Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting A Loyal Reader In Tokyo

Three weeks ago, someone sent a message to my Facebook inbox, telling me she was coming to Tokyo. This "someone" is one of my blog reader who calls herself the "loyal reader". She sounded super excited, well probably because it's gonna be the first time in her life she will be meeting-up with me step her foot on Tokyo. Since she has made all the way from Osaka, she asked me if I would like to meet up over a meal with her.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant because we have never met her in person before this. It could turn out to be an awkward meeting, but I knew no matter what, we die die had to meet-up haha! She lives in Osaka, while I am living in Chiba, and we are separated hundreds of kilometers away. So, if we did not meet up this time, who knows when would be the next chance.


We decided to have our dinner at a Thai restaurant near Tokyo station.

Although she had just came to Japan few months ago, she is fast turning into a dramatic Japanese girl. I still cannot forget the way she describe how delicious the unagi lunch she planned to go with her friends in Akihabara. Super dramatic that it will blow away any Japanese girls easily haha!

After exchanging our schedules and ideas, we finally decided to meet on a Friday night. The discussion to find a good place to have our meal went non-stop because we just couldn't decide on a place. It seems that the two of us just wanna eat everything's available haha wtf! Ramen, sushi, soba, udon, and the list went on and on like forever.


The kitchen of the restaurant. Quite rare to have this kind of street stall kinda place in Tokyo.

In the end, we decided to eat something completely different at all, at a Thai restaurant - Aroyna Tabeta in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

This little restaurant under the train tracks near Tokyo station, serves bargain-priced and good Thai food. All set meals (for example, curries, fried noodles and the house specialty, braised pork) and à la carte menus are priced at 630 yen (approximately RM25), a veritable bargain, especially for this upwardly mobile stretch of the metropolitan. From what I have tasted so far, nowhere in Tokyo makes Thai street food that is as authentic and cheap as at this funky little diner.


For starters, we had the spicy green papaya salad called som tam. It was spicy, but that is what that makes this dish rocks.


It is almost a formality to have tom yam kung in any Thai meal, isn't it?


Pad thai, one of my favourite Thai dish.

We had to wait for almost an hour before we were seated because it was a Friday night and that is when all the salaryman have their weekly nomikai sessions with their bosses and colleagues. Most eateries are usually full on this day, and it is recommended that you make a reservation to avoid having to wait until you get your seat.

While waiting, we used the time to get to know each other better (sounds like kurang betul, I know haha!). You know, it was actually a bit awkward for me because this "loyal reader" is the one that has been following my blog all these years, and I practically know nothing about her, yet alone her face haha wtf! Despite so, I am glad the get-to-know-each-other session went quite well, because we are on the same wavelength; just that hers is probably longer than mine a few nanometers lol!


Green curry, another Thai signature dish. The coconut milk was thick and the spice aroma was just awesome!


Fried spring roll. It was slightly different than our initial expectation because we thought it could be something like popia goreng
However, this one taste a little bit like fried fish cake.


This is the mysterious "loyal reader" I met - Pui Kuan, whose hobby is walk-and-eat (食べ歩き) lol!

If you are going in a group, I would recommend you guys to order from the à la carte menus instead of set meals, so that you will get to try on more variety of dishes.

I guess I have brought her to the correct place to eat because her expression throughout our meal was just hilarious. She kept saying the food was really good, and honestly I gotta say the food here is great that I wished I could dine here every day haha! But it was a great place to release my longing for good Thai food once in a while.


We continued to chat for a while until it was almost time they closed shop haha!

It was nice to finally able to meet up with you and looking forward to the next round of siao-ness haha!

P/S: I have watched the Kamiusagi Rope (紙兎ロペ) videos in Youtube. I think that quote, "Woah sugeh!" is quite annoying haha!

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