Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last Round Of Food Hunt Around Taiping

It was the final day of 2010 and also the last day we will be in Taiping because we would be going down to Malacca on the next morning. However, our main daily activity still remained the same, i.e. going round the town to hunt for food. Seriously, for all the time I was back home, I guess about eighty percent of the total time was spent to eat, eat and eat.

The consequence - I gained more than five kilos in less than ten days! Even taking Weight Gain is not this effective, I think lol!


An antique Volkswagen which was creatively painted to mark the National Day two years ago.


This car owner must be a big fan of Formula One racing too. His number plate is damn funny - "Ahhh" haha!

We were actually out to look for ingredients to make fruit rojak, using the rojak paste we bought from Penang. However, before anything, we decided to refill our empty stomach with some good food first. First stop was the food court under Larut Matang supermarket, although that supermarket has closed long time ago. The last time I heard was that it has been replaced with a game arcade but that arcade has bankrupt as well. I am not so sure what's there now because it has been years since I went to check it out.

I was kinda desperate to get my favourite wantan mee at the food court but too bad it was sold out already.


Chicken rice with roasted chicken and char siew. I feel that the Hainanese chicken rice I cook in Japan tastes better haha!


Tua pan koey teow, literally translates as "wide type" koey teow, usually taken with pickled green chillies. One of my favourite as well!


Jiu hu eng chai, or scalded cuttlefish and water spinach (kangkung) served with chilli and hoi sin sauce, sprinkled with ground peanuts and roasted sesame seeds.

I think my tolerance level for spicy food was gone down the drain because I found the food quite spicy. That must be due to the fact that I have not been back home for more than a year.

Anyway, we left the food court and went to the old market in town to shop for the rojak ingredients. This market, built in 1884 has a long history and has serve the people in Taiping for more than a century. There are actually two markets - the old and the new one, which are separated by the Kota Road. Both of them stood 220 feet in length and 60 feet in width, and still standing strong until today. The buildings were built with timber pillars, concreted slab and iron roof.


The wet market in Taiping, with the clock tower which is no longer in operation. I used to believe that Ultraman lives inside that clock tower when I was a little kid lol!


Picking the guavas under Mom's supervision.


I think I can now declare myself an all-time failure in choosing the right guava haha!


Michelle was afraid of the sharp pineapple skin, so she chose to cut the cucumbers. Damn smart, pick the easy job and leave the hard one for me =.=


Mom handled the groundnuts and sesame seeds department.


During the half-time break, Mom had shower and changed into new clothes, and continued with her peanuts grinding.


It took us more than hour to finish cutting all these fruits!


Adding the rojak paste into the fruit mix.


Our fruit rojak is finally ready to be served.


Anyone fancy a bowl of this home-made fruit rojak? I think I had three bowls of this haha!


No, it wasn't anybody's birthday lol! Mom used a candle to chase the house-flies away because the belacan smell attracts the flies.

It was the New Year's eve that night. However, Taiping isn't the best place for any sorts of countdown kinda thing. Anyway, I am not a fan of joining the crazy crowd in the town for these kind of celebration because nowadays, you will only end up having troubles with some uncivilised people. You can look at an example of what I am saying at the starting part of this video.

We decided to have dinner at Tops Bakery before going to the temple for the New Year's Eve Bodhi Puja there.


Michelle and I were late because we went to pour the petrol first. So, our orders came later than the rest and here I am, admiring my sister's order lol!
Seems that she wasn't impressed at my stupid act at all haha!


Youngest sister's sweet and sour chicken.


Michelle's pot-rice chicken with vegetables.


Seafood rice with cheese.


A photo taken by one of the waiters there.


A family photo at the main hall of the temple, after the end of the Bodhi Puja.

P1030538 copy-1

I was the only one with camera that time and after taking this group photo, everyone came to me to get my e-mail and Facebook account
as if I am a superstar like that haha!

The next morning, we woke up earlier than usual to do some last-minute packing before going to the bus station to take the bus down to Malacca. It was a long six-hour journey from Taiping to Malacca. Add another hour and I will be able to fly back to Japan already.

During the stop halfway through the journey, we were so shocked to find that one side of the bus had deep scratches which was about three-meters long. One of the side mirror also had cracks. We remembered that the bus was in perfect condition when we boarded it that morning. So, obviously it made a contact with another vehicle during the journey, which we didn't realise at all. The weird thing is, it was always one of us who wasn't asleep during the journey but neither of us felt anything.


Breakfast we had before heading to the bus station.


Grandma was there to send me off too. She packed one green apple each for Michelle and I. So sweet of her :)


Bought this packet of muruku ikan to accompany us during the journey.


We had dinner at a Hakka restaurant nearby Michelle's house with her Mom and aunt that night.


Red chillies in soy sauce.


Sambal for dipping.

Chopsticks and spoon for eating lol!


Spicy stir-fried sambal eggplant.


Hakka style dry yong tao fu.

That's the end of this entry. More updates from Malacca to come soon. So stay tuned!


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