Thursday, August 19, 2010

NZ Day 3 - Hokitika


One of the most famous landmark at Hokitika, the Clock Tower.

  • Was woken up by the smell of the muffin that the owner of the hostel was baking early in the morning. It is quite huge, about three times the normal size. Most of the tourists who left messages in the visitors' log book mentioned about the nice muffin.
  • Mich couldn't finish up her piece of pizza, so I was made the "rubbish bin". It was already cold, so I thought of heating up the remaining tiny piece of pizza in the microwave. Too bad that I left it inside the microwave for too long; it was practically roasted when I took it out! No way I was gonna eat the black forest pizza lol!
  • While busy unloading stuff into the car, was greeted by a bird. Thought it was a kiwi bird, as it look like a kiwi, but no, it was just a cetak rompak version. Had to keep an eye on the bird as it was staring and targeting at our food and snack bags all the time, and it was attempting to jump into our car all the time haha!
  • Did some light groceries and shopping at Greymouth, and took a few shots along Grey River, where the water looks a bit greyish.
  • Stopped at Hokitika, a small township in the West Coast region, where Mich did her rural posting late last year, halfway down to Franz Josef.
  • Went to Hokitika Gorge, about 33 km away from the town. The beautiful turquoise blue water at the gorge was breathtaking as the gorge itself, which is surrounded by green bushes.
  • One great thing about traveling in New Zealand is that they normally do not charge any entrance fees at almost every nature parks and places. They only rely on donations to be used to maintain the place.
  • On our way back to Hokitika town, stopped by the roadside to meet my friend. Since I came to New Zealand, I have make friends with millions of sheep haha! This sheep that I met was super huge and old; must be the ancestor, I think lol! Was greeted with "baaa…" the moment I got down from the car to have a picture with him haha! Apparently, having sheep as pets is a common thing here.
  • Returned to the town to have fish and chips for lunch. The mussels were great, first time having them deep-fried. Went to the beach and had a jumping-shot session there. Mich fails when it comes to taking jumping photos, as I had to jump for 236543 times before a decent photo was captured haha! And she still can say my jump looks like lompat katak haha wtf!
  • Took a detour to Okarito Lagoon. Nothing much there, but just an abandoned wooden house by the edge of the lagoon. Continued our journey to Franz Josef and reached there by six in the evening.
  • Checked-in at Terrace Motel. The owner has a pet cat that was huge and fat; it looked hungry and was grumpy when we were at the reception counter, and almost jumped on us haha!
  • Was given a bigger unit, as it was vacant at that time. This is one of the good things when traveling during winter season, as it is not a peak season and the price is normally on promotional rates.
  • Had a simple dinner - instant noodles, grapes, lettuce and orange juice. Went to bed early to get a proper rest before starting an adventurous day on the next day.

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