Friday, July 2, 2010

Of World Cup And A Jenga Game

To those of you who have thought that I have gone MIA, sorry to disappoint you because I am still alive.

My mid-term exams are finally over, to my huge relief. At least I can now take some fresh breath, which I think I am really in need of it. Anyways, there's not much break even after the exams have finished, because the reports and assignments just cannot stop to pile up. I often try my best to finish one, but the next thing is that I am certain to get another one on the next day.

Screen shot 2010-07-01 at 11.27.38 PM.png

I digress. Not intending to bore you with my long boring rants, I am sure that most, if not everyone of you have gotten yourselves infected by a certain kind of disease that happens every four years. The good news is, it only lasts for one month. The bad news is, you will see an increase of the number of zombies at your school and workplace during this period. Plus, you will heard people shouting out of a sudden in the middle of the night. Sometimes, that could be a good thing because it can become your alarm clock in the early hours of the next morning.

Yes, it is the World Cup fever. Even if you are not a huge fan of football, I am sure you just cannot make yourself to be oblivious to the on-going tournament, which has now entered the quarterfinals stage. Which team are you guys rooting for? I am all behind the team who plays the game by the way how if should be played - beautifully.

I guess you know which team I am referring to, don't you?


By the way, did anyone notice that Malaysia has representative in the World Cup as well. No, I am not bull-shitting you. Don't believe me? Take a look at this link. I spotted him, who was there as the forth official during the first match between South Africa and Mexico. And he was also assigned to be the referee in several other matches after that as well. Although we still haven't master the skill to kick the ball into the goal, at least we are able to send a Malaysian to run along the white lines while waving the striped flag.

Talking about the World Cup, there is some guessing competition in my university, organised by the co-operative store. They require us to predict the team who we think is gonna win the tournament come July 11. There are sixteen teams to pick from, and since the number of teams has been reduced to eight, everyone has an one-in-eight chance of correctly predicting the winner.


The competition form.


Shunsuke Nakamura, as the mascot. I am sure now people recognise Keisuke Honda much better than this free-kick specialist.

I love blue colour, so I stupidly went and picked Hondorus as their jerseys are blue in colour. Seems that I am gonna end up as a big loser in this prediction game haha!

The other day, on my way back, I saw one of my lecturer busy doing something behind his lab. Guess what he was doing? He was squatting around some plants and after taking a closer observation, I realised that he was tying some supporting poles to his tomato plants. Imagine, a professor who teaches us about plasticity mechanics has a favourite past-time by gardening behind his lab. Cool, isn't it?


It's eco-friendly and besides that, whenever he feels hungry and need some snack, he can just walk to his mini farm and pluck a tomato to fill his stomach.

It is July already, which means it's gonna be summer very soon. The bad news however, is the fact that the heat keeps on increasing day by day. Sooner or later, you will hear to me ranting about how hot it is in Japan. Trust me, nobody loves the summer in Japan, or should I say, the heat and high level of moisture.


Every Thursday, on my way to school, I will come across a group of primary school children with a few of their teachers tagging along them. Based on their attire and the stuff they carry along, I suppose they are on their way for their weekly swimming lessons. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I walked passed them and one little girl who was talking to her friend next to her, got a big shock when she looked in front and saw a giant in front of her lol!

When I walked passed them, I over-heard her telling her friend, "sugeiii!!", which literally means handsome haha!


Wearing caps to school is a norm among the Japanese kids.


The platform at Midoridai station, where I take the train back home every day.

This afternoon, on my way back from school, I saw an elderly lady, fully clad in a blue kimono, waiting outside a house. I later found out that she was visiting her friend. The main point here is, although I have been living in Japan for some time already, I still think that it's something cool to see such scene - a lady in kimono, who is visiting her friend, and calling out her friend from outside the house.

It is not often to spot such thing in big cities, especially in a country where you see the way the youngsters dress-up, which is as if they don't have enough cloths haha!


"Ting tong..."

Back home, I used to see groups of mak cik in kampong, who wears only sarongs and chit chat outside their wooden houses.

Different setting, but the topic of their conversation must be similar, I guess. Say for example, "I just bought this carrot, three for two dollars, damn cheap right?" Or for some who likes to boast around, it could go something like this: "My daughter is a surgeon, every time she cuts people, sure get paid with five-figures amount of money. One day, she can get two or three patients-lor!"


Clockwise from top: Kawaguchi's spicy chicken, Kai Cung's vegetable curry and my tom yam chicken.

Later that night, Pei Jing and Kawaguchi, both Kai Cung's course mates dropped by at our place to have dinner. The ironic thing is that, instead of the girl who does the cooking, it was the three guys who did it instead, and we each came out with one dish. All three dishes however, are spicy stuff. Nothing surprising, as all three of us come from South East Asian countries.

While taking a rest after the dinner, I took out my Jenga set and we played several rounds of Jenga. We got damn high and excited, that the two of them keep saying it would be their last round before going home; but every single time, they continued playing another round haha!


Kawaguchi was lost, not knowing which is the best piece to take.


Just look at how unstable the whole structure was, especially the lower level.

I will be away for four days, starting from tomorrow, to take a short break from this hectic daily life. It's somewhere neither too far or near. Anyone with the correct guess of the destination might get something as a souvenir from me.


Kae Vin said...

peeping ur blog during work.

glad to know that u r still alive.

i know where u go! u r going to New Zealand!

Now give me my souvenirs! :P

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
woke up in the morning and saw your comment straight away. time zone difference ;)

i will not be held responsible if you are caught by your boss. but i think he will let you go, as long as you don't surf the wrong kind of websites xD

the time it takes to fly from japan to new zealand is already more than half a day; plus i mentioned there that i will be away for only four days, not four weeks.

that should be a clear hint to tell if you have gotten the correct answer xD

Unknown said...


Zzzyun said...

oh i tot sugeiii means good? means handsome meh :P

Baby^Girl said...

i know 100% correct answer!
so give me present!haha
learn me play jenga de... haha!!

calvin said...

@ bleanck_braiyne:
nope, i have gone there two years ago xD

calvin said...

@ zzzyun:
haha, you're right! sugei actually means something like awesome. that is why you cannot believe me totally all the time :P

calvin said...

@ baby^girl:
i've forgotten to mention there that you are not allowed to make a guess, since you know the correct answer already haha! next time when you are here, i challenge you in jenga, okay? xD