Friday, October 8, 2010

From Chiba To Christchurch

Short note: Here comes the entry from my visit to New Zealand during the last summer break. Before I start blogging about the wonderful places around the South Island, I shall begin with the super long journey from Chiba to Christchurch. Almost thirty hours, I think! Damn crazy. Anyway, for a change, I will not write much like I always do. I will only put up captions for each pictures because I know you all will not gonna read the long texts anyway right? Actually, it's just an excuse as I am too lazy to write too much for this entry haha!


16 August, 2010 | 13:30 
A place I've passed through for 59897432 times; i.e. every time I leave Japan. On each of those occasions, I would be filled with excitement because it's either I would be heading home, or leaving for a vacation. This time, the destination was New Zealand.


16 August, 2010 | 13:53
After I checked-in my luggage, I just wandered around the airport. I was approached by a lady from the American Express booth and she handed me a piece of paper on a lucky draw. I tore open the paper and it says there that I kena lottery haha! At the redemption counter, I was given a mechanical pencil. What a prize for an "original goods" lol! But seriously, I think nine out of ten people would strike it-lor; almost everyone who was given that paper seemed to return to the counter to redeem their prizes haha! 


16 August, 2010 | 14:38
That's Chiba-kun, the mascot for the National Sports Festival of Japan which was held in Chiba and just ended recently. Last year, it was held in Niigata. It seems that the venue follows wherever I go lol! Anyway, if you look at the map of Chiba prefecture (green area), it resembles the shape of Chiba-kun.


16 August, 2010 | 14:59 
Duty free shops inside the airport. Notice the word "折" on the yellow boards. Basically, the character means "to bend" or "break off/snap". So, most people would misinterpret it and think that the goods there are sold at 95% discounted rate. The truth is, they were selling the goods at 95% from the original price.


16 August, 2010 | 15:21
The airport workers busy loading several final pieces of luggages into the aircraft. My flight from Narita to Hong Kong, and the subsequent flight from Hong Kong to Auckland, were with Cathay Pacific Airlines.


16 August, 2010 | 15:25 
It has become a habit for me to take a photo of my boarding pass with my Malaysian passport before I board the plane every time.


16 August, 2010 | 15:29 
This is the boarding pass for the connecting flight from Hong Kong to Auckland, and it was a 12-hour long flight!


16 August, 2010 | 15:45
I know I sound like a jakun, but it's my first time seeing such comfortable seats! Too bad that was for the business class. Anyway, I still believe these seats won't fit my giraffe legs haha!


16 August, 2010 | 16:59
Roasted peanuts and orange juice for refreshments.


16 August, 2010 | 17:33 
Early dinner. I told the flight attendant, "Can I have chicken, please?" However, he misheard my "please" as "fish"; so in the end, I was given this fish fillet cooked in soy sauce, instead of chicken, which I prefer more =.=


16 August, 2010 | 20:24 
It was almost impossible to take a perfect shot of the night view of Hong Kong from inside a plane that goes more than 500 km per hour. This is the best shot I think. Seeing the real thing from the window was totally different. Hong Kong is gonna be one of my travel destinations in the near future.


16 August, 2010 | 20:19
I touched down at Hong Kong International Airport and prepared for my next flight. There was still another hour to go before I board the plane and my stomach was already making noise. Without any Hong Kong dollars in my wallet, I just settled for this wafers I got from the TEIC Festival. At the same time, I went online using the free Wifi-connection they have in the airport, which coincidentally, the only thing I like about this airport haha!


16 August, 2010 | 20:26
Another thirty minutes to go before my boarding time. Feeling bored, I continued to Facebook in front of the boarding gate haha!


16 August, 2010 | 21:01
Just a few minutes before stepping onto the plane and leave for Auckland. Damn excited and at the same time, anxious because I wondered if my English would be good enough for the Kiwi people to understand me lol!


16 August, 2010 | 21:29 
Took a few newspapers as reading materials in the plane. It has been some time since I read an English newspaper. And what a headline to welcome me to New Zealand!


16 August, 2010 | 21:45
I didn't really bother to read the front pages because the first section I flipped to was the sports section. However, it was full of rugby, and I thought maybe there might be other sports in the next few pages.


16 August, 2010 | 21:45
But no, it was still rugby...


16 August, 2010 | 21:45
And more rugby! I swear there were like ten full pages, all reporting about rugby! Hello, do you Kiwi people play nothing else but rugby in New Zealand? So boring-lar!   


16 August, 2010 | 21:50
Hahahaha!!! The headline should explain everything. "Welcome to New Zealand!", I quietly said to myself lol!


16 August, 2010 | 22:20
Late dinner. Ham, cucumber, potato, and gherkin with sweet paprika, braised chicken in tomato, mushroom, oregano brown sauce, mashed potatoes with parsley, marble cheese cake, Tim Tam wafer and a bun.


16 August, 2010 | 23:05
This is by far, the most colourful and cheerful arrival card I have ever seen haha!


17 August, 2010 | 05:16
Early sunrise, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, near Australia, I think.


17 August, 2010 | 10:05
Brunch. Mixed seasonal fruit, fruit yogurt, braised chicken with Chan Chuen Fun (something like chee cheong fun) noodle and chill sauce, croissant with fruit preserve and butter.


17 August, 2010 | 11:44 
Can anyone spot one of the most famous landmarks in Auckland, the Sky Tower in this photo? It's in the bottom left of the photo, in between the clouds.


