Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chicken Wing Stealer

There was a barbecue session organised by the Chikyu Lab, mainly for the international students along with fellow Japanese students this weekend. Initially, not a single of us international student wrote our name on the paper in the notice board, partly because we knew all the Japanese students who are joining in are mainly from the lower graders. Blame it on the age gap or whatsoever, but personally I cannot really stand of their childish attitude. If you are wondering what kind of attitude I am referring to, just imagine those characters in the anime with the so-called kawaii voice. Some people may like it, but not me and the most of us. They may be still in their teenage years, but at least they should put up a decent matured character, instead of letting themselves being carried away with what I would refer it as faked characters. But they are the Japanese, and that is how they are known for. I don't think we can take that away from them, because they are born with that kind of genes.
Back to this barbecue thing, the five of us, later joined by another two more seniors (which I didn't expect them to be there) went to a nearby park for the barbecue session. We started our work when the stuff arrived, while most of the Japanese kids just sat there doing nothing. Never mind, we still keep our cool despite that, and continued cutting the onions, potatoes and meat. After everything were in placed, we began grilling the meat marinated with whatever spices provided. It was then we wished there were all those turmeric powder, tandorii paste and all the other spices with us because what we had that time were only basic stuffs like salt, black pepper and coriander. How to make the meat taste good lah like that, right? After the meat was done, one after another of the Japanese began to taste them and as expected, they trotted out the cliche lines like "Umai!", "Kore choo oishii", which basically means delicious.
Then, we continued cutting the meat for a second round but still, most of them just sat there and expect us to serve them yet again. That made a few of us went to another corner and prepared the meat, marinated it and grilled it ourselves, because it is just not right when you expect people to do all the hard work under the hot sun and serve the cooked stuff, while you are there sitting down and chit chatting happily away, isn't it? That is why after the second round onwards, we didn't take the meat over to the place they were sitting down. Instead, we just shared it among ourselves (which includes a few Japanese as well) who barbecued together. Then one of the Japanese senpai came over and asked why we are not serving the meat over to their place. This time, I have had enough of talking nice with them and I told him straight away that, if they want to eat, come over here and help out. Otherwise, don't expect us to serve them. If you don't want to work, don't need to eat lah, right?
Instantly, he was lost for word when I replied him that way.
As for some other international students who were grilling their meat at another corner, they were more unfortunate. Realising that the meat wasn't served to them, they went to find that group of international students with a mission. But they were smart because they planned their mission very well. Firstly, they went and talked to them, praising them how good their meat were compared to the normal Japanese yakiniku, and also they are so good in getting the perfect combination of spices when they marinate the meat. Okay lah, this time I give them the benefit of the doubt but then, we just practically dumped whatever spices we saw on the table onto the meat. If they said that it nice already, wait till they taste our real Malaysian food. That time sure they will cry.
Of the spiciness. Hahaha...
After they were done with their praising, then they proceed to their main intention of being there. Out of a sudden, those Japanese just took the chicken wing and drumstick, without even asking. My friend there who took out the chicken from the frozen box, cut it, marinated it and grilled it and just when she was going to take it, it was stolen right in front of her. See, like I said, the Japanese were just pretending to approach them, because their main intention is to steal the chicken. My poor friend was so super tulan that time, but she couldn't say anything, because it is not as if that chicken wing stealer was going to understand what she was saying. When you are angry and still need to stop and think for a few moment how to translate those vulgar words into Japanese before hurling those lines at them, the anger will never be the same anymore, isn't it? So, she asked why not he just prepare his own chicken, instead of resorting to stealing people's chicken wing like that. And you know what? He just simply answered, "But I dunno how to cut the chicken ^^". What else, double tulan-ness for my poor friend lah. She still could not get over that incident, that she kept cursing that chicken wing stealer when we were on our way back. But I share the similar sentiment because who wouldn't be pissed of when someone just take away your hard work, right in front of you, right?
There are still a lot of things for me to rant if I want to, like when I was frying the yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles), for example. They keep saying the meat won't taste nice if they are cooked too long. So I told them if they want to eat them half cooked, then they just cook it in their way and not just sit down there waiting for the food to be served. Haih, I know I've ranted so much of bad stuffs about the Japanese in this entry that I put myself into a vulnarable position of being caught and put into the ISA Tokyo. But who cares, because in the end of the day, they still treat us as aliens in this land. Perhaps it is the different culture which made these things happen, but that doesn't mean I dislike the Japanese. There are plenty of nice Japanese here, but unfortunately, I am just picking out the not-so-nice ones this time.
Whatever it is, here are a couple of pictures I took from the barbecue session that would make me forget about what happened during the barbecue.
DSC05943 copy
I will never get enough of this baby girl.
DSC05944 copy
Sorry for the blurry picture 'coz there was a slight earthquake when the picture was taken.
Damn cute, right? I mean the baby, not the guy in black shirt of course ;)


