Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snippets Of My Silly Encounters

Short note: The photos in this entry might not be relevant to the content of the entry. They were taken during my outing around Chiba city a few days ago with Fong Tat, a new guy in the town who is in Japan for a student-exchange program. The pictures were taken when we visited Chiba Shrine in Toricho Park.


The entrance to China Shrine in Toricho Park.


The main hall of Chiba Shrine.

I'll begin with an incident happened last night. I went to get my dinner at a nearby supermarket. I grabbed a packet of milk, a loaf of bread and a couple of half-priced fish and shrimp burgers, and walked towards the cashier. I was looking through my bag for my wallet and standing there was a lady, smiling and ready to serve me (pun unintended).

That lady looked very familiar to me because I often do my groceries there; I see her almost every time I'm there. Just before I handed her my 1,000 yen note, she initiated a conversation with me that went something like this.
Lady: 身長はいくつですか ("How tall are you?")
Calvin: 192です ("I'm 192 cm")
Lady: 凄いですね、あたしは150も無いですけど...("Wow! I'm not even 150...")


The entrance to another section in the shrine.


A beautiful red garden bridge that goes over a small pond.

To make it even funnier, her small eyes were almost invisible and she said that while making a sympathetic face at me haha! I wasn't sure if laughing out would be the best thing to do at that moment, because she might feel offended lol! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't laughing as in to make fun of her height, but because she is such a cute person! 

Since there wasn't any customer waiting behind (it was almost nine already by then), we continued talking for another minute or so. She lamented that it is such an inconvenience to be short, especially when she wanna take something from the high shelves. She laughed back at me when I told her I sometimes hit my head at the low doorways in Japan haha!

It is small and short conversation like this that always make my day.


A beautiful pond with lotus plant.


Smaller huts to worships different types of kami.

The second incident happened a couple of days ago. Kai Cung and I went out to the city to have a look at some gadgets. I have been using my commuter pass all this while whenever I take the train, but too bad I left it behind on that night. It's not a big problem because I just had to get a ticket at the train station.

I bought my ticket and we walked pass the ticket gate; Kai Cung was ahead of me and I followed behind him. I slotted the ticket into the machine and we walked straight to the platform. It was then that something struck me out of a sudden. I tried to figure out how should I get out from the station later, since I don't have a ticket with me anymore.


Specially for people who are taking exams and wish to pass with flying colours.


Small wooden plaques, called ema (絵馬) for people to write down their prayers and wishes.


拝殿 (haiden) or worship hall in Chiba Shrine.

I then realised that I'd forgotten to collect my punched ticket from the ticket gate and it was left there. Without having second thoughts, I quickly ran back to the ticket gate and saw my pink ticket was still there. The station master was there as well, starring at my actions with a puzzled face haha! I tried my best to turned away from him as fast as I could, to save the embarrassment.

I cannot believe that although I've been living in Japan for more than three years, I still do such silly things lol! I guess it's due to the fact that it has been months since I buy a ticket when I take the trains; I've been using the commuter pass all this while. That incident was still fresh in our minds when we were on our way home. This time, Kai Cung asked me something stupid just before we walk pass the exit gate.

He said, "This time, why not you stand at the ticket gate and wait for your ticket to come out?" haha wtf!


Robinn T said...

OMG you are 192? I'm only like 185 man!

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yes, i am xD

Kae Vin said...

u r always a big head prawn. never fails!

perhaps ur brain is further away from the ground, not enough gravity to keep it functioning well! :P

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
that's what make me special xD

anyway, your hypothesis makes sense also, actually =P
imagine if i go to the moon; i think i might forget the way back to the earth haha!