Thursday, August 28, 2008

PPKTJ Senior-Junior Get-To-Know-Each-Other Session 2008

The name of the event itself might sound lame, but it was not the case about how the event unfolded. The idea of organising this event came around from Ben senpai, a senior who also graduated from PPKTJ several years ago. Considering the fact that he would not be coming back this summer, I volunteered to take charge of this event, though I am not paid a single cent by the JPA nor the Malaysian embassy for organising this event. The purpose of this event among others are to help the juniors in their further studies by providing information about National Colleges (Kosen) in Japan, to help students understand the life in Japan and to strengthen the relationship between the seniors and juniors.

Initially, I asked and looked around for seniors who are back for their summer holiday and interested to voluntarily help out on this event. The response was bad at first, but in the end I got no less than ten seniors who confirmed their attendance with me. The number was just alright, not too many, not too little. But on the day itself, guess how many turned out.
T-H-R-E-E. Yes, three.
Typical Malaysian, eh? The lecturers of course, didn't say anything much about it, just smiling away with the figure. But they are Japanese, and Japanese will never express their true feelings directly in front of you. However, I know and quite sure that they were disappointed with it. The current coordinator of PPKTJ, a Japanese lecturer later emailed me and from that email, I could roughly guess what he was trying to say, although the message was not expressed directly.
Kolej Kedua Universiti Teknology Malaysia at Sri Rampai - the venue of the event.
A few seniors who are in Japan later asked me about the event and they were shocked with that as well. Somehow, I just don't feel like ranting too much about it. This thing is all about integrity and how you make sure you walk the talk. If you feel that you cannot make it, then don't confirm your attendance. Worst come to worst, even if you have confirmed it, and you have something more important on which need to be done urgently, giving a call or sending a short message to inform that you will not be able to make it is not be the hardest thing to do, ain't it? Unfortunately, that didn't happen. I am mentioning this because the lecturers have already prepared the lunch for the seniors who were supposed to attend the event, and since only three of us went, there were leftovers and that is just a waste. For those of you who thinks that I am referring to you guys, no hard feelings, please. I mean, this is just one small and minor thing, something which we all will be facing in the future and now is the time for us to learn and get used to these situations. Imagine what would happen when we finished our studies and get into the working world. Can you afford to skip a meeting or an appointed just like that? Think about that.
This entry is not supposed to be so tensed up and I will move to a lighter note. There were three of us there - Filzah Zainal Arif (Kumamoto Denpa Kosen, Electrical Engineering 3rd Year), one senior  (Kisarazu Kosen, Electronic Control Engineering 4th Year) and me, (Nagaoka Kosen, Mechanical Engineering, 4th Year). The event supposed to start at 10 a.m. but we decided to wait for a while if there would be any more seniors who might arrive a little bit later. We waited for thirty minutes but still, no one turned up and we decided to carry on with only two seniors. Kisarazu's senior actually arrived in the afternoon, although it was still pouring heavily outside. But I have to thank him for making it there, despite the bad weather. Otherwise we would have to conduct the event with only two seniors. Pathetic, isn't it?
Eikawa sensei giving a briefing before the session commenced.
Basically, we gave talks to the juniors about the courses offered at the technical colleges, or kosen in Japan, what are the criteria and how to choose the kosen - 55 of them in total, scattered all over Japan. Talking about those stuff alone would surely make the session boring and we talk about the daily life in kosen, how is it like to adapt yourself in a new country, surrounded with new environment, new cultures and different lifestyle. In between the talk, we allowed them to ask any questions which they need clarification and we tried to answer them as much as possible.
Filzah sharing her stories being the only Malaysian at her kosen with the juniors.
Initially, I planned to conduct the session in a mixture of three languages, Malay, English and Japanese. But somehow, it ended up with me speaking in Japanese after I finished introducing myself. However, the more I talked, the hall became more quiet. Something must be not right, somewhere, isn't it? There are two possibilities which I could think of, it is either my Japanese is too bad, or they could hardly understand Japanese. When my friend Filzah gave her talk in Malay next, the response was much better and I got the hint already. From then onwards, I tried not to use much Japanese with the juniors, because the main purpose of this session is to provide them with informations. If I speak Japanese throughout the session and my message don't get across, it would be useless either.
We also break them into smaller groups because I know some juniors prefer to ask questions personally because they were afraid that their question might sound silly to others. In fact, I used to be like that too last time. The session was attended by the 2nd year juniors and only a few of the 1st year juniors joined in. Perhaps the 1st year juniors were tired after returning from their motivation camp a day earlier, or they were just not interested looking at the number of seniors who were there. Anyway, I guess the juniors who were there have gained something and I hope that the information that we have gave will give them a better idea about taking their next step. It is just a first time an event like this were organised for the juniors, and it is not the best and I am sure it can be done much better than this in the coming years.
I was too worn out already, that I asked the juniors to join the other groups while I went around taking pictures.
Filzah with juniors who are planning to take up Electrical Engineering.
Juniors planning to take up Control Engineering went to Kisarazu's senior.
I did not manage to catch-up much with the lecturers there, mainly because I was too busy answering the juniors throughout the day. In fact, at the end of the day, I had a sore throat. Quite a bad one. Nevertheless, I hope I would be able to do that next month when I pay a visit to the new place of PPKTJ - Yayasan Selangor. From what I heard, this would be a temporary site, as PPKTJ will move to INTEC in Shah Alam from next year onwards. Most of the lecturers will not be moing though, as they prefer to stay and teach at UTM. In a few more years, I guess all of the lecturers in PPKTJ will be new ones. Even when I was at the event with the juniors, there were only five familar faces - Eikawa sensei, Atsuko sensei, Sato sensei, Itou sensei and Kodama sensei. The rest are new ones but they were as friendly as ever, especially the ladies. They were quite cool as they even crapped with me when we were chatting together.
The two of us with the Japanese lecturers having a group shot together. Toa-khun, Sato sensei's son were there too.
When we were chatting with the juniors who remained with us later that evening before we leave, I felt as if I am so old already. Or should I better put it as more mature? Personally, their behaviour were still of those teenagers and it was evident from the way they speak and bring themselves. It was more obvious among the guys and I guess that just tells you that guys generally mature later compared to girls. Nevertheless, they were great companies to have a chat with, and a few of them actually can crap just about anything with us. Never get deceived by their faces. One hint, the one in white standing next to me, and also the one in green stripes shirt are by far, two of the most crappy one among all of them.
With the 2nd Year juniors, who are scheduled to further their studies to Japan early next year.
Provided that they passed the examinations by the Japanese Education Ministry at the end of this year.
There was a 1st Year junior, who joined our conversation and when my friend asked him if he had anything to ask, his first question just made me laughing my ass off.
日本的女子美吗? (ri ben de nü zi mei ma?)
Translation: Are Japanese girls pretty?

