Sunday, August 22, 2010

NZ Day 6 - Arrowtown


Historic cottages during winter at Arrowtown, Otago. 

  • After a few days having to wake up early, we got to sleep until half past eight as we started our journey later than usual. Got ourselves prepared, had our simple breakfast - instant noodles, chocolate muffins, and half-boiled eggs, before leaving Wanaka for Queenstown. 
  • Stopped at Wanaka Lake to have some photos. The water was like any other lakes I've seen in New Zealand, crystal clear water. Had one Japanese girl to take our picture. I spoke English to her at first, when I asked her help to take our picture. However, when she returned our camera, I thanked her in Japanese, and she looked kinda surprised with a confused face as well haha! 
  • Planned to stop at Arrowtown, a small town located along the way from Wanaka to Queenstown. Just before reaching Arrowtown, realized that we took a much longer route that made us used up more time that our earlier estimation. 
  • However, the scenery along the SH6 highway was nothing but magnificent sceneries of mountain ranges. The landscape changes from bare forest to green fields to rocky slopes, every few hundred meters, which hardly made the journey boring. 
  • At one point, spotted a herd of sheep jumping across some rocky area. The amazing thing is that they were standing on the edges of some slopes, which was easily a few hundred meters high. I bet if we put our kambing from Malaysia on those slopes, they will roll down from the mountains straight away haha!
  • It started to rain when we reached Arrowtown, so we decided to have lunch first at Bonjour, a French restaurant, before exploring the town. 
  • One of the girls from the group, who shared the same table with us, asked the waitress a funny question; whether the chicken served in that restaurant is white chicken or brown chicken. Apparently, it has nothing to do with the feathers, but the texture of the chicken. Wondering if it even makes sense haha! 
  • Visited an old Chinese settlement, which was just a stone's throw from the town. The houses the Chinese built were so small and low; they looked more like houses suitable for dwarfs haha! 
  • Wanted to visit the site used for the Lord of the Rings movie, also located nearby the town. However, we couldn't locate it. We suspect there were some problems with the map we got. 
  • Drove down to Queenstown and just before reaching the town, was awed by the breathtaking view of Lake Wakatipu, which has crystal clear water, and the reflection from the sky makes the lake have a greenish blue colour. 
  • Went to Fresh Choice to grab some groceries, before checking-in at Shotover River Lodge at Arthurs Point, located ten-minutes from Queenstown. It was a smart move to book the accommodation a few kilometers from the town centre as it is much cheaper and we got a better deal. 
  • While cooking our dinner at the kitchen, an Indian family was cooking there as well. Spotted thousand of types of curry and chilly powder in her plastic bag. I guess they just cannot get away from the spiciness in their cooking, even when they are traveling haha! 
  • Had grilled pork ribs, Chinese cabbage soup, a couple pieces of pizza, and orange juice mixed with Schweppes. Too bad the pork ribs had excessive sunburn. Technical error.

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