Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY Reunion Dinner 2010

Short note: I had my final two papers this morning, and provided that there isn't any papers for me to re-sit, I can say sayonara to my college's years already. The only things remaining now are my research presentation next week and graduation ceremony next month! After that, it would be bye-bye Nagaoka for good.
I guess it is still not too late to wish everybody GONG XI FA CAI.
It's the TIGER year this year and Tigger must be so excited haha! This years marks my third year celebrating the Lunar New Year in Japan. However, if there's one thing that I have not been missing for the third straight year, it has to be to have these two combo meal on the first day of the New Year.
Mee suah
is a specialty of Xiamen, Fujian. It is a fine dried wheat noodle with a smooth texture and is used mainly in soup. It is a tradition for Hokkiens to eat mee suah at all important festive occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and Lunar New Year. It signifies the love and bond among people, and also a symbol of longevity. On the other hand, the dried longan sweet dessert soup is usually cooked with red dates and rock sugar.
Back to the main topic of this entry (I find that I have the tendency to detour to other topics very often lately haha). This year, we didn't have steamboat like we usually do. Instead, we went out for a dinner as a few other Malaysian seniors who are currently studying and working in Nagaoka invited us to join them to celebrate the New Year's eve. Here is a surprising thing; when I went to meet the rest of them before we headed to the restaurant, I found out that all the other six of them were wearing red! And I was in a blue and black striped long sleeve shirt. People wore red, and I was in black; damn bad luck lor haha!
So, I decided that the first thing I'm gonna do once I reached the shopping mall (the restaurant is located inside the shopping mall) was to get a red shirt, because I didn't wanna be the black sheep (pun unintended) on that night haha!
Uniqlo, one of Japan's leading clothing retain chain.
After less than five minutes, I walked out of Uniqlo with something red, and headed to the nearest jamban (no thanks to your genius idea, Pinky haha) to change into my new red sweater. When I joined the rest of the group, they rhetorically asked me if I really went to get a red shirt. What now? Just now said I was not red at all, now ain't I red enough for you all? Haha!
Shopping for my red sweater caused me to be the last one to reach the restaurant and someone joked and asked me to foot the bill for the night haha wtf!
Dinner was at
Grand Buffet.
Round #1.
Round #2.
Raspberry cheese cake.
Cakes, puddings and fruits as desserts.
Tea in different colors.
Okay-lah, being a Malaysian, when it comes to food, especially buffet-style meal, the kiasu attitude will always be there and actually I took more than two rounds of food haha. But I think putting pictures from the first two rounds is sufficient already; otherwise people might think I am an elephant or what lol! But then, surprise, surprise. When I turned and look at the table behind me, that Japanese family took even more than us that their table was damn full, and you can't even find an empty space to put your hands on it!
Fine, fine; maybe I was just over-exaggerating but pokoknya (woah, feels so nice to use this word haha), they took really a lot-lah!
We got an assistant professor, a researcher, and a happy family here. Plus the red mascot of the night, of course haha. See, I told you I was super red on that night haha!

This table is even redder.

This was my third or forth time dining at the restaurant and overall, the food was not bad. They offer a mixture of western and oriental food, including Japanese food of course. On that night, there were even a corner which specialised on Chinese food, in conjunction of the Lunar New Year, I guess. Price was reasonable as well - ¥1,470 for lunch and ¥1,680 for dinner course, with a time limit of 90-minutes.
Before we headed for the next activity, one group picture of us after the so-called reunion dinner.
The Chinese Malaysian in Nagaoka.
It took us a while to decide what would be the next destination. Some wanted to go for karaoke, some wanted bowling, some wanted to crash at some of their houses, etc. In the end, we decided that going to throw some balls would be the best option. However, too bad that due to some miscommunications, two of the four cars on that night ended up at a different bowling centre haha! So, in the end, there were only nine of us who went for bowling.
But let me tell you an embarrassing story of mine, the moment I reached that bowling center. I think I had either overstuffed my stomach with too much of food from the buffet, or maybe I had food poisoning because once I reached there, the first place I headed was not the reception counter but the jamban haha!
I spent some good fifteen minutes inside, doing you-know-what and came out a relieved guy lol. When I came out, they pointed me to go to Lane 7; so I went to take my shoe from the counter and walked to that lane. I felt weird as I didn't see my name on the score board. So, I asked them why wasn't my name written on the score board, only for them to tell me that they put my name as Agva.
Woah, what a glamour name for an ah kua-hor haha wtf!
As you can see, they already played three frames while waiting for this Agva to finish doing his business haha!

These three boys spent more time to camwhore that to play bowling that night haha!
Red bowling team from Naga
oka. Even the balls are red lol!
I think my red sweater was really lucky that it brought me luck right away. In the two games we played, my average score for each game hit three digits, which was not bad to my standard. I think next time, whenever I go for bowling, I will make sure I wear something red haha!
Later that night, we had another dinner; this time it was more to supper, while counting down to the stroke of midnight.
We waited until one in the morning because Japan is one hour ahead of Malaysian time zone.
If you have read the entry last year, then you should know that they took out the clock's battery when snapping the picture above lol!
Earlier that night, I am not sure whose idea it was, but Hong Yao and the gang came out with a video. It was well-wishes from the rest of the Malaysians in Nagaoka Kosen in-conjuction of the Lunar New Year. Initially, I thought it was just another video, but not until I watched it. I guarantee that you gonna laugh your ass off when you watch it. So, no matter how busy you are, spare ninety seconds of your lifetime because you just gotta watch this!
Pay attention to the second half of the video and something unexpected made its special appearance lol! You are sure to enjoy it haha!
See, who says there is no lion dance in Japan? I bursted into laughter right at the moment I saw them using the futon as the lion costume. Not enough with that, Shah wore the ski goggles to replicate the lion's face, while Bai used the uchiwa (round fan) to fan around. His spiked hair made him look so similar to the Laughing Buddha who often accompanies the lion haha!
By the way, yesterday afternoon, I got my first ang pow for this year.
Screen shot 2010-02-14 at 4.21.36 PM.png
Only if I have Doraemon's pintu ajaib.
It was from Mom and she gave it to me through Skype haha wtf.


CLF said...

LOL the video hahahah! nicely done!!
anyway Happy CNY again lol, had my reunion dinner with friends in an izakaya.

calvin said...

@ clf:
yeah, i still laugh at the video although i have watched it so many times already now haha!

gong xi fa cai to you too and have a wonderful year ahead!

Nik Rishazwan said...


calvin said...

@ nik shazwan:
yeah, i will still laugh no matter how many times i watch it haha! maybe you should do a similar thing with hao wei over there lol!

Robinn T said...

through skype? how techno can adults today be....

calvin said...

@ tempus:
haha, yeah. but a few years back, my mom was so afraid to even hold a mouse lol!

Robinn T said...

afraid? holy cow man! haha time do change people~

calvin said...

@ tempus:
yup, i kid you not. but now, after giving her countless tutorial sessions, i am so proud that my mom owns an email account and knows how to browse for recipes. in fact, she owns a facebook account too lol!

Reenybob said...

woah wtf the video hahahahh! very nice dragon costume :D

calvin said...

@ reenybob:
see, i told you it was damn funny, right? next time, they gotta use a red futon haha!

KOKahKOK said...

ur mum is funny!
u used to use skype to receive present and take pic with la...not the 1st time haha

happy cny btw

calvin said...

@ kokahkok:
yeah, that was with someone else hehe =P
why? you wanna give me present through skype too?
i will welcome that anytime xD

gong xi fa cai to you too!

Anonymous said...

my dad did the same thing to me -.-""