Monday, August 23, 2010

NZ Day 7 - Queenstown


The breathtaking view of Queenstown from the observatory deck.

  • Breakfast was garlic bread, chocolate muffins, yogurt, and kiwi fruits. Since I came here, I guess I have been eating kiwi fruits at least once a day lol!
  • The plan was to spend the day at Queenstown, and the first stop was to take the gondola up a hill. Jalur Gemilang was among the flags used to decorate the entrance, where we boarded our gondola. Perhaps they know Merdeka's coming soon.
  • Lucky as it was a clear and sunny day. The view of Queenstown was easily one of the most beautiful scenery I've even seen, not only in New Zealand, but any places that I've travelled. The good weather made it even better, that one has got to see it with their own eyes to get what I mean. It sent a rush of adrenaline; it still does while I'm typing this. 
  • Right after that, we took the luge, something like a go-cart thing, but it goes downhill. It was located just beside the observatory deck on top of the hill. Decided to go for two rides, because we were quite sure one ride will never be enough. 
  • There were two tracks, the scenic track and the adventurous track. For the first ride of the day, everyone is always required to take the scenic track first, to get used to the track and the luge. 
  • Halfway driving, I overtook Mich at a cornering and was so happy about that. Few turns after that, my stupid long legs obstructed me from breaking properly and was overtaken by Mich. While I was busy trying hard to chase her in front, tragedy struck! 
  • At one sharp turn, I lost my balance and turned turtle haha wtf! Just few seconds before knowing that I would overturn, I was saying something like, "Shit! I'm gonna roll down into Queenstown Bay!" haha! 
  • Waited for a few seconds to see if paramedic car would come to my aid, but it didn't. Good thing that no other drivers drove pass me; otherwise it would be such an embarrassment - to turn turtle in a track, which is suppose to be an simple one haha! 
  • Headed to the town and had lunch at Ferg Burger. The burger is a bit bigger than the usual ones we see normally, but it was really good. No wonder people said a visit to Queenstown would never be complete unless we taste that burger. 
  • Stopped at the Remarkables shopping area as Mich wanted to do some shopping. In the end, it was me who got myself a pair of shoes and a t-shirt. For once, I feel so nice to shop because it's so much easier to get a suitable size for my shoes. I don't have to tell them to get me the largest size, like I usually do in Japan, but just tell them any sizes I want. 
  • Drove up the mountain to the Remarkables Ski Resort. Stopped a few times along the way to take pictures. When we were almost there, it started to snow a little bit. That girl who hasn't experience snow before was so excited haha!
  • Only if I am a fan of winter sports; otherwise we would've gone for skiing here. The experience is definitely different from skiing in Japan; the breathtaking scenery, especially.
  • Returned to the town and visited Queenstown Botanical Garden. Ducks and little ducklings were swimming freely in the pond and there is a free Frisbee golf course for visitors at the garden. Didn't play the game, but just took a stroll around the garden.
  • Cooked our simple dinner - pasta and fried eggs with orange juice and took early rest as we would have a long drive on the next morning.


Kae Vin said...

you updated everything in one shot I tak sempat nak baca.

but the view was BREATH-TAKING!

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
didn't have time to make daily updates back then. now that i am finally back to christchurch, i have all the time to slowly make updates on the trip. and sorry for the sudden rush of updates haha!

yes it was. in fact, everything was just simply beautiful. you gotta visit this place one day!

Sheryl0202 said...

wow, amazing view of Queenstown!!! I am so look forward to my trip in NZ? Btw, I forgot which camera do you use? Your pictures are fantastic!

calvin said...

@ sheryl0202:
i can guarantee you that you gonna enjoy your nz trip to the most.

i am using a compact camera - canon ixy digital 930 is, and i am quite satisfied with the picture quality.