Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get A Doctor As Your Girlfriend

Disclaimer: I am not held responsible for any damages in their relationship or loss of love as a result of this entry, which also marks the 800th entry of my blog.

Only God knows how many hundred days already since I penned down a lovey dovey entry in my blog. I know it will be not that appropriate to show PDA (public display of affection) in public, especially in a blog that is accessible by anyone, anywhere on this planet, but just gimme this one little rare chance, alright? I promise I won't go overboard haha!

Today is May 30th, and I hereby dedicate this entry to the girlfriend who has unconditionally (on some rare occasions, conditionally haha!) given me 1400 days (I will be honest here; I used a count down software from some random sites to calculate the number of days since July 30th, 2007, and "1400-days" is not just a random figure I simply came out with haha!) of tender loving care and affection. Exactly forty-six months ago, we got together and despite the distance and our busy routine, we are still going strong. But it comes with a heavy price at the same time. This time, instead of writing in a lovey dovey tone, I will do the opposite. Sorry miss girlfriend =b

Here are 10 good reasons why I think you should NOT get a girlfriend who is a doctor, based from my personal experience.


# ONE - She comes back from work, and the topic of the conversation during dinner will be nothing but hospital stuff; about how many litres of blood she brought to the OT, how she double-counted the surgery equipments before the surgeon sewed up the patients body, to make sure no scissors or knife is left inside the poor patients body, etc. I get to hear to a few new stories every day, that I guess sooner than later, I will be able to write a book about it.
# TWO - While you are enjoying your delicious rendang chicken and asam fish, she will be describing in detail how the procedures of a surgery to you; like how they cut open the flesh, saw a few layers of yellowish fats below the skin, did some digging inside, and completed the surgery by sewing back the cut. All these interesting when I am having my meals.
# THREE - You will be put to a "learn-a-medical-word-a-day". The bad news is, most of the terms are usually too long or short, hard to pronunce, and it is very rare that I understand them. Every time I ask her to use more common terms that normal people understand, she will insist that the terms she used are very common. You tell me, are words like "eclampsia", "atopic dermatitis", "hydrocortisone 0.1%" very common? When the word is short, it is too short, like "EOD" for example, which by the way, stands for "every other day".
# FOUR - It is like so hard to spend time with her, especially when she is on-call. It is even worse if the on-call nights come in consecutive days. She goes on-calls for one to two times weekly on average and every cycle is working non-stop for thirty-six hours - seven in the morning until five in the evening the next day. By the time she is back home, she will lie down on the floor at the living hall and pengsan straight away.
# FIVE - This brings me to my next point, that is the difficulty to get her out on a date because she barely has days-off. Only eight days of leave in four months! That is freakin' crazy and if anyone still question about government doctors getting high pays, think again because they really have to work their socks off for every single cent they are paid for.
# SIX - It is almost impossible to talk to her on the phone for more than three minutes if she is at work. I know I should not be calling her when she is busy attending her patients, but it appears that her work is a never-ending one. So, it makes not much difference even if I call her during her lunch break. Talk a few seconds, and she will tell me she needs to hang up the call because the baby is crying.
# SEVEN - The fact that we are still on a LDR (long-distance relationship) is not really helping because it cuts down the time we get to spend together physically. So, it has been always been her colleagues who will go for outings with her, say to have ikan bakar, or movie together, although I'd wish it was me who accompanies her instead.
# EIGHT - Being a person with such busy schedule, she will always have extra excuses whenever you ask her for a favour. Excuses like "I'll do it later" and "I'm tired". Here is a good example - a message she sent me recently: "just came back... sleepy zzzz.. but since u have been pestering me for an update.. actually can i continue this later..". I was anticipating for an update already, only to see that last sentence =.=
# NINE - This might be rare, but if the girlfriend shares the same passion as you in watching football, that is great. But is it not that great when she supports any other teams but your team. Best example was a couple of nights ago, when the mighty Barcelona beat Manchester United in the Champions League final. The next morning, I got a message on my Facebook Wall that read: "Man u lost!! Muahaha :p".
# TEN - She is and will never be able to explain the "offside" rule in football period.
    So, there you are, ten reasons which you should consider first if you are planning to date a doctor. So Michelle Gan, I have done my entry and now it is time for you to do the same thing. Please don't use point #8 again as an excuse.

    And Happy 46th-Month Anniversary!


    Zzzyun said...

    haha so true a lot of the things you mentioned! but the last 2 not relevant to being a doctor la! haha.

    Btw, words like eclampsia, atopic dermatitis and hydrocortisone are well understood among educated people here in australia. they sometimes even know more than the doctor via the wonders of the internet!

    mg said...

    haha love this post!! *hugs* <3

    reena said...

    for me i found a entry about dating grafic designers.
    one is that whenever u are in a restaurant, we take forever to order cos we are critiquing the typography, the grid system and the colour scheme of the menu. and then while waiting for food, i keep a copy of the menu at the table cos I want to look at it more. this only applies to ofc, restaurants with menu designs worth looking at.

    just to name 1 out of 50 reasons :P

    pinksterz said...

    HAHAHHAHAHA AKU TERASA LAST RULE TU but it's related to being a girl itself!!!

    anyway i heard that afterthis doctors and HOs will work with shift so its all good! :D

    calvin said...

    @ zzzyun:
    i think only doctors and their partners will really know how it feels haha! and for the last two points, i was already running out of points, so i just randomly put up those two not-really-relevant points lol!

    the thing is, our aunties and uncles in malaysia are not that tech-savy yet. but who knows, in ten years' time, they might have their own facebook account and spend their free time poking each other (pun unintended) haha!

    calvin said...

    @ mg:
    kimi no koto, suki dayo <3

    calvin said...

    @ reena:
    haha, i know what you mean. that is kinda interesting and i would love it if you can share us the remaining 49 reasons with us :P

    poor sheepie must be the one trying to grab the menu, otherwise you guys will take forever to order your meal xD

    calvin said...

    @ pinksterz:
    yes, so that last point applies to 99.99% girls out there i am afraid xD

    i hope, i really do hope that is true >.<

    *keeping fingers (hands and legs coz i am just kiasu like that haha wtf!) crossed*

    Unknown said...

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