Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr Lady Contest

The hostel festival continued today. I didn't went for the evening session events as I thought there won't be anything special. I'm just waiting for the main thing tonight - Mr Lady Contest.
For the evening events, there was a sessions conducted by the girls. It was kinda quiz thing if I'm not mistaken. Later it continued with Midnight Theater. Title of the movie? 涙早々 (Namida Sousou). Don't ask me what the story is all about.
As promised in yesterday's post, I'll be hitting at those stall today. Even before I was near any of the stalls there, I've heard the usual いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase) chants. It's like 'welcome' or 'selamat datang' if I translate it literally. But I just felt that it sounds like 'eee...rasa masin'. Don't you think so?
First stall I dropped by was an ais kacang stall. As most of the stalls there were set up by my classmates and some who I know from other courses, so it would be paiseh to just ignore them, right? Must support ma.
Back to this ais kacang stall, I think it's not proper to call it ais kacang as there wasn't even a single kacang in it. I will show them our very own ais kacang one day. I'm sure they'll think that's a discovery of all-time, something from paradise, far more better than just ice and syrup. They'll be kicking their asses off for failing to come to know that all these while. When I asked him which taste the best, he went something like this.
He: Manggo is not bad.
Me: Really?
He: Hey, peach taste good as well.
Me: Err, okay...
He: Grapes are good too. So does oranges, bla bla bla... Pokoknya, every flavour is nice.
Me: Huh? (looking at him with a blur face and I thought, you might as well didn't tell me at all in the first place!)
In the end, I went for his first recommendation, which was manggo. That cost me 100yen. I've just paid RM3 for a cup of ice and increased my chance to get diabetes. As I mentioned just now, they don't put kacang inside it. Instead it's just grounded ice with flavoured syrup. That reminded me of the ais kacang they used to sell at Bon Odori festival in Shah Alam.
Next stall I went (or should I said kena tarik) was my classmate's stall selling takoyaki. I've mentioned about this dumpling yesterday. As I've promise them I'll have a try, so I bought one pack with eight pieces. It was okay, but the one I tried in the shop where my classmate do his arubaito (part-time job) is much better.
Didn't you realise that the title of this post got nothing to do with all those above? Okay, I'll go to the main event today, which is the Mr Lady Contest.
Warning: The material below got XXX-rated stuff. Stop reading if you think you are still under-aged. (this warning thing is getting so common these days, huh?)
As how the name goes, it was a beauty contest. But here's the twist. It's only for guys who make-up into girls wearing super micro short skirts and XXXL boobs. Some who prefer the traditional taste wore kimono. There were 12 ah kua who participated. Each with their own uniqueness.
The first one was quite normal. She still looked pretty much like a guy. His cekak (I don't know what its called in English) made him look like a Mickey (not Minnie) Mouse. Verdict by the judges? Failed miserably. But still, one of the judges went down below her skirt and checked her 'package' out.
Then came the second one with a necktie. Again, it was a disappointment. But the atmosphere started to heat up. The people along the catwalk platform started to flip her skirt up.
Next was girl with an unusual height. She was pretty tall. That seemed to attract the host pulak this time. One of the host who was so high and couldn't control himself went and press her boobs.
Host 1: えぇ、でかくて、硬いですね。(Walao eh, so big and hard, hor?)
Host 2: ほら!汗出たよ。(See la! You're sweating already la)
Host 1: そうですね。油の汗!(Hehe, yalor. Oil mia sweat!)
Then came a girl from America. She Mr Mort's daughter. Remember Mr Mort? Yea, that blardy who failed my English. As you all know, almost all of ang moh's boobs suffered from excessive growth hormone, right? That is why their boobs always looks like out of shape. This time, the host couldn't stand his nafsu again. He went to press this XXXL boobs. Too big for me, he said.
The next one was something different. She came in kimono. But even in kimono, she still wasn't being sparred from having her kimono being flipped up by those hamsap lou. Out of the 12 participated. I think this is the best girl. She looks so natural even with a short hair. Even the 12th girl, which was last year's winner can't beat this girl. I'll tell you why later on.
Later, came the 6th girl. This one was pretty common. Too common, I must say. I don't think she will make the top three. Sorry, no chance whatsoever.
The next girl, it was another ang moh again. Since this ang moh doesn't speak any English, she took a translator along with her. Instead of dyeing her hair brown, I guess it would have been better if she put it red. Ang moh, not cokelet moh ma.
Then, nightmare hit this beauty contest. She'll be very happy if she manage to avoid getting the last place for the contest. Her make-up was a gone case. I guess the girl (pink shirt) who put her the make-up wanted to play her out. She was really made-down by the girl. If there's an award for the worst make-up, I'm very sure it will go to this girl.
The next one, they came in a couple. I'm not sure why, but again, another contestant wearing kimono. The pink girl looked more like a girl compared to the blue one though.
This beauty contest was turning into an international contest as the next contestant came from France. A French maid-style attire with a broom as well. But when she smile, I just feel it was damn 気もい (geli). I'll stop describing her before I puke here.
It was going to end soon as the 11th out of the 12 contestant came. Another kimono. And a shocker. I think these pictures in sequence will describe everything.
Yes, that poor girl was stripped until she was left with sehelai sepinggang. It was all because of two of the judges who couldn't help but to release their high-ness at this girl. Before her last remaining cloth was being stripped, the host quickly made her return to the backstage.
Then came the defending champion from last year. Did I said that the 5th contestant is better than this girl? Yes, it all because this rabbit just couldn't stop from showing off her Bugs Bunny teeth. We shall see tomorrow night if she's able to hold on her title again this year.
Although there was only to be 12 contestant, out of nothing, came the 13th girl. Since this girl wasn't a registered contestant, it wasn't a surprise to see some objection being made by the judges and the people below the stage. In the end, she got all ばつ (batsu) or cross sign (X) which means fail from all four judges.
So the beauty contest ended. But I got to note that all those ah kuas were still way off behind those we can find in Thailand. See, not everything made in Japan is as good as from South East Asia. But I'm not indicating I've gone to Phuket before, okay?

The result of this Mr Lady contest will be announced tomorrow night. In fact, the judges aren't the ones who will decide the winner. Instead, it's like a voting system. I've registered as a voter, but I haven't cast my vote.
Who should I vote? Ideas, anyone?


ns29 said...

I didnt really looked at every words..
what can I say,Japanese play hard when they really playing.
or maybe not only hard,but crazy as well..

Calvin said...

ns29: yea, you don't get these kind of craziness often in malaysia, right? but it was fun to see these japanese doing weird stuff :P

CRAPPED!! said...

Yo....know what? I was one of them ah kua last year!! I thought that it would be fun and guess was fun. You should join in next year. Only in Japan were you can dress like a girl and not be teased for everyday for you entire life.

Calvin said...

crapped!!: you mai siao la. if i enter that contest, the japanese will have the shock of their life to see a TALL 'girl' taking part :P

considering your height, what did you use for your 'nen nen' last year? two watermelons? lolz!!

-waiwai- said...

some of them really look like think i also cannot fight with them lah...hahaha...

Calvin said...

waiwai: it's because after make-ups, these girls actually look much more beautiful than the real girls :P