Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kevin's Birthday Party

Introducing Kevin Tan, the birthday boy.


Kevin turned ten last Sunday and his Mom was kind enough to invite me to his birthday party at their place in Toyocho, Tokyo. Well, it was actually a surprise for Kevin because his Mom kept the plan of us going there to celebrate his birthday from his knowledge. It was his second surprise birthday party, in less than twenty-four hours, after he had one the previous evening with his school mates. You know what? Kevin is such a lucky boy.

Until today, I have had twenty-three birthdays and so far, my birthday party count totals up to yilek haha!


Andrew with the birthday boy and his present. Kevin was still in his pajamas when we arrived lol!


Andrew spent two hours looking around for Kevin's present at Shibuya, and he got him Blokus, an abstract strategy board game.


Reading the love letter birthday card from his friend, Makoto.


Haha! I have no idea what the drawing's all about to be honest, but isn't it sweet to receive a drawing like that from your friend? 


Both of them played their super high-tech gasing while waiting for the party to start.


Kevin showing us how to use the top. It is known as Beyblade, according to Anonymous. Thanks for the info.


Hmmm, it looks like Kevin's eye are looking at something else haha!


Ichi, ni, san! Hanase!


Tried to ask the two little kids to teach me how to play their high-tech gasing haha!


Two-on-one wrestling match! They damn love to climb on me-lor, as if I'm a coconut tree lol!

So, how did I get to know them? Kevin's Mom, Crystal is actually my super-to-the-power-of-ten senior from PPKTJ. She was one of the students from the very first batch at the Preparatory Center for Technical Studies to Japan (PPKTJ) in 1992, under the Look East Policy. I was not even in kindergarten at that time yet as I was only five! I got to know Crystal in May this year at the annual Golden Week gathering in Tokyo. Since then, we have been keeping in touch every now and then.

Besides me, Crystal also invited Andrew, another senior of mine, and Amy, a Penangnite who is currently doing her graduate studies at Meiji University to the birthday party. It's a party for a ten-year-old boy, so Crystal invited her Chinese friend and her little son to join us as well.

When two married working ladies are having a conversation with a young girl and two guys, what do you think would be the conversation be all about? Yes, it's all about gossips about their husbands lol! The two ladies would and tell everyone their husbands' biggest dark secrets, while sharing a few tips and kinda brainwash the still-single girl to be really careful when picking her future husbands haha! The two guys would then just listen to them and pick up a few points to make sure they won't do similar mistakes like those husbands haha!


The three girls preparing the food at the kitchen in the communal room at their apartment.


And see what I discovered - 20 cents MIMI prawn snacks! Maybe it's just me being ancient because I feel that they have modernised their packaging.


Fried anchovies (ikan bilis) with dried chillies, peanuts and tempe!


Forgot what they call this already; mini popiah? "They sat on airplane all the way from Malaysia to Japan" (an inside joke) haha!


The potato salad I made, in which I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Looks a bit messy, but they said it was good.


Main meal of the day - bak kut teh. I am not exaggerating, but it was sooooo nice!!!


Every bowl of bak kut teh has a hard-boiled egg in them, except for one bowl and that's Kevin's bowl.

But it was not all about gossips. Crystal shared with us her stories from how she met Kevin's Dad (both of them studied in the same kosen - Takuma Kosen in Shikoku and that's how their love blossomed), how she experienced and learned the term "drunk" for the first time in her life, how a New Year's Eve celebration with her husband and Kevin, who was only two-year old at that time ended up with an awkward but hilarious situation, etc. Believe me, they were really interesting and funny, but I guess I would save the details here.

Kevin's Dad was missing earlier in the afternoon. We thought perhaps he was busy with his office work, hence he couldn't join us there. However, he was actually busy working on something, which was meant as a surprise for Kevin. During his absence, Kevin's Dad was actually trying to ride on the bike around their apartment haha! It was a brand new bike, in which they got it as a present for Kevin.

The birthday cake had to wait until tea time to make its appearance. Finally, it was time for karaoke. Errr, I mean birthday song haha!


Our group picture with the birthday boy. 


Everyone sang karaoke for Kevin while he blew the candles lol!


Hmmm, I have no idea what Kevin was trying to do here.


Papa asked Kevin to close his eyes while passing something onto his palms. It was a bicycle key!


