with this gear model which was made from cardboard. It was built with the highest precision although I am unsure whether it could move.
But still, it was an impressive work.
Gear model by Komi Taku.
Fancy a taste of Jack O Lantern?
Paper lamp.
Besides the exhibition of art works, there were performances as well.
For example, the brass band team who performed in front of the library. Too bad it was raining for most of the time during the college festival; otherwise they would have performed outside the building and I bet there would be more people who would watch them perform.
Brass band from the Music Club. Sui Pian would love this for sure haha!
One of the main highlights of the college festival would be the stage play by each faculty.
Each team has started practising several months earlier and you just cannot disregard the effort they gave to make sure the play is a successful one. I didn't watch all five plays as I only watched the one by the Mechanical Engineering faculty. As expected, the storyline was a light comedy type and not those with heavy theme that will take forever to figure out the story haha.
There was one boy, who liked his senior very much.
He was one of the nerd ones in his class and always bullied by other students.
One day, that senior saw him emoing and she talked to him.
He got a swimming suit from her (why swimming suit, I also dunno haha).
This boy got to know a creature and it taught him some superpower to make him a stronger guy.
After that incident in the forest, he turned so strong that he could crush an apple with just one hand.
He turned the hero by saving that senior who was kidnapped by the naughty students.
And they lived happily ever after. The end.
But it was not the end of this entry. Visitors to the college festivals are also invited to enter the chemistry lab to try on a few interesting experiments. This is my first time entering that lab, and it certainly reminded me of the awkward times when I used to mixed the wrong chemicals when I did my experiments in high school haha.
This time, we got to make artificial ikura (salmon roe).
Drop the coloured chemical into water.
And they would turned into round balls which looked like the salmon roe you eat in sushi restaurants.
Somehow, they looked like tang yuan haha.
Next was making slime.
They look like jelly but non-edible.

Mixed the bleach with some chemicals, stirred it a while and we got jelly.
We got to play with water bubbles too haha.
A demonstration on how the colours in fireworks are produced.
Different chemicals produce different colour.
Like Deepavali, right? Haha.
By inserting the balloon into liquid form of nitrogen, the air in the balloon would turn into liquid form.
One litre of liquid nitrogen cost 220yen (RM7).
Of so many events held during the college festival, there is one which everyone look forward to - the food stalls. This year, the Malaysians in NNCT decided to open a stall again since we made quite a huge profit last year haha.
That however, will come in the next entry.
Food stalls.
Here is a sneak preview of the next entry.
Till then, froggie and Miss Maid bid farewell.


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