Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zoo Negara Should Be Rated 18-SX

Short note: Ignore the title, I will tell you why at the end of this entry.
Zoo Negara was another place I took the Japanese to have a visit when they were touring Kuala Lumpur.
One group photo at the main entrance of Zoo Negara.
We went there in a group, and this is how collected the money from every one before buying the entrance tickets at the counter. The price is seriously so expensive, that you can pay a visit to Taiping Zoo three times with the same amount of money. Entrance for adults to Taiping Zoo is RM 5, and you shall do the calculations for the rest. I was fortunate to have my lecturer paying for my entrance ticket.
Do not think that people from developed country will never do this.
By the way, this is my first time to Zoo Negara, and I was actually quite excited for getting to visit the place finally. We had our lunch first when we first arrived, after the awful experience with the durians earlier. I would advise anyone who is planning a visit to the zoo, to fill their stomach first before they enter the zoo, because the food inside is so expensive, yet limited that I thought of turning a cow and just eat the grass in the zoo compound instead. I asked one of the girl who was in-charge af the zoo entrance about the location of KFC in the zoo. Guess what she told me?
"Kontrak KFC sudah tamat." =.=
We let them walk around the zoo by themselves and meet up again at a point after a determined time, and I walked together with a few of the Japanese lecturers. There were not many people in the zoo, mainly because it was a weekday and also the middle of fasting month. Anyway, besides just looking at the animals, I told them about a few local trees like rambutan, oil palm and coconut tree. One of them were too afraid that the coconut might fall onto his head, that he quickly ran away from standing below the coconut tree when he looked up the tree.
I will keep this entry with minimal words, because I would not touch anything much about the animals we saw in the zoo. After all, they are almost the same, no matter which zoo you go to. The pictures of animals I put on this entry are the ones which I find them interesting, and you should not be expecting to see tigers, lions or orang utan here.
So, get set for pictures of animals from this point onwards.
Malayan sun bear.
Giant tortoise feeding on its food.
Monitor lizards.
Iguana, which suffers from obesity.
My first time seeing this kind of frog in real life.
It would be even harder to distinguish them in the real habitat.
Thin green snakes.
Fat green snake.
Tiny little croc that will never grow any longer. It is less than a foot long.
This croc did not move even an inch when we saw it and it looked like a plastic toy. Haha.
White bird (don't know the real name of it).
Birds with long yellow beak (also don't know the real name of the birds).
Beautiful pink flamingos.
Ostrich also knows how to pose for my camera.
A group of emus.
E for elephant.
Giraffes, my best friend.
There are boards set up in front of some animals, which allows anyone who are interested to sponsor that particular animal. For example, the tigers in Zoo Negara are sponsored by Maybank. I asked my lecturer whether Nagaoka College of Technology is interested to sponsor any of the animals in the zoo. He gave me a loud laugh.
Sponsoring the chimpanzees would not be a bad idea, for the students in the college could be as smart as the chimpanzees. Haha.

Lets sponsor someone.
Remember what was the title of this entry? Yes, I spotted something which we normally only get to see in National Geographic's documentary. It started with something innocent like this.
A race looked like it was going to unfold.
But apparently, three male deers are chasing after the one female deer.
Then I smelled something fishy. I think something big was folding on - live pornography.
"What see see??!"
I was dead right.
They did it in front of their pure and innocent children.
"Why is my papa and mama acting like that lar?"
Imagine our parents doing it so openly.


Kae Vin said...


U r like so happy to see that and snap all the photos....

Y bring them to zoo? Japan doesn't have zoo meh?

TZ said...

the animal shots were awesome!...

KOKahKOK said...

happy to see animal fukcing hor? haha....

bad guy!

Crabbed!! said...

"Imagine our parents doing it so openly."

WTF?? Are you trying to induce nightmares?

Reeny said...

wah lao the last line >.<

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
i was not happy, just curious to see how animals make babies. my other three japanese lecturers were standing just next to me that time, and they only looked at me with an emotionless face, and later walked away like that.

i am sure they wanted to laugh, but they just held on.

japan has zoo, but not much. furthermore, the animals don't make love in front of the visitors in japan since they are shy like the japanese xD

calvin said...

@ tz:
i am wondering which animals' pictures you are referring to =P

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
yes, it was really satisfying =)

calvin said...

@ crapped!!:
well, of course it would be of a much lower version for our parents. something like when you have your car running out of petrol, or the battery of your cellphone is running out soon ;)

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
i know i am smart like that ^^

3POINT8 said...

if thats the case, a walk to the park should be rated as 18sx too

Anonymous said...

Oh my god !!!!they closed down KFC?!WTF? So what did u eat then? I yse to go there always when young!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah , and i though they opened CARL'S JUNIOR?

calvin said...

@ 3point8:
in conclusion, there will be no place which is suitable for kids anymore xD

calvin said...

@ titus:
yes, we tried looking for kfc inside the zoo, but failed. in the end, all of us ate in a restaurant called safari cafe.

i couldn't remember seeing carl's junior there though >.<

K3ViN said...

ohhh my...... super XXX show.... haha..... good experience lor... i believe those Japaneses sure enjoy them self...

calvin said...

@ k3vin:
but i think what they get to see in japan is much more advanced than the animal love-making session at the zoo =P

TZ said...

All the animal shots ... or should i say the last few shots ... hahaha :-p

Endoru said...

First time seeing deers making love but pretty much the same for all 4 legged animals. :)

calvin said...

@ tz:
haha, i knew it xD

calvin said...

@ endoru:
oh, is that your first time? you must have lost your virginity to the deers then xD

as in looking at deers' love-making that is =P

Endoru said...

Yes, I am no longer a virgin in that sense through your pictures. ;)

Anonymous said...

found you site over misterwong... but one question do you have twitter or facebook, where i can be connected with you blog...? thanks

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
hi there!
you can have them under the contacts column on the left : )