Friday, November 16, 2007

Chilling Days Are Here

It wasn't something that has just started but it has began around a couple of weeks ago. But now is the point when it is the seasonal change. I've been here for more than half a year and when it comes to this period, it will never be the best period that I would like it to end as soon as possible.
Falling yellow Ginkgo leaves in the evening under some light drizzle last night.
Autumn is nearing its end and more sooner or later, it will be winter. Temperature, especially in a northern region of Nagaoka, where I am at the moment has gradually drop as days pass by. I do not have the details for other places but last night, the weather forecast for my place today will be under 10 degrees for the highest temperature while lowest will be 7 degrees. By the way, it has started to snow in some places in Hokkaido and temperature has gone under zero degree. I wonder how will it feel in that condition. But I do not have to wait too long to go through that as snow is expected in my place in mid December. That will be less than one month’s time. I am not sure if a jakun like me who never seen snow before in his entire life should look forward to that. But winter time means it is skiing season as well.
It doesn't do you any much favour that when season changes, rain is something quite common. Add that to the low temperature and you will get a near-to-freezing feeling almost everyday. No wonder that nowadays, I have slowly becoming lazier to wake up in the morning for class as it is so cold and you just got the feeling to continue your sleep under the futon. Waking up later than usual and miss the morning shower is becoming something usual. That reminds me of what those JPA officers told us before we came here. Anyone still able to recall that? For the record, this morning I woke up with only 6 minutes to spare before my first lecture.
Heater are placed in every rooms in the hostel, but they are only turned on from 7pm to 9pm daily. So, I don't think it do any much difference to us. Hoping that they will turn it on for longer period of time; till midnight, perhaps. Another common thing to happen when it gets cold is that you tend to get hungry faster than often. I guess I have not gone one night without taking snacks to feed my poor stomach. No matter how much I had during lunch and dinner, I will still feel hungry very fast. Conclusion? Just forget your plan to lose weight during the winter, if you have planned it earlier.
Although it is yet to turn winter, but the sky has got dark by 4pm. But on rainy days, 2pm just feels like 5pm and it will slowly get dark although it is just a couple of hours past noon; just like yesterday. To be honest, I have yet to really get used to this change of sunset time. Wonder if I will face any problem adjusting back to the normal condition when I return home.
On the contrary, I heard that the weather back home is exactly opposite to what I am experiencing here now. Sunny day or should I say, it is just too hot to even stand outside these days in Malaysia. Perhaps someone back home would like to exchange place with me.
I would take that offer anytime. No second thoughts.


Anonymous said...

huhu~totally agreed wif u.hard to wake up...several times I late for tenko...malu seh..coz when u r late..u have to ayamaru depan others...others tte,the whole ryousei-1,2,3rd yrs students-
shikoku still ok ok r...cold but xder r sampai cam nagaoka....

after school..freezing I usually have sumthing hot like..udon or that fish shaped kuih...pergh...sedap~

take care calvin~sejuk dowh jepun ni...

calvin said...

@ chubby amalina:
you mean you have tenko every morning? how many times you have tenko in a day? we have only once here daily, at night.

lucky thing that the sensei this morning was late 10 minutes as well. but anyway, they are less stricter than ppktj's sensei, especially sensei like ishikawa sensei =P

and it is forecasted that it will go down as low as 1 degree tomorrow morning. i guess in a couple of days, the temperature will go under zero degree.

you take care as well. it's getting colder very soon ^.-

Anonymous said...

for teigakunen(1,2,3nen sei)-tenko 2times perday...pagi n mlm...kougakunen(4,5 nensei) tenko ONCE a day.just malam....
tenko pagi,we have those taiso 2x per week,shokudo tenko also 2 x..n a short souji tenko 1x per week....

sensei ere quite stict n sume sensei dun really like ryugakusei..esp after `sum` accident happend.....

u`ll get snow?ii na.....urayamashi...

it is getting colder..but i found it is calming n pretty seeing those colorful trees-br balik from bunkasai~-

calvin said...

@ chubby amalina:
fuiyo, so many tenko, but can you remember each and every of the them?

if even the sensei don't like the ryuugakusei, life must be difficult there, huh? anyway, mind making an entry about that incident happened?

snow is expected to be tonight. so we shall see. waiting for your entry on that cultural festival. tanoshimini desu~~ =)