Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Farewell Party

The farewell party to celebrate the leaving seniors was continued several days after the first one, this time it was organised by the college. Attended by the Principal himself and a number of lecturers and representatives from the college including the seniors' tutors and other Japanese students, it was an event to bid farewell to the seniors which is held annually.
As usual, the event started off with the Principal giving his speech, followed by Iwata sensei, who is the chairman of the Yukitsubaki-kai.
Iwata sensei, with his usual smile on his face.
It is a society set-up by a few retired ex-lecturers of the college, as well as several lecturers who are still teaching in the college at present. It was through this society that we get to visit to so many places throughout the year. Among the common ones are the visit to a nearby park during the spring, watch the fireworks festival in the summer, pear plucking trip come autumn and ski trip in the snowy months of winter.
By the way, this is not an attempt to promote Nagaoka Kosen.
Ngoc Chuyen, who will pursue his degree at Tokyo University.
Back to this farewell party, the event followed up with each of the senior stepping forward to give their message to those who attended the party. One thing I learned from this session is how the content of your speech can reflect on yourself.
While most of the seniors were saying how there three years has been a wonderful and memorable period for them, and also how much they have gotten the chance to experience the culture and lifestyle of the Japanese, in which I find it too common already that made their speech sound identical to each other, there were a couple of them, who used that opportunity to thanks and extend their gratitude to the lecturers, tutors, Japanese friends, junior and the rest.
That to me, that gives a difference between a good and a meaningful speech.
The seniors receiving the gifts from the dorm representative.
As a small souvenir from the student council of the dormitory, the seniors were each given a gift, wrapped in blue cloth. It turned to be a traditional Japanese tea set. Party is all about food, and that was the next thing on agenda. Fresh sashimi, different kinds of boiled and fried seafood, including octopus and tiger prawns, sushi, fruits, cakes, fruit jelly, tapioca crackers and sandwiches.
Here is what I meant.
Appetizing food.
In between that, there were also a slide presentation which was made by one of us, which depicted a brief introduction of each of the seniors, a short video them and their messages, and a short message by the Japanese Language lecturer for the international students, Matsuda sensei to the seniors.
Later afterwards, it was free for all to chat around and take the last few pictures together.
Roby (Indonesia) with the Principal.
Ikbar (centre) with his two tutors.
Roby (third from left) and Zamih (forth from left) with their Japanese mates.
Zulhelmi (centre) with a couple of his tutors.
From left: Roby, Joann, Ikbar and Ngoc Chuyen (Vietnam).

Ignore the blur guy's facial expression.

The 5th Year seniors.
And finally, a group picture together.
In one year's time, it's gonna be my turn. Time flies.


Kae Vin said...

It really takes a long time to finish just Diploma huh...

I guess that's the downside of studying in Japan... :)

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
no, if you are offered a degree course to study in japan. but that is a different course which i think it won't be wise for me to discuss it here. ask me personally if you are interested.

and yea, there is always pros and cons in everything =\