Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan Around KL

I managed to catch up with a few friends when I was down to KL during my spring break recently. Well, not that recent actually, because it has been a month since I am back to Japan haha! 

I successfully convinced Christopher to come out to have lunch with me, although it was a weekday. It was a coincidence that he didn't have any classes on that day, but Chris being Chris, sometimes it can be a mission impossible to call him out. So, after some smart persuading, he gave in and agreed to meet up. 


Something you wouldn't miss if you are in KL.

Our meeting point was at KLCC since Chris had something on at the British Council nearby that area. The initial plan was to have our lunch at Nando's but too bad our timing was just not right; it fell during the peak time of lunch time. Both of us were kinda hungry already and we decided not to queue-up and opted for an alternative place. Our second option was sushi. I wasn't so sure if there's a sushi restaurant in KLCC, but Chris was quite positive about that. In the end, he had to add a "dash" to his positiveness because it turned negative haha wtf! 

We couldn't locate any Japanese restaurant in KLCC, so in the end he suggested us to return to SS2 in Petaling Jaya for our lunch. 


Lunch was at Dragon One at Jalan SS2 in PJ.

It was from Christopher's recommendation that we dine at this restaurant. Apparently, there is a Chinese restaurant that serves good noodle dishes. I was curious what restaurant was that he was bringing me to. 

I finally found out that restaurant was Dragon-One, which serves new yet traditional Chinese dishes. This hidden jewel in SS2 area is thought to be related to another similar restaurant - Shanghai 10, (the branch in Avenue K however, has closed it business the last time I checked it out as recent as March 2011), but unfortunately, it is often overshadowed by Murni that sits just next to it. The interior of the restaurant is very Chinese orientated, with their wooden tables and chairs accompanied by beautiful Chinese paintings on the wall. This restaurant is famous for its dim sum, but what they have here is special and unique from any other ordinary dim sum. 


Minced pork and spicy sauce la miam.


Shanghai style la miam with crab roe. It is something like lor mee, but the thick broth with the hint of crab roes make a perfect combination.


Nen nen bun haha wtf!


Custard filling, not milk inside the nen nen lol!


Durian pancake - one of the signature dish of this restaurant. The smooth and thin adorable yellow skin on the outside encased by a lump of pure durian puree 
covered with heavy whipping cream will tempt just about anyone. A must-have for all durian-lovers out there!


This is Christopher, but not Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh haha!

Our next stop was to get some desert at KTZ Food restaurant (记得吃食馆), located just a block away from Dragon One. "KTZ" is the abbreviation of "Kei Tuck Zek", which means "remember to eat" in Cantonese. Once again, it was Chris who recommended this place to me, as it is famous for its variety of tong shui and Taiwan shaved ice; more commonly called Sago Loh.

It is a chain of restaurants in the Klang Valley area, and the branch in SS2 is one of them. KTZ SS2 serves fine-tasting snacks for tea, dinner, and supper, apart from their popular tong shui and shaved ice. We ordered just a bowl of red bean loh to be shared between both of us as we were kinda full from the earlier meal at Dragon One. So, I cannot comment much on the food here. The ambiance inside the restaurant is somehow like any other Chinese cafe, furnished with a few stools on every table and interesting round-shaped red lamps hanging from the ceiling.

If there is one positive thing I would like to mention about this restaurant, it will be their friendly and efficient staffs. Perhaps I should say, over-friendly because they even let us go all the way into the rooms they stay upstairs lol! This is how the funny incident happened. I told one of the staffs that we wanted to change to another table. I'm not sure if it was my pronunciation was bad, or he didn't hear me properly, as he immediately showed us the way to the first floor. We thought there were more seats available in the first floor, so we walked up only to find the storeroom they keep their vegetables and stocks haha wtf!


The menu of Sago Loh.


Red bean lor with cashew nut topping.

We walked down and asked the lady owner at the cashier and her reply was, "Hah? Where got tables upstairs. Toilet got lah. You wanna go toilet right?"

Haha, you see la! I told that Burmese guy we wanted to changed our table, but he thought we wanted to go to the toilet, hence he showed us the way to the first floor haha wtf! He look so embarrassed, that he apologised to us several times. And not only that, he also got teased by his fellow co-workers, also from Myanmar until we left the restaurant lol! Pity boy.


Guess whose iPhone is this? 

Later that evening, I have another date with two other friends at Spaghetti Grill in Mid Valley Megamall. Spaghetti Grill is a subsidiary of Chili's that serves American and Italian food. The interior of Spaghetti Grill is a replica of Chilli's. The distinct difference however, is that the interior in Spaghetti Grill is predominantly in wood, red and green colours that give a rustic ambiance.

The dinner set comes with a choice of a main course, soup of the day and beverages. For the main course, you are given choices to have pizza, pasta, salad, fries or sandwich and a dessert. Besides, beverage such as soft drinks is bottomless, so you can have it all day long.


Chicken Pepperoni Pizza - topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. 


Seafood Pasta - tossed with lobster cream and mixed seafood.


Mushroom soup served with Jacob's cracker - the combination is so perfect that I could literally order another bowl.

So, has anyone figured out who was the owner of the iPhone?

It's Jason, or more commonly known in the blogsphere as Smashpop. I have been wanting to meet-up with him for more than two years already but it was always a case of something coming in between. So, it was great that we finally managed to see each other haha! Since I was already at that area, I asked Qing Huang out as well to join us for dinner.


The photographer in action.


Jason a.k.a. smashpop.


Qing Huang. whom I joined his coursemate to Tanjung Sepat a couple of weeks earlier.


Group photo of the three of us, thanks to the waitress from Spaghetti Grill.

Those who has been to his blog before this surely will know that he takes amazing photos, especially food photos. He certainly lived up to the billing as a pro when it comes to photography, as seen when our food was served during the dinner. It took him just a few moments to find the right setting before snapping away like nobody's business because I was doing the same thing too haha! That's what usually happens when bloggers go out to eat together.

Although it was only our first time meeting, we had great time crapping for more than two hours. We talked and drank and crapped and laughed for non-stop, right until it was almost time for the restaurant to close its door, that made us to be among the last few customers to leave the restaurant that evening haha!

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