Thursday, September 6, 2007

ようこそ岡山へ (Welcome To Okayama)

AUGUST 19, 2007
We had 5 days in Hiroshima and for the next three (which later cut to two for some reasons, which I will be explaining on that later on) days, we will be in Okayama, a prefecture (just like what we call it state in Malaysia) next to Hiroshima.
Since I have used up my first Seishun 18 ticket, I got the second one to be used for the rest of my trip until the Hokkaido trip later on.
Seishun 18
There wasn't much to talk along the train ride to Okayama. I took some short nap along the way.
As for Kok Hong, he was blue-ing using his laptop he took along.
In the end, after the laptop's battery ran out, he dozed off as well.
And there was this guy, who stood all the way from Hiroshima until Okayama, although there were still lots of free seats available. The journey was easily more than 3 hours and this guys kept standing and shaking for the whole journey.
Here is a short video of his not-so-professional hula dance in the train.
When we got out from the eki, the first thing we notice was this BIG BALL.
I guess the people here like wet ball very much. Then, there was a statue, loved by the pigeons.
Just count the number of pigeons on this statue. I got eleven. You?
We planned to get around this city with bicycles. And we got Kok Hong's girl friend who helped to get us a bicycle each. While waiting for his girl friend, we took a look at the map on the board. Until we saw this.
Doremi-no-Machi Shopping Mall
If Doremi-no Machi Shopping Mall is not enough, how about this?
Tomato Bank
We actually saw the building of Tomato Bank later that day. The logo, as expected was a big red smiling tomato. A suggestion for a bank's name in Malaysia in the future - Bank Kangkung.
After checking-in at Toyoko Inn and leave our stuffs there, we went and get our bicycles and she guided us until the place we wanted to go. As if we were not enough of seeing castles, we still went to have a look at 岡山城 (Okayama Castle).
The design was similar to what I have saw so far, but the colour was something different. Instead of the normal white colour, Okayama Castle is black.
Okayama Castle
Anyway, the castle was just next to 岡山後楽園 (Okayama Korakuen) which is acclaimed to be among the best in Japan. Since we were already there, we went and have a look at the park.
There was a bridge that linked the park from where we were.
When we were there, it was already almost the closing time. So we just use our bicycles to get around the park. First was to cross the bridge.
It was getting dark, and we decided to return to our hotel. While we were looking around for dinner, we were surprised to see this restaurant, selling a bowl of ramen for only 189yen (RM6.30)
It's called Bikkuri Ramen. Translating it directly will be Surprised Ramen.
I wasn't sure if I should be surprised with its price, or the taste. To be frank, it wasn't the best ramen I have tasted in my life. Nevertheless, it was filling and freaking CHEAP. But it was no way near the Okonomiyaki I've had in Hiroshima.
There goes our first day at Okayama. Nothing much until the next day. A day full of adventure and erotic stuff. When I say erotic, it surely means something, right?


kokhong said...

ah yala yala... my 'girl friend'

michelleg said...

haha.. friend oso can rite? must GIRL friend there.. hhahah..

haha.. erotic huh.

Calvin said...

@ kok hong:
you don't use the apostrophe sign la. indirectly, you are doubting her sex!

Calvin said...

@ michelleg:
i was just trying to give a more detailed info there. nothing wrong, right?

erotic, but unsuitable for you =P