And he was asking that with a hamsap face. I wanted to laughed out straight away and I was thinking, should I reveal the truth to this boy or what? However, that question was not meant for me and I didn't answer him. Ask Kisarazu's senior if you want to know what he replied that junior. Anyway, I took some time out and wander around the block where we used to live there for almost two years. Nothing much had changed. But something new was set up in one of the rooms. Take a closer look at it and you will see this.
B-1-24. I wonder whose room this used to be?


Endoru said...

No matter what it is, good job done. Calvin, you made us back here proud of you and I bet Ah Ben will be real proud of you.

Anonymous said...

kepuasan anda dijamin..
ppktj students just cant stop doing something special in k2 right?

Wee Kien said...

even though the participation was pity, good job!!!

Anonymous said...

eh....filzah is not the only malaysian there la...ada sorang lagi senpai 5nen la....

calvin said...

@ endoru:
well, there is a certain feeling of sanctification after the event ended. thanks for your support and i hope there will be people who are going to do this again in the coming years :)

calvin said...

@ ns29:
that is what make us different from the rest of the students there xD

calvin said...

@ `chwk87:
the attendance is not something that really bothers me, but whether the juniors have gained something from it is more important.

calvin said...

@ amalina:
i didn't see anyone besides the three of us there. she should have contacted me if she wasn't sure of the venue. well, it is over already anyway.

Crabbed!! said...

Wow...three...that's...that's just horrible! Even I went uninvited last time!! What happened to the spirit of sharing? Are all of us suddenly so selfish? Sigh..

Anyway, good job going there.. I see a Kelly junior there? Oh, yes I do see someone who looks like that.

pinksterz said...

dont bluff. that was your room last time is it? see, i know wan.

Eric Sng said...


You're so tall!!

Almost reached the door..

