Monday, March 14, 2011

3/11 Aftermath

"There is a 70% possibility 
that an aftershock with a magnitude-7
or more will occur within the next 3 days" 

Takashi Yokota
Japan Meteorological Agency


Reports on local TV that aftershocks of magnitude seven might happen in the next three days, with a seventy percent possibility.

January 12, 2010: Haiti - 316,000 (M-7.0)

Above is a list of some of the major earthquakes with high fatalities in the past ten years, which in total has claimed more than half a million people. I did not include the latest earthquake in Japan into the list because as much we all hope that the figure will not increase anymore, the reality is, there will be more bodies to be recovered from now on and nobody knows what the final count will be.

It has been three days since disaster struck the northern region on Honshu island in Japan, which its effect can be felt as far as in Tokyo. I am still keeping myself updated with the latest developments happening over there, and decide whether or not I will return to Japan in ten days' time.


Fire at JFE Steel Corporation in Chiba, taken by Kai Cung on his way home on Friday evening.


I was there on a visit to the factory last October.


But now, I guess the place has suffered quite a bad damage from the earthquake.

After the huge earthquake and tsunami last Friday, the main concern now is the possible of overheating and fears of an uncontrolled leakage at the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Further aftershocks and uncertainty of the nuclear plants are quite worrying, hence I will just play the wait-and-see game and decide at the last minute whether or not to return to Japan.

Most of my friends over there, especially in the Kanto region are doing fine. They have been stocking up supplies and following the news all day long, more so with the prediction that a strong aftershock might happen in the next three days. They are doing everything they can to help those badly affected in the northern region by saving electricity. By the way, there will be electricity power outage in Kanto region today and I suppose it will continue for weeks to come. For those who live in the northern region, including Miyagi, Sendai and Fukushima, they have been evacuated to Tokyo because of the tense situation in that region.

Here are several photos taken by Kai Cung right after he got home on Friday night. We live on the first floor in an apartment and fortunately there has not been any damages to the structure of the building. Well, it was a very new place actually, built just a couple years ago.

Some mess on the table.


It was quite surprising to see the books and files did not fell. But too bad that my Mickey Mouse was trapped under the rubble haha! 
You can see his hand reaching out and say "HELP!!!" lol!

172668_10150112068873323_717138322_6435058_3159270_o (1)-1

Some stuff fell on the floor at the kitchen, including the tumbler Kai Cung bought from Taiwan.


My fridge moved more than one foot forward. Luckily, the microwave on top did not fell on the floor.


This is the original position of the fridge.


More mess on the shelves near the bathroom.

Looking at all the photos, there is one that I find it quite funny.

Kai Cung planned to do his laundry in the morning but seeing that the amount of clothes was quite little, he decided to do it another day. He forgot to close the cover of the washing machine and left it opened before going out. When he came back, he got a pleasant surprise. Some extra ingredients has been added into his clothes haha!


He came came and saw various kinds of medication in the washing machine lol!

I guess the washing machine was too scared by the earthquake that it needed to take as much medicine as possible to calm it down haha!


lvynana said...

Where's next? philippines maybe?

Robinn T said...

haha loved the ingredients! At least they are safe in the cleaning machine!

calvin said...

@ lvynana:
i am not sure, to be honest. lets hope the situation will get better and doesn't spread to other regions or countries : )

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yup, but we might need them in the future lol!

IvanSeng said...

i think you made the mess not the earthquake.. LOL

calvin said...

@ ivanseng:
if you say like that, then i can say there's an earthquake in my house every day already haha!