Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Will This End?

Hi everyone! 

Another aftershock just jolted the house as I started to blog this entry. Anyway, we were woken up by a strong aftershock this morning, measuring at 4.1 magnitude. The depth of the quake - measuring only 5 km deep and is considered very shallow. That is why we felt it as an intense one. Civil Defence has issued a warning that an aftershock of six is possible in the next few days. It seems like everyone is waiting for the big aftershock to come once and for all because it is very stressing to get aftershocks like once every other hour. Once that's over, everything should slowly return to normal.


Seven minutes after that, another 5.1 magnitude aftershock hit this area, and it was a shallow one (6 km deep) as well.


This reporter looked worried and anxious as well, doesn't she?

The major question now is, has the big aftershock come?

According to seismologists, the 7.1 magnitude earthquake last Saturday was a combination of reverse fault and strike slip quake, meaning the earth shifted horizontally and was thrust up vertically. However, looking at the inconsistency of the aftershocks, I think it has left even the best geologist clueless on what to expect next.

It was a clear day a couple of days ago, and we went out to grab some food stuff and stock up basic supplies. Besides, we have no idea at all what will happen in the next few days. The weather has been unpredictable, the aftershocks still happen now and then, and we basically can't do much things but to stay safe at home.


The temperature rose to more than twenty degrees in the afternoon two days ago. Felt it more like summer than winter.


No idea why these ang mohs stood outside half-naked. I guess they were shitting halfway and suddenly the aftershock came, so they just ran out without bothering (or forgotten) to wear back their pants haha!


University of Canterbury, which was badly damaged from the Saturday's quake, has been closed until next week.


Signboards to warn students and public from entering the campus area are placed at every entrance to the university.


They stationed some of their students to monitor the entrance as well.


Some damage to one of the houses near our place. This is considered a minor damage, compared to the city centre, which is described like a "warzone".


Riccarton Mall was opened and most of the shops returned to business as usual. After days of bread, pasta, and spaghetti, we have gotten sick of it and decided to have some real food.


Bought some vege at Church Corner, where there are several Asian shops there.

Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 1.58.44 PM.png

The condition inside the Canterbury Medical Library, after the earthquake. I followed Mich to this library just one day earlier.

Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 1.58.26 PM.png

Notice that small red book on the blue shelf on the left? I took that book about neurology and browsed through it, trying to understand it, which obviously I didn't manage to. But it holds a significant value to me because it was on my hands on that evening, and it is still standing on the shelf after the quake.

As the gaps between aftershocks lengthened up until late yesterday, our confidence was beginning to return. We were restarting to think, maybe, just maybe, we are over the worst of this. We were already thinking about unpacking our survival bags, and planning to return to our respective rooms to sleep tonight; and now we have had this shocking event early this morning. 

This is indeed a hammer blow to the spirit of a lot of people.


Went to Countdown supermarket this afternoon to grab more food supplies and some sections were blocked.


We looked up the ceiling and this is what we saw.


Some other lanes in the supermarket were closed as well, for the safety of customers, just in case there's an aftershock.


Some food ran out of stock, like this snack section for example.


Drinking water was limited to four bottles per customer today.

I'll try to make updates about my trip around the South Island in the next entry, as it has been all about the updates on the Canterbury earthquake in the past few entries. Hoping that everything will be back to normal as soon as possible, or else we won't be able to sit down without worrying of another aftershock.

Even now, I will try to finish my big business in the toilet as fast as I can; just in case...

P/S: No pictures of the damaged buildings in the central business district of the city of Christchurch until now because I have not gone to have a look at the area yet. Furthermore, the state of emergency has been extended to next week.

P/S/S: Mich finally had time to sit down and tell the earthquake experience from her point of view here. Basically, it is similar to mine but it's more descriptive, so you can take a look at it.


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Stay safe... and God bless...

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