Friday, April 4, 2008

Early Birthday Treat

One of the best place I have gone for yakiniku is a restaurant in my place called Cha Cha. We went there again tonight and it was my second time there, the first time was when I went there together with our tutors and two other friends. I got a call from Joann telling me that my recently graduated Chinese senpai, Xiwen was here and invited us out for yakiniku. The reason I love dining in this restaurant is that they have a huge variety of choices in terms of chicken, beef and pork which are marinated in different kinds of sauce and spice. What's more, they also offer some side dishes like seafood such as scallops, big prawns and vegetables like pumpkin, cabbage and even chillies. However, the one I like most and I don't think I will get to find it elsewhere is the yaki ringo.
DSC04446 copy
They provide a small piece of butter to go along with the cut apples in a aluminium foil. We just have to grill them on the fire and in a few minutes, the apples are ready to be enjoyed. The combination between the sweet apples and the rich butter is just simply irresistible, especially when they are eaten immediately after being taken out from the grill.
Well, the outing can be considered as a get-to-know thing as Xiwen had yet to get to know the two newly arrived kohai.
DSC04449 copy
Well, it is already a well-known fact to almost everyone that both of them are an item. Adding the other two couples in my kosen, it makes Nagaoka Kosen having the most couples in a single kosen. I am quite sure that there is no other kosen that has more than three couple in their kosen. Any kosen who is up for a challange?
This is another record for my kosen, besides holding the record of having the most number of foreign students in a single kosen. Well, there were five of us who went there. The three other would be Xiwen, Joann and me.
DSC04421 copy
Joann however, was hiding under her jacket when I was trying to take her picture together with Xiwen. So unsporting, right? But the next thing after I put down my camera was, she kidnapped my poor camera and began to camwhore with almost anything that was visible around our table. Of more than thirty shots taken, I could only find myself in only one of the pictures.
DSC04427 copy
Now, I am quite sure that it proved that I am not a camwhore freak at all, as claimed by some people at times. During the middle of the chit chatting and crapping, I noticed twice that Joann was making eye-contacts with Wei Shen as if she was hinting something to him. She also interrupted our conversation several times, saying that she had some announcement to make, which she retaliated them afterwards by replacing it with some lame answer - saying that she was going to marry very soon, which is a welcoming news because I will get an extra ang pao during the Chinese New Year next year.
It was not until towards the end of out outing, when all of us were already full and when I went to the cashier to settle my bill after visiting the toilet, I was told that it was a treat by Xiwen as someone's birthday is just days away, and also because the kohai have just arrived. I didn't expect that surprise initially, but I began to be suspicious once Joann was acting weird when we were halfway grilling and eating.
DSC04429 copy
Anyway, thanks for the treat and I appreciate it a lot. 謝謝


mg said...

yaki ringo!!! mayb i shd try making them. haha...

Anonymous said...

i am not sure bout yaki ringo..
but i tried ringo tempura b4..
which really taste nice..

calvin said...

@ michelleg:
yes, you should.
you can try using peach in place of apples too. i wouldn't know how will it turn out though xD

calvin said...

@ ns29:
ringo tempura? interesting.
this gives me another idea to experiment it one day =)