K3ViN said...

ohhh my..... just 3 turn out? it kinda disppointed nia... Anyway the event runing quite seccess lor. Good job..... Hope the junior pass their exam n getting as much inofrmation as they wan b4 depart to japan 4 futher their studies lor :P

Anonymous said...

otsikaresama!well done.
though the attendance of seniors wasn't that good,hope that juniors will gain information they need to make decision.

Anonymous said...

kepuasan dijamin some more... wow... seen to be great place...

stevelee67 said...

more can be done to attract more but nevertheless you did a great job. If im in msia, i will sure go.
Hope next year it will become better...

Anonymous said...

no... I mean kat kumamoto...
coz u said...
'Filzah sharing her stories being the only Malaysian at her kosen with the juniors'

she is not the only malaysian la....
ada senpai 5 nen lagi sorang kat kumamoto tu....
next year,yes,she will be the only one kalo nobody enters kumamoto...

Anonymous said...

Kudos to those who attended and helped. Things didn't turn up as it seems (or it's already predicted) but of course, it was a great big step taken. And the hard work doesn't end here. There are still lots to be done IF changes are to be made.

Enjoy your holidays. :)

calvin said...

@ crapped!!:
it just seems thats some of us have forgotten about those values. but no worries, the event went on despite the poor turnout.

do you mean that girl from taiping? yes, i guess she looks similar to kelly xD

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
as ironic as it may sound, that is not my room. mine was B-1-42 ;)

calvin said...

@ eric sng:
good thing that the door in malaysia is much higher than those in japan =P

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
yes, to be honest, the poor attendance was kinda expected. but anyway, i think the juniors had gained something from it :)

calvin said...

@ lyk:
yup, and i am glad you came and gave us a helping hand =)

calvin said...

@ icalvyn:
do not be deceived by its appearance =P

calvin said...

@ stevelee67:
yes, i'm hoping to see more seniors to join this event in the coming years. i know it will only get better ;)

calvin said...

@ amalina:
ohh, i misunderstood you >.<
yes, there is another 5th year senior in her kosen, but it is almost the same as being the only one there =P

calvin said...

@ ben foo:
kudos to you as well to be the one who started the idea of organising this event. anyway, i see a big 'IF' there.

yes, only IF...

Anonymous said...

3 out of 10(is LMR among the 10?).. sad la i cant attend it.. if i were there i could have nice extra msia food to eat.. haha

anyway otsukaresamadesuta for a job well done, did u purposely travel there from taiping? n wonder if u got help somebody 2 promote oyama 2 *somebody* :P

calvin said...

@ bao cong:
the chicken rice actually tasted great. too bad there were a lot of leftover =\

well, not exactly but it was one of the main reason i went down to kl that weekend.

yes, i helped some people by telling the juniors to boycott oyama kosen =P

Joyce said...

Good for you lah Calvin. Taking on this....kudos for your hard work.The bad turnout is expectable lah but still 3 out of 10 is quite bad leh.

Why not make it a yearly event, that way more sempai`s will know about it and hopefully the turnout rate will increase, not only that, the kohai's will get to know more. And if it is done yearly, i think it will only get better and better cos more experience and everything mah. :D

Anywayz, i totally agree wif the boys mature slower thing. Hahaha.....

I can only recall two 2nd yrs from the pic after meeting them once in Spring. Haha... my memory fail lah.

Great that you are going to Yayasan Selangor. :D Remember to take more pic`s for us that tak balik M`sia to see ah. Yoroshiku.

calvin said...

@ joyce:
wow, a long long comment after some time. in fact, yours is the longest of all the comments in this entry =P

thank you, but how could you said three out of ten is 'not bad'? lol!

anything can be planned, organised or carried out as long as there are people who are willing to help out. i hope there will be more seniors who are willing to join in next time.

if everything goes as planned, i am going to visit the new place next week for the first time. looking forward to that in fact :)

Joyce said...

I did not say not bad. I said quite bad. :P Calvin, ur mata sumthing wrong edi after seeing the XX in the lift. :PPPPP give comment when it interest me mah. :P

Keep the pictures coming lah.:D Im missing M`sia. Sigh....

HAve fun and take care lah. :)

calvin said...

@ joyce:
opps, my eyes really have some problems already 'coz i replied to your comment in the middle of the night. i must be half asleep then >.<

what XX in the lift? wrong channel leh =P

yes, more to come very soon. you take care too :)