Friday, October 22, 2010

A Futsal Game In A Blue Moon

Short note: All photos in this entry are credited to Li Ee.


"I never thought you play football." 

That was the first question Chai Ei threw to me the other day, on our way for our futsal game in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It was sorta a random plan to have a futsal game on that evening. I'm not sure whose idea it was, but we managed to collect ngam ngam ten people to play together, many thanks to some of us who persuaded a few of their Indonesian college friends and seniors to join us as well haha!

Back to Chai Ei's question, I actually find it amusing that they were surprised to find out that I play football. But I think I know why already. I don't think anyone has ever imagined a giraffe playing football, right? Just picture this: a tall giraffe, running and chasing for the ball around the field, then suddenly its head got stuck at the spectators' seat haha!


Please don't ask me why I pulled my pants so high up. Habis, all my aurat is exposed!


Using the traditional method of "one, two, som" to determine team members.

Anyway, talking about football, I have played in every positions in a team. From goalkeeper to winger and centre forward, you just name it. In fact, I have also become the referee and even the ball boy before haha! So, I think I'm considered quite an "experienced" guy when it comes to playing football. "Experienced" is not to be mistaken with skillfull. My specialty: scoring own goals haha! That happens when I play futsal too.

It seems like it is a ritual for me to score an own goal for the opposing team every time I play. That's why sometimes, people prefer me to play against them because I would score goals for them haha! How-arh? Anyone has any good remedy to overcome this?


No idea who Chai Ei was trying to dribble pass. Hmmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


We just let the two of them tussle for the ball and see who will win the battle, instead of making a big anak ayam gathering with the ball haha!


Jun Hao trying to use the skills he learned from. .. I don't know where lol!


When a dinosaur meets a human.


Sze Yang, the top striker for the night., with his mazy runs and quick dribbles. I think he score more goals than the total goals the rest of us scored combined!

By the way, three of the ten of us got injured during the two-hour game. There was one common thing that connects all three of them - they all came from Oyama Kosen. I don't know if they'd kena some bad curse or what but it could be just a coincidence.

There were three Indonesians from the ten of us who played that night, and that gave me the chance to brush up my Bahasa Indonesia. I learned that "kereta" means "train" in Bahasa Indonesia. Interesting.


Injured player #1: Dong Sheng. But he seems to be very happy through her smile lol!


Injured player #2: Jun Hao. Not often to see the #7 as the goalkeeper, by the way.


Resting time. Damn tired after not playing the game for like so long!


Doesn't Chai Ei look like Jose Mourinho, who tries to tell the players the game plan for the next half.


After the final whistle.

We were fortunate to have a manager to look after all ten of us that night - Li Ee. She also acted as the official photographer for all the pictures in this entry. We asked her to be the pom pom girl as well, but she declined our request haha!

Finally, a group picture after the game.


On the next day and a few days that followed, I walked just like a Giant Penguin.


CLF said...

"We asked her to be the pom pom girl as well,"
this line I terbaca into another word.... :P

anyway Dong Sheng was my long-lost secondary schoolmate lol.

Kae Vin said...

if i post every basketball game i play then my blog would have 1024850385 posts about basketball games.


bloggingupiseasyd said...

Funny, interesting and cool : ) Thanks!

calvin said...

@ clf:
haha! cliff, cliff, you are still too young to think about those stuff ler =P

it's a small world, isn't it ;)

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
haha! trying to suan siao is it now?
yealar, i know you're a basketball king xD

calvin said...

@ bloggingupiseasyd:
hope you have enjoyed reading the entry =)