Friday, August 8, 2008

My Summer Holiday Is Here

It is official. My finals has ended last week, I got the results this week and that only means one thing - my summer holiday has finally started yesterday, although it is quite late compared to the other colleges. But one thing which is very much better than the rest is that our holiday is going to be almost eight weeks long. That is like almost double what most of my batchmates are getting for their summer break. Also, we do not have to be worried of any exams anymore when the school reopens. Despite the fact that I have been looking forward to this summer break so much, there are two things which bother me at the moment. The first one is my laptop, which has been acting weirdly for almost one week. It gives me a loud beep sound for three times continuously when I turn it on and the screen just remain black. I am not sure what is the problem here, whether it is the RAM, motherboard or some other faults, but so far when I waited and tried it times after times, I could still turn it on. It is as if my laptop is having a PMS judging by the way it works now. I just hope it will last until I get back at least, or else I will be died of boredom in my hot-like-an-oven room. The second news is that I started my summer holiday with something which I would have hoped the least for it to happen - by visiting a doctor.
An eye doctor to be precise.
Well, I went there yesterday for a follow-up check-up as my right eye was giving me some problems. It started a couple of weeks ago, when my eye felt itchy and I kept on rubbing it until it turned reddish. I tried washing it with running water, but to no avail. I thought it would get better a day after that but unfortunately, nothing much changed. I consulted my personal doctor (still an unqualified one yet though) and she kept on insisting me to go for a check, just in case there is anything serious happened to my eye. I refused at first as I preferred to play the wait-and-see game and see if it would heal a few days later, and also because of all the troubles I will have to go through. In the end however, I gave in because I know I cannot afford to trade my eyesight away with anything else just because of my laziness. After consulting the nurse of my college's clinic and got all the information about where I was about to go, I came to this clinic.
DSC06827 copy
Ibaraki Eye Clinic.
Never in my entire life I have been to an eye clinic and I never thought my first time would be in Japan. Now I felt the Japanese oral lessons we had back in PPKTJ, in which we were made to practise the conversation when we see doctors in hospital and clinic is something useful and comes in handy in times like this.
DSC06833 copy
The main counter inside the clinic.
DSC06835 copy
Patients sitting down waiting for their turns to be called in, in which some waited until they dozed off.
When I was there during the first visit, all the patients there were above sixty-years-old from my guess, with me the only young one there and that certainly made me felt like I was at the wrong place. Though, that is not my first experience as I know very well how it feels to be surrounded by old aunties and grandpas during the time when I was hospitalised for one week due to dengue a few years back.
The procedure was kinda simple although I was a first-time patient there. The receptionist asked for my health insurance card, asked me a few simple questions about what was wrong with my eyes and she made me waited for about five minutes before I was called in. Later, I was asked to wait again until my turn came. It was kinda boring having to wait for so many times, but what I got to see happening inside nevertheless took away some of the boredom. Since I have nothing else to do inside there, my eyes were just turned onto the movements of the nurses there, looking at the many tests they did on other patients.
DSC06841 copy
See that grandma in pink shirt. I almost burst into laughter when I noticed that she actually uses contact lenses.
Haha, I guess she just doesn't want to be left behind from the current trend of wearing contact lenses instead of specs.
I had a few check-ups done by the kawaii nurses (to be honest, some are not bad) there, before getting into the consultation room to see the doctor. I have no idea what all the tests are called, but there were three all-together. First, I was made to look into a lense which has a hot-air balloon in the far background which I think anyone who had gone to see an optician would know what I am talking here. The second one was almost the same where I was made to stare into a dark hole or something like that and out of a sudden, some air pops out into my eye. I have no idea what this test is for, but it was kinda fun as you will be curiously waiting for the next air to pop out. The third and the last one is the normal test to measure the power of the eyes by looking at the letter C of numerous sizes. But here, instead of using a poster pasted on the wall, they used a machine which looks like a box and the same images are projected on the screen. Another difference would be instead of showing the shapes of the letter C with your fingers, here they only need you to tell where the opening part of the letter C points to; eg: up, down, left or right. Confusing? Just forget about it.
Like I have mentioned earlier, I went there again yesterday for a follow-up and since my eyes didn't get much better, the doctor prescribed a stronger eyes drop for me, this time for both eyes as I told her my left eye feels a little itchy at times too. When I asked her whether I should come again in the near future and she found out that I will be returning home in less than two weeks, she added another two bottles of the eyes drop for me to make it six in total because I will not get to go for another check-up for at least another six weeks. It is crazy, I tell you.
DSC06860 copy
I can open a pharmacy already very soon.
DSC06861 copy
And that don't come cheap.
In just over one week, I have spent like 6,000yen (RM200) just for the consultations and the medicine plus getting to nampa on the nurses. Anyway, I won't be complaining as I get to claim the medical fees from the embassy. At least I am claiming the money back from the embassay in a legal way for something which I really spent on, unlike some people. *ehem*
I was given a booklet which looks like a bank account book when I went to get the medicine from a local pharmacy. It is used to record down the history of the medicine we have taken and each time we buy any medicine from the pharmacy, they will print out a seal which has all the informations about the medicine and we just need to stick them in the booklet. Simple and systematic.
DSC06862 copy
The front of my medical account book.
DSC06863 copy
I never read those, really.
By the way, I just remembered that Ibaraki Eye Clinic has a mascot. Guess what it is.
DSC06837 copy
And Stitch is an alien. How ironic is that!


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itulah i told you so tapi degil. tengok la lagi porn. kan dah sakit mata. ish!

calvin said...

@ pinksterz:
comment is unrelated to the entry, hence it is rejected =P

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aiyo....stop peeping on girls showering dy la.

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it IS related. you WATCH porns with your EYES. now your EYES sakit d.

unlike the comment i got. i wrote about food and someone commented on my cbox. wtf.

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soo poor.. so how was ur eye now? much better?

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i know, and i have learned my lesson =\

calvin said...

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commenting and accusing me watching porns without providing a reliable prove, hence it is reject (yet again) =P

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@ k3vin:
thanks for your concern. yes, my eyes got better already :)

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so your second reply to my second comment makes my first comment automatically related to this entry since:

-you admit you watch porns
-you admit you watch with your eyes
-you admit you watch porns with your eyes.

i rest my case.

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so, you actually studying law or medicine now?

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@ pinksterz:
you are taking your medicine course to become a doctor. no doubt about that. but as for the law course, i guess there is going to be only one outcome.

loyar buruk xD