Monday, August 4, 2008

Chocolate Cookies Made With Love

"Eat every piece of the cookies
with a smile"


DSC06578 copy1

These chocolate cookies mean a lot to me.

Like you have expected, it was bake by her and supposed to be part of the gifts she sent me to mark our first anniversary. Well, it didn’t make it on time, but that is not the main point here. Although the parcel containing these cookies reached me a day after the day it supposed to arrived, seeing that parcel when I took it from the office of my hostel just gave me that slight smile because I know it came from her.

I will be honest here. I personally never get something like this before -a parcel containing cookies which is sent over a few thousand of miles across the Pacific Ocean. And the sweetest part is that it was bake by someone special. When I get something like this, how the cookies taste will be the last thing I would be bothered about, because the most important thing is that it was made with love even though it just looked like any other ordinary cookies.

I may sound biased here, nevertheless the cookies she made was way better than what I expected. Well, I don't mean that she doesn't know how to bake, but it was even better than Chipsmore. And the part I like most is that there were broken tiny pieces of chocolate in between the cookies. Three containers of them looked much to me at first, but I have finished half of them in just three days. I would wish to have more of them, but it will cost her a bomb if she were to send me more.

Thanks a lot for the cookies, baby. I know I am the one who is supposed to send you one since I still owe you a container of chocolate cookies. Yes, that was some time ago when I lost some bet with her if my memory serves me right. Even the latest that I will be able to bake her that will be during the time when I am back to Malaysia later this month as I don't have an oven here, which means baking will be impossible for me. But a promise remains a promise and I will make sure she gets her container of chocolate cookies very soon.

Each time I take a piece of the cookie form the container, I know that the number of cookies left in the container will be lesser by one piece, until it eventually reaches the last piece. And there is going to be only one person who I will share the last piece with. Guess who?

No prize for getting that correct though.


mg said...

of course it's me, hehehe ^^

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
dunno? =P