Wednesday, May 5, 2010

House Warming Party & Shopping At Ueno

Short note:  I was walking to the station the other day, when I was suddenly approached by a lady. At first, I heard the word "basu... basu..." and I thought she wanted to ask me about the location of the bus stop. She was asking while showing me some body gestures, that resembled somebody who is gonna make a slam dunk lol! I later realised that she was actually asking me if I play basketball. It was really random in Japan, to have a Japanese coming to you, and have such friendly short conversation. Nevertheless, it gave me a good start to my day. 


How often you get to see a poster prepared for a house warming party? Haha!

It was the eve of the Golden Week holidays last Friday and I joined the rest of the Chiba gang to attend the house warming party at Bao Cong and Wee Kien's place. It has been some time since they moved into the new place; roughly about more than a couple of months, and it was time to give their place some warming-up, even though the weather is getting hotter and hotter already in these few days. 

The party was held on a week-day, so most of them who are living in Tokyo didn't make it to the party.


Food attack the moment the big gang arrived.


From left: James, Kae Lin, Andrew and Michael.

Their place was in Midori-dai, a station away from my place in Inage.

I had difficulties locating their place at first because I've only been there once, on the day time. Is my sense of direction deteriorating these days? I hope not haha! Luckily, I met with Michael,  a senior of mine who was heading to the same place, and we managed to locate their house in the end after turning into several small lanes and walking around that area for countless of times haha!


One gang was busy making takoyaki as dessert lol!


They claimed their takoyaki is ten times more delicious than the famous one in Osaka haha! 


On another corner was a different group playing Jenga game after we filled our stomach.

The party was supposed to start at seven, and I thought the two of us were the last one to arrive when I reached there five-minutes-to-seven. Well, people always say the nearer a person lives, the later that person would arrived. But guess what? Nobody was there yet when I stepped into their house haha! Apparently, some of them were stuck in the traffic jam on their way back from Tokyo. 

Normal-lah, Malaysians will never be on time one because we all practise MST. Just in case you have no clue about MST, it is explained here. Let me quote it here: "The timezone of Malaysia is unique because it follows the system of +1/+2 PMT , which is 1 or 2 hours later than PMT. Most foreigners have difficulty adjusting to this new timezone as they tend to show up 1 or 2 hours earlier than their local counterparts." 


Chai Ei trying to do the impossible move, in which he succeeded. Architectural student-mah haha!


The tuan rumah gave up and go against the rule we set, by taking the middle piece.


Just look at the position Chai Ei made while playing Jenga!

Jenga is such an erotic game if you listen properly to the words and phrases that come out from everyone throughout the game. Lemme give some of the examples here. "Woah, using soft touch again", "Yerr, this one so tight/loose one", "Woah, you straight away play from down from the beginning already arh?!, "Wait! If you pull out already, cannot push back one wor!" etc. Damn erotic, isn't it?

I shall move to something else, or my Mom will start asking me why I simply write uncensored stuff here lol! So, on the next day, the three of us - Cung, Kok Hong and I went to Tokyo to wet ourselves. First stop was Ueno. While Kok Hong was busy shopping, the two of us dropped by at a stall to have some octopus balls.


A self-service takoyaki stall at Ameyoko in Ueno.


You get to pour the sauce and katsuobushi (dried, smoked skipjack tuna), aonori (blue seaweed) and mayonnaise to your liking.


Here's our plate of takoyaki.

We then walked to Akihabara, which is just about ten minutes away from Ueno. Since it was the first day of the Golden Week, the place was super crowded with sea of humans, especially those people who are into gadgets and also anime and manga fans.

Too bad, I have minimal interest on those stuff haha!


There was almost no space in between the walking people.


We spotted this little dog, who was left in the bicycle basket by its owner. It was shivering, perhaps because it wasn't wearing a jacket lol!


A common method for the Japanese to promote some anime which is scheduled to be released in July - using a bus!


Japanese chicks dressing like maids distributing leaflets for the maid cafes which is famous in that area.


Gundam fanatics, making a bee-line just to have a cup of coffee inside Gundam Cafe.


Walked back to Ueno and have the famous Turkish kebab.


There are a few levels of spiciness for its sauce, from level 0 to 2.0; this is the second most spicy one- level 1.5 and it was quite spicy to my standard.

I didn't plan to get anything at Ueno, but in the end, I spend almost 10,000 yen there lol! I got myself a silver luggage bag for my upcoming trips to two different continents, a pair of Reebok sports shoes at half price, and also a packet each of red beans and coconut powder. I know it is a bit sampat for me to mention the last two stuff here, but never mind-lah haha!

We later met up with Cliff and Ming Han, and the five of us returned to Inage after spending half of the day in Tokyo. Dinner was at the Korean restaurant in Midori-dai. I think like what Andrew said, I am beginning to grow some liking for this restaurant. The lady is a really friendly person and the food is not bad as well.


The interior of the small Korean restaurant.


I know Kok Hong through blogging three years ago, and Cung was his junior at IBT in KL. It's a small world after all.


石焼ビビンバ定食 (Hot-stone bibimbap set meal).


冷麺定食 (Cold noodle set meal).


ユッケジャン定食 (Yukke-jan set meal).

When I was paying for the food, I took out all the coins from my wallet and was selecting the correct amount of money to pay that lady. She always tell us to pay her with coins because she needs them for change. I noticed that she was staring at my palm while I pick my coins.

I think she couldn't wait anymore, because she suddenly took away all the 10yen coins from my palm, because she needs a lot of them haha!


sakura said...

nice post~

wow,tat's a real sea of ppl out there..n d bus is an interesting way to promote anime. can't imagine the buses here to do tat :p

sakura said...

nice post~

wow,tat's a real sea of ppl out there..n d bus is an interesting way to promote anime. can't imagine the buses here to do tat :p

CLF said...

wah didn't knew u guys actually went to Ueno alrdy before we head back there again lol.

Kae Vin said...

"upcoming trips to two different continents"

New Zealand? :p

calvin said...

@ sakura:
yea, akihabara is one of the hot spots in tokyo, which is always packed with humans. imagine metro buses promoting tongkat ali back home haha!

calvin said...

@ clf:
yes, we were there already earlier, but kok hong wanted to shop more. hence, we returned there to have kebab as well! =)

calvin said...

@ kae vin:
yes, one of them xD