Saturday, November 17, 2007

Okutadami Dam

One thing that makes the life in my college interesting is that there is usually one trip every month for the foreign students here. I am not very sure about other colleges, but I guess we people here in Nagaoka Kosen have one of the most, if not the most number of trips throughout the year. So, there was another trip last week where we were taken to a place called 奥只見(Okutadami), about 2 hours drive from Nagaoka.


We were enjoying the scenic view of the autumn leaves on the mountain along the way, but it was almost impossible to take any pictures of them in the fast moving car. When we were nearing the location, there were tunnels - 19 of them in total, which unfortunately covered the view of the breathtaking mountains.
It wasn't long before we finally reached the destination and to my surprised, it wasn't as cold as they were telling us earlier on. It was cold, but not until the stage that you will be shivering. There is a dam here, which is dubbed to be the largest in Japan.
They provide a ropeway service to get to the dam but as expected, it wasn't a free service.
So, we took an alternative route.
It wasn't a sunny day when we were there that day, but it was still possible to have some shots on the dam and the surroundings.
The dam was completed in 1957 measuring 157 meters tall by 475 meters wide.
The highest power it can generate is 560,000 kW and the man-made lake from this dam is the largest in Japan.
I know I will slowly turned into a typical Japanese if I go on talking about figures. Who will even bother to care about those things.
After spending our time looking at the dam, we were supposed to take a ride on a boat around the lake. But before that, some people just need to camwhore, even it was just a dam area.
Tiga Perempuan Malaysia Terakhir
Which made me join the fun as well.
But having fun alone won't be that fun, no? Like they say, the more, the merrier.
Okay, I am just being crappy. So, upon reaching the lake and forked out 700 yen (RM23) for the boat ticket, off we go for the ride of our lives.
This trip were suppose to be held several weeks earlier, but since it clashes with other programmes, it was postponed until last week.
To be fair, it was already a bit too late to fully enjoy the autumn scenery around the lake.


Most of the leaves had dried off. For some, they have fallen down.
So the view surely would be no where when compared to places like Nikko. I am planning to pay a visit there one day while I am still in Japan.
Next autumn, perhaps.
Instead of enjoying the panoramic view of the trees, most of us were more busy camwhoring during the 30-minute ride. Yes, me included. It was quite windy during the ride until we reach some point when we almost went shivering.
When it comes to camwhoring, nobody beats my senpai, Zulhelmi. That day, he went Mickey.
We were fortunate that when the boat set off, the sky had slowly become clear.
But on the way back, it started to drizzle. However, no casualties reported.
We later went to the museum just next to the dam, but nothing much there. Anyway, the location of the dam is actually between two prefectures - Niigata and Fukushima. There was a board placed on the floor indicating the border line of the two prefectures.
It wasn't long before we headed to the restaurant to have our lunch, where I went for Yakiniku set. It was not bad, but still I guess the one I had in Hokkaido some time ago is still the best.
After lunch, some opted for some souvenirs (me included) while hanging around chatting away before we head back. It was during that time when someone patted me from behind and when I looked back, it turned out to be one Malaysian family who currently settled down in Nagaoka. The couple has a little son, which looked nowhere like his both of his parents.
They say he looks like Harry Potter, from his specs he is wearing. What say you?
Harry Potter Jr.
And just like any other trip, it will usually end up with a group photo.
But personally, I think nothing beats this photo below. I asked my senpai, Fong Zyin to take photo with me on the boat, but she rejected me.
Why am I rejected so often?


mg said...

haha~ seems like u rejected her by turning to ur left instead of she rejecting u. =P

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yea, it seems to be like that, but the truth is totally opposite of what that is being potrayed in the photo. don't be easily deceived by it =)

Anonymous said...

aw here.. i give u flower @}--]--

calvin said...

@ reena:
i just want to confirm it before receiving your flower. it's not a rafflesia, right? other than that, it will be fine =)

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OMG *acts shocked* HOW U KNOW?!

calvin said...

@ reena:
very simple *act cool*
i am an e-botanist =)