Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Japanese Change Their Underwear Very Frequent

I shall take a short break from my Shanghai entries, and blog on something shorter on some latest updates. This entry will begin with a picture of the candidates for Chiba prefecture during the recently ended elections. I know I shall refrain from blogging anything about a sensitive issue like elections, but it has nothing to do with our local political scenes, so I should be safe haha!

The 22nd Elections to the House of Councillors (第22回参議院議員通常選挙 Dainijūnikai Sangiingiin Tsūjōsenkyo) for the upper house of the legislature of Japan were held on July 11, 2010. I'm not gonna give any further details on this election, because to be honest, I'm just not interested on this topic. You can always get the information in the Internet.

Anyway, it ended up with a defeat of Prime Minister Naoto Kan's Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), but I don't give a damn about it because it is nothing surprising. As a matter of fact, I have seen five different Prime Ministers - Shinzō Abe, Yasuo Fukuda, Taro Aso, Yukio Hatoyama, and Naoto Kan, in just a space of less than four years! I can say the Japanese Prime Ministers changes more often than how  frequent I get a new pair of underwear lol!


One of the candidate waved her carrot soft-toy mascot to me while campaigning in the town the other day lol! Guess which the candidate was.

The weather has been really unstable for the past one week.  One day you see the sun, then the next day, the sun will say sayonara to you. But when it returns, it will be too hot and you just feel like asking it to hide behind the moon lol!

Several days ago, it was strong wind, followed by heavy rain last night. The rain came at the perfect timing, as it's been really hot these days.


Bicycles at my university decided to take an afternoon nap haha!


Summer is the season for ajisai (Hydrangea) or more commnly known to us as bunga tiga bulan.


My grandma once told me that the colour of the flowers changes depending on the acidity of the soil.


Blue sky with cute fluffy clouds! Somebody in Christchurch must be super jealous to see such a nice weather hehe.


Last night, we had Kawaguchi and Pei Jing at our place and as usual, we played Jenga after dinner. Duffy joined us playing Jenga too this time haha!

Three months ago, I blogged about my second time donating blood in Japan. How fast time flies, because I went to do the same thing again this afternoon because I wanna beat my senior's record of donating blood for seven times already haha! 

This is my third time going for blood donation in Japan, and forth overall, including my first ever experience during the National Service camp in 2005. The thought of being able to save three lives every time I go for blood donation is what that motivated me to do it again and again, provided that I fulfill all the requirements that have been set.


It was a raining spring evening in April, but this time, it was a windy and sunny summer.


The bus on the right is where we underwent some minor check-up before being given the green light for blood donation, while the one on the left is the blood collection bus.


The next time I can donate again will be in October.


As usual, got these souvenirs - a highlighter, a packet of plaster, pamphlets and food coupon, after I was donating 400ml of my blood.

Last time around, my food coupon ended up as a souvenir because I forgot to use it. I will make sure the same thing won't happen this time.


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