17 August, 2010 | 11:49
Notice the shadow of the plane on the green field. I think this is my first time seeing this because I usually take night flights. By the way, those white spots are, yes you have guessed it correctly; they are sheep haha! I actually tried to count them, but gave up in the end because there were just too many white spots lol!


17 August, 2010 | 12:04
Some Maori wooden decorations to welcome visitors to New Zealand upon arrival at Auckland International Airport.


17 August, 2010 | 12:41
The international and domestic terminal is located next to each other, and it takes roughly fifteen minutes to walk in between the two terminals. For the convenience of visitors, we can either take the free shuttle bus, or walk along the blue and white lines to get between the two terminals.


17 August, 2010 | 12:44
This was still at the international terminal. I asked some random guy to take this photo for me. Too bad his photography sense was close to zero as he missed out that nice welcoming sign almost completely lol!


17 August, 2010 | 12:48
Auckland International Airport is just a small airport compared to KLIA or Hong Kong International Airport; it's just about the size of Penang International Airport.


17 August, 2010 | 12:57
After walking for approximately ten minutes, I arrived at the domestic terminal. I took Air New Zealand to travel from Auckland to Christchurch.


17 August, 2010 | 13:04
The departure gate at the domestic terminal in Auckland International Airport was just a small one.


17 August, 2010 | 13:40
The arrival gate was even smaller! I think this is the smallest arrival gate I have seen in my life haha!


17 August, 2010 | 14:10 
Air New Zealand's boarding pass. Quite interesting design but I still think that MAS's colourful boarding pass is the nicest.


17 August, 2010 | 15:13
Some light snacks and water served during the short flight.

This is an interesting safety video from Air New Zealand that was shown to us just before the take-off. At least they made an effort to produce some different and interesting to attract the attention of the passengers. Make sure you watch until the end! I bet you gonna love it a lot haha!


17 August, 2010 | 15:44
Beautiful terrain while the mountains in the far background were still covered with snow caps.


17 August, 2010 | 16:12
Arrived in Christchurch International Airport! I was kinda surprised to spot Japanese and Korean in their signboards at the airport. Apparently, there is quite a huge Asian community in Christchurch.


17 August, 2010 | 16:13
I have finally arrived at Christchurch, the starting point of the trip that we had started to plan since the beginning of the year.


17 August, 2010 | 16:32
One of the first few sights upon reaching Christchurch. I still remember that it was during the drive from the airport to the town, that I asked Mich if earthquake happens in New Zealand. Less than two weeks later, Christchurch was hit with the biggest earthquake in nearly 80 years!


17 August, 2010 | 16:49
 It was less than an hour since I touched down at Christchurch and the first destination we went was the town - to get a hair cut for myself at a Korean saloon haha!


17 August, 2010 | 18:02
Mich brought me to the legendary Pak & Save at Riccarton Mall and we did some final groceries as we were leaving for our road trip the next morning.


17 August, 2010 | 18:18
Both of us were contemplating what to have for dinner. In the end, we had pork riblet sandwiches at Subway. That was our first meal together after nearly 20 months (yes, 20 months and not 20 days or 20 weeks), being apart from each other!


17 August, 2010 | 19:01
Mich's batchmate, Gao Jing wanted to meet me and we were suppose to meet him for a desert session at Strawberry Fare at Peterborough Street after dinner. In the end, he asked the whole bunch of girls to join us as well lol!


17 August, 2010 | 19:03
The very first picture we took together since we last see each other at Changi Airport in January 2009.


17 August, 2010 | 19:24
Mich's Warm Raspberry Drenched, chocolate cake made with raspberries; it's so moist as to resemble a sunken souffle with a berry coulis and vanilla bean ice-cream.


17 August, 2010 | 19:24
Calv's Tiramisu, a traditional Italian combination of espresso, savoidardi biscuits, mascarpone and rum.


17 August, 2010 | 20:24
Put a few medical students at one same table and it is guaranteed that you will gonna hear super crazy stories non-stop, filled with laughter and lame jokes lol! Although we looked so well-behaved in this photo, I think we were the most insane people in that restaurant; the rest of the ang moh customers just ignored our existence there haha! 


17 August, 2010 | 21:30
That's Mich's car haha! 

It was too risky to use that car for our road-trip. We wouldn't wanna have a Mr. Bean experience halfway through the trip, so we rented a car for our eleven-day trip around the South Island. That will most probably come in the next entry. 

So, stay tuned!


Kae Vin said...

so fun.

and i sure after you visited NZ, there would be a third case of man being charged for trying to perform bestiality XD

and the Ah mah was hilarious! lol!

mg said...

tht is NOT my car!!!! lol

calvin said...

@ kae vin
haha! your head! i've never thought about doing it with an animal, ever! it's just gross! ewwwww!!!

yup, i was controlling myself from laughing when i watched that video =P

calvin said...

@ mg:
i think if you own that yellow car, it would be much easier for you to sell it off. who wouldn't wanna own a mr. bean car xD

Darren RyanZn Tan said...

"The truth is, they were selling the goods at 95% from the original price."

Like it. Your life is full of excitement huh. ^^ Nice photos.

calvin said...

@ darren tan qin chen:
hehe, not really. most of them mostly come from my observations when i'm travelling =P

Anonymous said...

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