Everyone was ready to cut the cake but that surprise caught not only Kevin's, but every one's surprise! 
I bet Crystal had carefully planned this surprise with Papa for some time.


Birthday boy with his new bike.


Kevin's birthday cake.


After trying out his new bike, it was the cake-cutting session. But something was to happen seconds after this.

Makoto, the five-year old boy insisted to cut the birthday cake as well. His Mom asked him to let the birthday boy do it. Too bad the little kid suddenly turned so emo and he cried! Walao! Totally wrong timing at the wrong place. I immediately carried him outside and tried to coax him, hoping that he would stop crying.

The big problem however, is that I had to talk to him in Japanese. Even though both of his parents are Chinese, Dad is from Shanghai and Mom's from Guangzhou if I not mistaken, the boy speaks Japanese most of the time, and his Japanese is ten times better than me haha wtf! I had to ask him to talk slowly because I could hardly catch his word as he talked while crying.

After using whatever techniques and kung fu I have to console him, he finally stopped crying. Guess what, we made a promise to each other by locking our fingers together lol! He had to promise me to stop crying and in return, I would get him the biggest piece of cake once we get inside.


That's the biggest piece of cake I promised to get for Makoto.


Kevin's top two presents he likes the most. A Lego space shuttle and Blokus, which was from Andrew and me.


Birthday boy with his two of his presents and a birthday card I made for him.

Everyone started to like the board game and we just couldn't stop playing it rounds after rounds. In this round, Andrew, Amy and I berpakat to team up and attack Kevin. But in the end, he won against the three of us haha wtf! Lesson learned, never underestimate kids.


I decided to have a one-on-one game with him. Towards the end, he realised he was losing, hence he started to come out with his own rules haha!
That's what usually happen when you are playing with kids lol!


Emo boy reflecting on his loss haha!

We were so hooked on the board game that we didn't realise it was dinner time already. Kevin's Dad went out and get a few boxes of Shichuan signature dish - mabo tofu for our dinner. It was from the famous Chin Kenichi Mabo Tofu restaurant in Shinkiba, in which the restaurant has been featured in a few TV programmes and ran by Chin Kenichi, the Iron Chef Chinese from the television series Iron Chef.

I have eaten many kinds of mabo tofu at many places, but I gotta say this one was one kind of its own. The spiciness was just at the right balance and the texture of the tofu and gravy was smooth and nice.


Boxes of mabo tofu for our dinner!


It was one of the best mabo tofu I have tasted.

After dinner, we hung out for a little while more, playing some other board games like dam (draughts/checkers) and Othello. It was my first time playing Othello and playing against the skillful Andrew was the last thing I should've done. We played one game and he beat me kao kao even though he already gave many chances to me lol! So, I let him play the game with Amy while I play against the computer on his iPod.

The first two games was a total disaster because the game ended even before the board will fully filled haha wtf! I didn't give up and after several more attempts, I managed to beat the computer! My first win in Othello! Walao, damn proud I tell you haha!


First attempt- total failure. But as a consolation, at least I let the white to have a nice pattern on the board lol!


The second loss - 0:62. What a scoreline haha wtf!


I was so satisfied to finally able to put a sweet revenge to my earlier losses to the computer haha!

After getting bored with Othello, I switched to playing checkers with Kevin. That was when he came out with his own rules again. He has a few extra rules for the movement of the pieces. According to "Kevin's Rule" the pieces on the board can move left and right, and also they can even gostan!

Like that, how to win-lar right?


This is not a manga, but a dictionary!

So I went to look for new strategies from Doraemon's dictionary lol!


Anonymous said...

the high tech gasing is called beyblade =.= LOL!!...i know this bcos i always played it..hehe..
btw is calvs dad japanese?

mg said...

omg iron chef!!!! issit expensive? wanna tryyyyy..

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
wow! i am impressed that you have played this top before! you must be a big fan of the anime as well, right?

thanks for the info, by the way ;)

calvin said...

@ mg:
hehe, it's slightly more expensive from normal, but i think it's worth a try ;)

Anonymous said...

haha yea i am a big fan of anime...
but not otaku level lah jus normal one..hehe..

when i ask whether calvs dad is japanese or not i meant kevins dad..LOL!!sori lor my head wasnt right at that moment @_@..

calvin said...

@ anonymous:
too much of anime i suppose? haha!

by the way, do you mind introducing yourself?
i would appreciate it a lot if you do =)