Monday, April 11, 2011

Journey Back To My Second Home

Guess what I got immediately I arrived in Japan last night?


Home-cooked chapati (a kind of Indian unleavened flatbread) with chicken curry and potato, plus Vietnamese spring roll, which came with sweet chilly sauce. 

The amazing thing is that everything was prepared from scratch by the chef. So, guess who was the chef? Yea, it was my lovely housemate, Kai Cung, who spent almost two hours cooking this late supper for me when I reached home at one in the morning. He texted me that he was preparing food for me when I told him I just touched down at the airport. Usually, it will be some simple dish like fried eggs and porridge, but I never expected something so grand this time.

Felt so super touched-lor!


Met up with Ah Mah one day before I returned to Japan. The ang pao I was holding was from her ^.^


Had a dinner that night with Mom, grandma, sis, my aunt and her three super heros. 


It was more to a birthday dinner because my aunt and me share the same birthday - April 7th.


Mummy also didn't wanna miss out haha! She kept asking me to retake the photo because she wanna make sure she looks like a Datin lol!


Dad and Mom, plus grandma and sister sent me off the next morning at the bus terminal. Took the earliest bus 
(half-past six in the morning) from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur. That's why all also still muka mengantuk haha!

You know what? I think I can try out on pentathlon next time because the journey to Japan already sounded like one. The journey from Taiping to Kuala Lumpur was by bus, aunt picked me up from the bus terminal in Bukit Jalil and dropped me at LCCT with her car, took AirAsia X's Airbus A330 from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo, travelled from Tokyo to Chiba by the train and finally, had a fifteen-minute walk from the train station to my house.

So, it was bus, car, plane, train, and walking.


My new passport and the boarding pass, which is just like a receipt you get when you go shopping in Tesco lol!

Anyway, the flight to Tokyo was half empty, mainly due to the recent event. So, I had the chance to sit on the empty hot seat in front. For a person with a pair of giraffe legs like me, it felt really good to be able to stretch my legs all the way to the maximum. In fact, halfway the flight, I went to some empty three-in-a-row seats behind and slept there for some time haha!

That is how empty the plane was!


See how much space I had this time! Perfect!

I had a ang moh guy who was seated next to me. My first instinct told me that he is a friendly guy and it was him who initiated a conversation with me. He is a French architect who comes from Paris and mainly based in Bangalore in India and Singapore. He speaks perfect English, with a slight French tone but generally, there was no problem when I chatted with him. It's really warming to hear him telling me that he prefers the people, the culture, the language and the food in Asia, compared to his home country.

After some time, I finally found out that he went to Japan to visit his four-month-old Japanese girlfriend. They are also in a long-distance relationship (LDR) and he actually asked me if it is hard to take it haha! I told him my experience and ensure him that as long as the two of them are committed to the relationship, it is not something impossible.

The girlfriend is also a kinda of person who is fond of travelling because they have visited some Buddhist shrines in Kathmandu, India and Bali. Not only that, she is a yoga instructor in Tokyo. Doesn't that setting sound familiar?


Smokey BBQ chicken. Slow smoked chicken thigh fillets served with BBQ sauce and roasted garden vegetables.
Yes, I was referring to the book "Eat Pray Love".
Sometimes, a long flight can turn into something interesting because if you are lucky and get to sit beside the right person, you might ended up knowing a new person and forge a new friendship. It gets even better because sometimes, that person might come from the opposite side of the world. During my last trip, I got to know Sam and Grace, both from Ipoh and now residing in Melbourne, and this time, I got to know Camille Behanghel from Paris.

Lemme tell you something; Camille actually shared with me the secret of the authentic method of french kiss lol!


A welcoming sign at the train platform of Keikyu Line in Haneda International Airport.

It was the first day of schooling today and I attended my first and only class for today this afternoon. Since I skipped the guidance session last week, I went to take my result slip for last semester after that class. Result wasn't really that sugoi but at least there was a slight improvement on my CGPA : )

On my way home this evening, I was on the verge of stepping out from the train, when I heard some warning notifications on several mobile phones by other passengers in the train. I knew an earthquake was coming in the next few seconds but I thought it shouldn't be a big one. I continued my five-minute walk from the train station back home. Along the way, I heard the zinc roof was moving ferociously as if a big storm was coming, the lamp poles were shaking left to right as if they were gonna get uprooted, and the sways of the houses were visible.

However, one weird thing was that I did not feel anything much; so I continued my walk back home. Right after I reached home, Kai Cung told me it was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit Fukushima, just minutes earlier. That gave me quite a shock because I did not feel any tremors during my walk back home.


Rows of sakura  (cherry blossoms) trees along the main road inside the Nishi Chiba campus of Chiba University.

The sakura season in this area should end by this weekend, but I have yet gone out to see the flowers. So, is there anyone who is kind enough make a plan for some hanami this weekend?


Robinn T said...

damn9 lucky lor you! I do enjoy meeting people from other side of the world too! it feels so good and "bangga" to have a foreign friend, not like other asians who have asian friends "dake" HAHAHA. Take care over there, the aftermaths are pretty scary too man.

Anonymous said...

wow nice le french kissing..

calvin said...

@ tempus:
well, sometimes it depends on the person you meet too, because if you meet with someone not on the same frequency with you, it can be hard to click with that person >.<

thanks and you take care too!

p/s: i miss your dogs haha!

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
yup, but make sure you do not simply do it with random people haha!

DT said...

wah so nice of ur roommate... !!!

calvin said...

@ dt:
yup, we can quarrel one day and become best friends again on the next day haha wtf!

Unknown said...

Hi Calvin,

After you touch down Haneda, what public transport you used? I am planning a trip but seems the connectivity is difficult at night since AAX arrive 10.30pm. After immigration and baggage collection it will be around 11pm.

calvin said...

@ riki:
there are several options for you from haneda international airport, depending on where you wanna go.

as i was heading back to chiba, the most convenient method was to take the keikyu line, which you should see once you exit the arrival hall.

the worst case scenario is either to overnight at some hotels around the airport, or at the airport itself as it is opened through the night, if i am not mistaken.

good luck! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks Calvin. I am heading to Ariake direction but seems I have to catch the last train/bus in quick action. My hope is the light can arrive 20mins earlier so it will not be that rush for me, especially need to find ticket counter/vending machine.

calvin said...

@ riki:
no worries. the last train is around 23:40 hours, so you gotta make sure everything - immigration, baggage collection, ticket purchase, boarding the correct train, goes as smoothly and swift as possible.

a tip here - make sure you complete the immigration form, which is distributed during the flight before you land to save some valuable time ; )

i have taken the air asia x flight twice and on both times, the flight landed about fifteen to twenty minutes earlier than scheduled.

there are english speaking staff at the airport and train counter, so i guess it should not be a huge worry for you : )