Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sushi King From Taiping

Guess what? I brought this trophy back from Taiping Sentral tonight haha!


Won a trophy in conjunction of Taiping Sentral Food Carnival 2011.

I guess this is one of the most funny thing I have ever done in public, in front of a huge group of strangers. It actually happened in a very random and spontaneous way. I was at Taiping Sentral with my Mom, grandma and sister this evening for a movie outing. 

To those of you who are not familiar with my hometown, Taiping, Taiping Sentral can be considered the most happening and biggest shopping mall in this small town. Yes, it cannot match up with those huge shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur or Penang, but this is the main spot where the local folks hang out, especially during weekend nights. So, going back to my story this evening, we had about two more hours to kill before our movie started, so we decided to chill out at McDonald's first.

We were enjoying our sundae cone and mango peach sundae at one of the tables when we heard an announcement that there would be a sushi eating competition starting very soon at the main stage. It is one of the several eating competitions being held in conjunction of "Taiping Sentral Food Carnival 2011" and it was sponsored by Sushi King. Being busybodies as always, our curiousity made us leave our table and head towards the stage. They were short of four more participants and my Mom kept pointing me to the MC on the stage haha wtf!


I called Michelle and told her I was in an eating competition and her first reaction was to laugh at me haha wtf!

The MC saw me and said, "Ya, budak baju biru, sila naik atas pentas!" ("Yes, the boy in blue t-shirt, please come up to the stage!").

Yes, I was thinking about joining the competition, but the thought of having to eat sushi in bullet-train-speed in front of so many people sounds kinda .... errrr .... you know what I mean, right? However, since I was called up already, I decided to give it a try-lor. I got nothing to lose, some more get to eat free sushi lol! Just before I went up the stage, my Mom said to me I will have no place to hide my face if I lose in the competition. See, straight away the pressure built up already haha!

The competition is very simple. Each person is given two pieces of gunkanmaki (軍艦巻) sushi and have to finish them in the fastest time. There were ten participants and it was held in pairs. There were seven males and three females but looking at their sizes, I was obviously the most huge one on the stage. That is why I think I have already gained some psychology victory over them even before the competition starts. When they saw me, they must be thinking how are they gonna compete with a giant elephant like me haha!


I was already standing there waiting for them to give the cue to start eating. Siap cekak pinggang some more haha!

Looking at the first pair struggling so hard to finish up their sushi, I was a bit worried that they put too much wasabi inside the sushi. I saw some tears in one of the guy and he kept drinking water, which I don't think helped him at all haha! The first two participants finished their sushi in more than sixty seconds, and I thought that was quite fast.

In the second round, I was paired with another guy named Terry. Just before we started, I asked one of the staff if they added wasabi into the sushi and she said yes. How much or how little, she wasn't sure too because the sushi was prepared by the staff from Sushi King. I told myself not to worry too much because in the worst case scenario, I will only have tears rolling down from my eyes haha!


My strategy was to bite the sushi into two and swallow them as fast as I could.


The sushi was kinda dry, so I had to get some reinforcement (read: mineral water) haha!


Almost finished downing my first piece of sushi and piece number two on my palm was already ready to be stuffed into my mouth lol!


I think my time was not bad, but wasn't sure how fast I was.

When I returned to join other participants after I finished eating my sushi, one of the participants asked me how on earth I managed to finish off my sushi so fast and didn't even shed a tear. I just smiled at her and said, "Well, you know me..." haha! Mentang-mentang I have lived in Japan for four years, I die die wanted to act so lan si lol!

Just in case you wonder what kind of sushi we ate, the topping was a combination of super-a-lot raw onion, scrambled eggs and mayonnaise on top of the rice ball and wrapped with seaweed around it. I didn't remember tasting any wasabi actually, so that makes me wonder why some of them were crying haha!

At the same time, I was curious to know my time.


Two pieces of sushi in 25 seconds. That is like 12.5 seconds per piece. Terry was ten seconds behind me, by the way.


The final pair of the five rounds competition. At this point, I thought I had the fastest time, but wasn't completely sure.


That lady in white shirt looked kinda worried before she start eating the sushi haha!


All ten participants with the boss of Taiping Sentral I think. (photo credit: Taiping Sentral)

The competition continued with three more rounds. There was one guy who finished up his sushi quite fast as well and I thought he did slightly better than me. I didn't get to see the time board to check out his time. So I looked at my Mom down the stage and she gave me two thumbs-up. I roughly know what she meant and I just smiled at her.

No prize for guessing the result. Yes, I won the sushi eating competition that evening haha! I thought I might have won some sushi vouchers from Sushi King, but found out that I only got that cute trophy, like those you get during Hari Anugerah Cemerlang in primary schools haha!

Oh by the way, the guy who presented me the trophy whispered to me, "You eat sushi very fast hor?" haha!


pinksterz said...

patut kena repot sama penganjur ini kemenangan tidak adil sebab pemenang belajar di jepun. mesti ada develop skill melahap sushi dengan cepat.

sakura said...

haha..hebat la u~

sushi eating competition champion :)

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
i beg to differ. my friends, especially my housemate always say i eat damn slow one wor >.<

calvin said...

@ sakura:
haha, that's nothing la. it's just district level. wait till i go to the state and national level and win the competition first only start praising me lol!

Chung Min said...

Hey, i went there so many times also no such chances. If the organizer MC know you study in Japan, they sure ban you.

Baguette Queen said...

Interesting !!

calvin said...

@ chung min:
like i said, i memang didn't plan to join the competition one. it was just so happened that we were waiting for our movie and they need a few more participants, so i just tried my luck lor :P

haha! they might not allow me to join if they's known it earlier xD

calvin said...

@ baguette queen:
guess what? i was looking around all the time during the competition, to spot for anyone familiar in the mall haha!

DT said...

Hahhaha... given u fast record... next time u r back in Japan .. u can perhaps go for the pro-level Japan's sushi eating competition. U can claim u oredi haf a track record. :)

I guess u trick must be u swallow the sushi hor...!! :P

CLF said...

WTF LOL!! Temaki sap sap sui la!

Kae Vin said...

never chew and sallow directly is back for ur stomach :P

calvin said...

@ dt:
haha! i don't think it will be that easy to go up against the japanese since they have eaten sushi their whole life. it is like having a japanese to compete with us in a durian eating competition lol! xD

and yes, swallowing the sushi was the trick i used :P

calvin said...

@ cliff clf:
for a sushi pro like you, any types of sushi is still sap sap water xD

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
did you go online from your office, coz there are so many spelling errors in your comment :P

Kae Vin said...

hahah it was sunday and it was night. I was half dozing off. and omg I sounded like a primary school student's English essay goes wrong!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
i think a kindergarten kid writes better :P
i am suspecting you typed those while lying down haha!