Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our First

"Can I be your boyboy?"

me, to her,
three-hundred-sixty-five days ago
It felt like it was just yesterday, ain't it?
I caught her off-guard when we were taking a rest at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
Yes, this post is specially dedicated for you, baby. It has been a while since we started. In fact, a year has past since we have been together. Literally. I have never place any confidence in a long-distance relationship.
More so, when I am very well aware that I will not to be there physically for my other half once I committed myself into such relationship. I just feel it will be unfair for both of us because we will not get to spend time together doing what couples usually do when they are together. How a relationship will be able to progress to the next level, when the two lovers are separated thousand of miles away, two different continents apart. I doubted that it would have a happy fairy-tale ending back then.
Though, life is all about giving yourself and that someone a chance, isn't it?
We did, and I am very glad that we took that chance. What unfolded from that moment will always remain as sweet memories between both of us. There are just too many things that brought us together, but I will just sum it up into one word - FATE. It was just slightly one year back, when we come across each other's life path out of the blue. It was not a planned thing. Neither of us thought that a sincere innocent friendship would bring us together - getting to meet the other half of our lives. Just like how the saying goes, when something is meant to happen, nothing will stop it.
I guess that best describe on how we started being together.
Life just cannot get any better when you have someone who you love so much, to be there for you, regardless of how you are feeling on a particular day. She is the one who I know will always be there for me, to share my joy, my sorrows, the times when I am emo, and at the same time, she will come out with something witty, something funny or some lame jokes from her creative mind just to cheer me up. She has always been supportive to me, just like how a girlfriend will always be to her boyfriend. She will also be the first person I will go upon, whenever I have something to share. It was just a day after we were together, that I rushed back from my classroom after my papers, just because I wanted to see her. I was smiling along the way then, and when you see a guy behaving in such way, there are only two main possibilities - either he has some mental problem, or he is deeply in love. Just in case you might get that wrong, I am the latter.
The one thing that I will never ever get bored of is her smile. Seeing her giving me that sweet smile will make me smile back to her, no matter how bad my day had gone. There is something special in her smile that invokes a great pleasant feeling of comfort on me. No matter how pissed off am I with something, she will try her best just to cheer me up and make me return to my usual self. Despite her having the normal bubbly personality like what every other girl normally has, she is one of the most independent girl you will ever know. She knows what is she doing all the time, which sometimes make me feel that I am behaving like a small immature kid. One more thing is, she cooks quite well too, although I have yet to taste any of her cooking yet. Soon, very soon. There was also a time when we were debating about who bakes better fudge slice and she kept telling me her baking skills is much better than mine.
I have to admit that it is hard for me to disagree on that.
A short message she scribble on the paper while she was having her free period during her one-month stint as a temporary teacher late last year.
Long-distance relationship is no doubt the most challenging and toughest relationship you will come across. Some never believe in such thing as they said it will never work. Well, they are free to voice out their opinion but we are still going strong after one year and I believe it is just going to get better from now on. It is a huge sacrifice for both of us, but I know we have a date ahead of us and when that time comes around, we will realised that the sacrifice we had made is really worthwhile.
Having fights and misunderstanding is also quite common for us. Although we are not together, we could still end up not talking to each other for some time. How can that be, you might wonder. It happens, but lately I find that it has been a lot lesser than how it used to be. One funny thing is that after every time we fight, we will end up getting much closer to each other. Neither one of us is too bold, unwilling to admit our mistakes, apologise and make up. The making-up part is one of the nicest parts and usually it will happen immediately after every fight. Why would we want to prolong it, when we have so many better stuffs to do, instead of keeping our silence to each other, not exchanging words with one another, right? That is not what couples should be doing.
Love isn't finding someone you can live with; it's finding someone you can't live without. Of course we would have preferred to be living together, instead of being separated so far like what we are at the moment. But that is something that is beyond our control and we just have to live with it for now, at least. Looking at a more positive note, I just have the feeling that being apart from each other makes us treasure and appreciate more of each other. We know we will not get to spend that much time and we will always try to make the best of the time we have together. There was a time some distance ago, when we asked each other what we were having for dinner that night. Instead of just telling what we were eating, we decided to take a picture and sent it to each other. I could still remember that back then, I had a bowl of Maggi's instant noodle with an egg and excessive of cabbages, while she had a char siew pau, which she just bought back.
Just over a week ago, I didn't see her coming online although it was almost midnight already. Not getting to see her on that day is one thing, but my uncertainties about her whereabouts was the thing that I was more concerned about. That was the time I had the feeling of missing her badly running through my minds and I realised that I cannot live with her absence, not even a single day. As we almost never fail to catch each other daily, of course I sensed something was not right and I tried calling her. But she didn't pick up my call. However, I later found out that she was on acutes and had to stay at the hospital much later than usual, which came to my relieve.
DSC06250 copy
Gifts from her - a pop-up chocolate card and a photo frame of the two of us at KLIA, moments before I left for Japan early this year.
The times we spent together last year still remain vividly in my mind till today. We had a great time together during those few days, despite the fact we didn't get to do as much things as we would like. Nothing beats the feeling of being by the side of your loved one. One of it would be the time when we sat on the floor in her room and she showed me her photos when she was still a little baby. That time, I was not really paying attention to the photos. Instead, my attention was more to starring at her, looking at how excited she was when describing each and every of her photos. I never tell her about this until today, and I bet she didn't know about this either.
As for now, I am just really looking forward to the next time we will get to meet again. I bet she shares the same feeling as much as I do, right baby? Thank you for your unconditional love and I really appreciate it.
Happy first anniversary, and
I love you, baby.
Love you as much as eight-turned-ninety-degree.
*She did something I totally didn't expect at all, or I can just say, I got punked in her entry on our anniversary*


michelleg said...