Kae Vin said...

lol. Just give them raw chickens la. and how do u say

"If you don't want to work, don't need to eat LAH"

in Japanese? lol!

Did u kidnap the baby girl home? Bring it back to Malaysia ya. lol

syaza said...

owh calvin! saya sangat memahami perasaan itu...oleh kerana itulah, saya tidak berapa menyukai mereka!!

Anonymous said...

wow,they were just maji uzeiii!!!!
1st time i heard such kind of Japs:(

Sheryl0202 said...

How inconsiderate! All the while I thought they are very polite one?

KOKahKOK said...

definitely the guy is not cute! dont worry! we wont misunderstand! we still can identify and differentiate! :>

pinksterz said...

Damn cute, right? I mean the baby, not the guy in black shirt of course ;)

itu ayat pancing nak suruh orang puji kiut la tu.

MeLia said...

la... fed up of those people that eat without...Just coz they dun noe how to chop the chicken? OWh.. then they will not survive in this world lo... haha.. forget of those people..think of that baby gl izit....

K3ViN said...

sooo poor nia u all... never tot those student really lazy lor..... haha tat baby really cute lor...... the guys? errr..... leave it to his gf lor :p haha

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
give them the raw chicken and they will only return it to you and ask you to help them marinate and grill the chicken for them =.=

go look up in your japanese text book for translation of that line.

the baby's mum and dad were there, how to kidnap the baby? xD

calvin said...

@ syaza:
we share the same mind. two great genius minds ^^

calvin said...

@ lyk:
sure you never heard these things happening? then i suppose the people around you are not the real japanese, but cloned ones =P

calvin said...

@ sheryl0202:
of course. you won't expect them to show you their bad side in the public, right? same thing applies when you look at the local commercials promoting the tourism industry and you will know why ;)

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
the main point of this entry is not about the picture, but what happened earlier. anyway, we all still know that the baby is very cute :)

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
then what else are you waiting for?
faster puji lah ^^

calvin said...

@ melia:
i feel like throwing these kind of people into a deserted tiny island and leave them to live with one coconut tree and one turkey xD

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
if lazy, then don't have to eat loy. very simply, right?
haha, his gf haven't comment anything on that yet >.<

K3ViN said...

haha yup just tat simple, dont eat... errr.... his gf kah? is a camera wor... how 2 comment leh? haha

Anonymous said...

wow.. 1st time i heard bout this.. as i hv yet 2 hv a BBQ session with japs. i only minum arak with them normally, and they wont curi my arak :P haha.. no need to bother those small kids la.. :D

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
you basket. my camera is no longer my gf la >.<

calvin said...

@ bao cong;
as long as you don't have an activities with underage kids, then i guess it will be no problem. problem usually crops out when you are surrounded with immature kids, who is more interested in making those high pic noises to gain attention. that is why i didn't even bother to offer them our chicken, since they were so lazy xD