Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sayonara Malaysia

Airport, a love-hate place for me.
Finally, after more than seven weeks of summer holidays, I will return to the reality.
Return to the daily routine of waking up at eight, take my shower, have my breakfast, attend lectures, come back and rest, online, Skype with Mich and Facebooking, get on bed, and the whole cycle will repeat the next day. The summer holiday this time has been one of the best I have had, there were just too many things I've experienced and there will take me some time to update all of them here. I will do them one by one here, and finish them eventually; so just wait for them.
Just a brief info about my journey back, my Mom will join me down KL on tomorrow's afternoon and we would stay at my aunt's place for a night. The next morning which is Sunday morning, we will head to KLIA and I will be taking the 11.00 a.m. flight bound for Narita, Japan. From there, a few trains exchanges will be required before I finally reach Nagaoka, hopefully by midnight on the same day. There will not be any Internet access for me once I am down to KL until I reached my room in Nagaoka.
I sucks when it comes to making summary, but if I were to summarise my summer break this time, I will do it using just one word.
It was simply F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!
I think I made the right choice of coming back to Malaysia throughout the whole of the summer holiday and not going any other places, although some people might wonder if I wouldn't get bored spending such a long period at home. I didn't feel bored at all, instead the seven-week period was filled with so many trips, meeting-ups, gatherings, projects and events, and many more; all many thanks to everyone - my parents, siblings, her, uncles and aunties, two wonderful grandmas, relatives (far or near haha), friends (you guys were simply awesome) and lain-lain yang sewaktu dengannya lol!
The feeling when I am at Narita airport, on the way back to KL; and when I am at KLIA before I leave for Japan are completely two different feelings. I am not sure about the others, but I never feel happy to leave this place. On the other hand, I would be feeling excited and thrilled everytime I am taking my flights back home. Hence, this time is no different. I just gotta wait for the next trip home. Some might ask when would that be, but I can't give the exact answer myself. There are just too many things for me to settle from now onwards; college graduation research and thesis, college graduation, university entrance stuff, moving to a new place, etc. I guess it would be hard for me to take time off to go back home within that period of time.
To those who called and sent me messages before I leave, especially at Facebook, thank you a lot! No matter how short they are, I appreciate them a lot, although some even could copy and paste others messages and post it to me lol. They make me feel that there are still people who cares for me and the feeling of being appreciated. Thank you again. Ohh yea, I received a cute message at my Facebook Wall last night from Puan Zurani, my BM teacher in Form 5. Here is her message:
"Calvin... Esok balik Jepunkan. Take care... Semoga selamat sampai ke negara matahari terbit. Moshi moshi...=)"
I love the last words most. I bet she didn't know "moshi moshi" means "hello" haha!


CLF said...

hahah, I can understand how it feels to be from KLIA to Narita. somehow when I left KL to Tokyo earlier I left with a heavy heart, it do takes a while to recover from it but anyway, so far so good life in Japan!

btw, will u be changing Shinkansen on Tokyo station?

calvin said...

@ clf:
yeah, it will take some time. everything should be back to normal after a week :)

yes, i will be changing to shinkansen, either at ueno or tokyo station in the evening.

mg said...

what about time for me?? =\

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
hehe, i was thinking something else =P
thinking about what story to tell you when i am back.
that is why my mind was elsewhere, and missed you out xD

Kae Vin said...

byebye! though we never met up. Next time lar. :)

ahKOK said...

take care!!!

Ken said...

Sayonara... (My friend pronounced as sayur nanas) Haha...

Btw, u have such a sweet teacher.

All the best in ur new academic term!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
our timing was just too bad. no worries, you still owe me a trip to the fishing village at your place :)

p/s: enjoy your days in perth!

calvin said...

@ ahkok:
thank you. you take care too =)

calvin said...

@ ken:
maybe your friend finds it easier to remember by pronouncing it that way haha!

all the best to you too! =)