Friday, April 18, 2008

The Last Sakura

This would be the last entry I am doing relating to cherry blossoms this year as I feel that there were already quite a number of entries I did before this and it would appear a redundant in the end. Anyway, as a continuation from the cherry blossoms sight-seeing or simply known as 花見 (hanami) that I joined last weekend with the rest of the Malaysians in Nagaoka, this entry will have nothing to do with that gathering but solely focusing on the sakura itself.
DSC04629 copy
There is a building looking like a castle which is turned into museum at one corner of Yukyuzan Park, the place where we had our gathering and I took some time off from the whole gang to have a short stroll around the museum. Well, to be fair, it was meant for me to take some shots at that area. This is the only time of the whole year that I believe that the place offers the best sight with sakura trees around the museum.
DSC04552 copy
Standing majestically on top of a small hill, this white museum offers the chance for visitors to have an aerial look of the town of Nagaoka from the highest floor of one of its tower as you could see from the picture above. Although it has been more than one year since I came to Nagaoka, I have never entered this museum yet, that I don't think it will change anytime in the near future. As you might have guessed it, there is an entrance fee about 600yen (RM20), an amount which I think will not be a worthy visit as it doesn't look as interesting as other castles which I have went before like Osaka Castle.
DSC04567 copy
I just settled with taking a few shots on the castles from the lawn surrounding the museum and joined the rest after that. Didn't I mention that this entry will have nothing related to the gathering? Skipping that gathering part, here are a couple of close-up shots on the sakura which I managed to take at the park.
DSC04566 copy
DSC04565 copy
By the way, there is a small water canal which I will pass each time I head to the train station in the middle of the town. When the spring is here each year, the cherry blossoms planted along the canal make it an amazingly breathtaking sight, especially when they are at the peak of full blooms. That once-a-year sight will usually last for just a few days, before the petals finally fall, which made most of the people who walked pass the bridge would stop by it a while to have a few shots at that scenery. They includes people from the white-collar industries like businessman and office workers who were still in their coat riding on their bike, up to old grandpa who were well-equiped with their sophisticated cameras.
And of course, there were a few who were camwhoring along the area as well.
DSC04510 copy
Fast forward half a year later, the exact location offers a complete different view although there will only be dried leaves remaining on the branches. This is the picture I took around November last year, but I would have preferred it to be taken a tad earlier when most of the leaves were still intact.
DSC00371 copy
Nonetheless, it is not too bad, isn't it?


mg said...

so beautiful...

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yes, indeed it was a nice sight :)

Kae Vin said...

Don't make it last sakura! it's breathtakingly gorgeous! Post more in the future :D

by the way, I found your blog recently and I really love it. =D

Just started to take some Jap class recently, however still at a very fundamental level.

i'm a malaysian from Penang and currently studying in KL.

did that make me a friend to u? lol~

calvin said...

@ specialhuman:
the point is, now that all the flowers have fell down, it would be another year before i get to take any sakura pictures again. perhaps i might turn into tulips very soon.

thank you for dropping by my blog and enjoy your japanese lessons. and yea, we can make friends. why not? =)

Sheryl0202 said...

O M G...I love both pictures. What do you mean by its not too bad? ITS AMAZING! Thanks a million :)

calvin said...

@ sheryl0202:
i shall take that as a compliment.
thanks =)