Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow Grinder

A few days ago, I was mentioning how much it has been snowing in my place, which continued for several days and making the snow accumulating quite high at most places. It got better this morning and this gave the authorities of my hostel the chance to so some snow-clearing work at certain places where the snow is obstructing the way. Initially, there were a group of students from the hostel committee who tried to clear the snow themselves using simple tools like big spade and some trolley-like equipment, but to no avail since the snow was way too much for them. They hardly made any progress in clearing the snow away; in fact, I guess they only managed to clear one percent of the whole area. It is certainly not a simple task when the snow is as high as one meter, and sometimes even reaches the waist level of some people.
The holiday had officially begun at my place today and this is the time when almost all the students staying in the hostel will be returning to their hometown. Bearing in mind that this will be the spring break which will last for seven-long weeks and when they return in a month’s time, most of them will be given a different room, they will take back their entire stuffs home. The atmosphere in these few days in my hostel is like there is a huge shifting carnival going on.
Hence, the thick snow on the road will certainly be an obstruction to the shifting process. The authorities must have known how the students from the committee had failed in clearing the snow using simple tools. This morning, one group of the authorities came with a red tractor which would be used for clearing the snow away. Even using such a huge machine, it took quite some time for them to make a way to the side-door of the hostel. The mechanism of the machine is similar to that of the tractor used when farmers are harvesting the paddy at the paddy field. The ground snow is later released to the side of the tractor. In other words, it is just like a giant ais kacang grinder.
DSC02296 copy
The will be no way out from the door on the top right if they didn't clear the snow away.
Just the suitable machine to use when you are having an ais kacang party.

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