i din know u were doin that. T___T

love u too baby~~ =)

zhenhui said...

calvin jiwang sial (-.^)"
lol :D
happy anniversary!!

Innocent^^Guy said...

what about those times when you two fight and will use me as the channel of communication and a ranting medium?

I beg you all not to put up such post anymore. Because everytime jaecy reads this, she will complain how I am so not like other ppl's bf. And you indirectly put me in hot soup!

michelleg said...

haha we din say we never had any arguments. lol.. but yes, tell jc tht u helped us alot and ur an expert in counselling ppl. hahaha!!

erm, u can post up geli post like this also ma =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
actually i did that much earlier already 'coz i know i won't have much time with my exams coming in between our anniversary.

i am still thinking to post up that sets of pictures =P

calvin said...

@ zhen hui:
hehe, thank you.
weh, where got jiwang? this is something normal only lah ;)

calvin said...

@ shi han:
i suppose that is the after-service from you as a part of the package that we have agreed earlier, right?

she complains because you are not romantic enough. so, it's time for you to learn from other people's boyfriend from now on =D

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yes, we have had lots or arguments in the past, but isn't it a good thing that it has been almost no fights lately? :)

by the way, not only he is expert in counseling people, but at the same time, tembak-ing me all the time as well =.=

Innocent^^Guy said...

haha..i dun have time to be romantic okay! And you are only 1 yr! Wait till you are 3 yrs, then we see whether you still have this sweet sweet thing going on or not :P

Plus, even I romantic also, I don't show it on the blog la. Will kill off my other prospects. ha Ha.

yukidaruma said...

the usual calvin-jiwang...hahahaha
very nice one!
congrate from me..n good luck for future ne!

calvin said...

@ shi han:
last time when we reached our first month, people told us to wait until we reach one year and see if we still have this sweet sweet thing. so, i suppose it will still be there, no matter how long we are together already =D

say so much some more lah. later don't tell me your girlfriend is complaining to you again.

calvin said...

@ yukidaruma:
eh, is this post really jiwang?
anyway, many thanks and good luck to you as well :)

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Endoru said...

Cute, I thought you were paying attention on your exams. *hehe* Anyway, you two make a nice couple, indeed.

K3ViN said...

sooo sweet.....

Joyce said...

calvin you jiwang and geli lah.

but, its sweet and shows your sensitive side that you otherwise hide so well. I think your gf sure touched one.

Congrats to ya. Im happy that you are happy. Although this post is still geli. :PPPPPPPPPPP

Anonymous said...

calvin u sipek romantic...;p

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
well, if you think that this entry is geli and i made you feel like puking, then it is just too bad for you. paiseh lah >.<

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
i am not sure if this is the same person, but well, please refer to my reply above and thank you very much for your comment(s) =)

calvin said...

@ endoru:
yes, i was. but all work but no play makes jack a dull boy. so yea, i took a break from my studies and did this 'geli' post.

and thanks a lot :)

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
hehe, thank you =D

calvin said...

@ joyce:
haha, i like your two-in-one comment very much. it is much easier and save more time by saying i'm jiwang and geli at once, right?

of course i won't simply show that side of mine. 'geli' stuffs like that are only reserved for special people xD

haha, tak habis-habis say this post is geli >.<

calvin said...

@ chai ei:
haha, at least it is now better than how it used to be =P

Endoru said...

Well said.
A balanced life is always better.

e s t a n c u s said...

hi, i came from robbs. omg.. the sweetness!! can feed at least 3 generations of the black ants colony in the attic above my house toilet.. lol..

nice one! cant wait to read her punkin' you.. haha.

u rox! :-D

Reenybob said...

i also love u 8 turn ninety degrees hahahaahah (:

lyk said...

calvin,not geli at all.u are just sipek romantic !

i guess no many friends of my will have the gut to post up such 'geli' thing:p

specialhuman said...

Oh come on I just had my dinner! lol

Anyway, I hope to see another similar post in 2088. ;P

calvin said...

@ endoru:
yup, indeed it is ;)

calvin said...

@ e s t a n c u s:
haha, your anology had gone a little bit too far.
anyway, thanks for dropping by :)

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
eh, since when you got praise me one?
something must be wrong when you were leaving the comment then xD

calvin said...

@ lyk:
hehe, thanks.
and yea, this is my personal blog and i am just using it as a medium to express my feelings :)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i don't get the connection between this entry and you just finishing your dinner. haha, only if i could live that long >.<